Chapter 23:

Chasing the white rabbit part 2

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

"KAITO, WAIT!"Tsumugi screamed.

We all ran towards the door, when reached it, he was already at the window, preparing to jump.

"Hey, don't do anything stupid! Imagine if the ones that care about you knew that you have died?"I said.

"To be honest, you should just jump, the court will give you a death sentence in a blink of an eye, better die now than die a worse death later, do it if you can, by all means."Maya said.

"What are you doing! You can't make him commit suicide, he's our suspect!"

"And? Should I give a shit about a dead man? C'mon! We already know that he's gonna die one way or the other."  

The guy (that was going to jump) with a hat turned towards us.

"So, you finally resolved to give yourself in? Hoped to see some mortal spectacle, but this also works."Maya said.

"But who said I'm him?"

From nowhere, a guy takes Tsumugi while running, his velocity was incredible.

"You were supposed to help us, old man!"said Maya.

"Ahahaha, I'm no old man."

Alex chased him, giving a jump in the stairs from the fifth floor to the first floor, an inhuman feat. Even with that, Kaito was still ahead of us.

While we were chasing him, the two entered in a car (probably his).

Then, the car drove off.