Chapter 25:

Carrots are tastier

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

(Nine hours later).

"Hey! Aia."Alex said.

"What is it?"

"Check your phone, something happened."

I pulled out my phone, went to the news.

A massacre happened in Higashikurume city, looked like the victims were all part of the Yakuza.

(One hour ago).

"Why do think the king had an assassination attempt?"

"How the fuck would I know? I'm just a random Yakuza, not a detective,if you are so interested,call Metalhead over there."

(Metalhead was small robot, similar to a dog. Helped cleaning the room). 

Two young Yakuzas were sitting in the office, inside their headquarters.

"I've heard that he has many bastard sons, so many that even I could be one of them."

"Wouldn't surprise me, to be honest."

"I've heard conspiracies about him, heard that he ki-"

A Chokuto struck inside the Yakuza's throat.

"Good evening, fine gentlemen!"

"Kaito! What are you doing here?"

"Cutting some loose ends."

Pushed the sword to the right side, cutting under his chin. Sprayed a lot of blood around the room. The Yakuza grabbed a revolver quickly, shot 6 bullets but none hit the target (the Yakuza aren't exactly the best marksmen).


Nearly 10 Yakuza entered the room. All of them having a Tanto.

"The ladies finally showed up, was about time."Said this while having a smirk on my face.

"How do you dare attack us on our own turf."

"Do you mean the turf that you brought with drugs and prostitution money? Yeah, I know all of that."

"Boys, just kill him, fuck it if the police knows of this, I just want him dead."

The group started to invade my personal area, waving their daggers to make me more disoriented. Jumping over me to not leave me any space. Did what I could, making slashes in the air to make them fear me, though I didn't hit anyone with it. Suffocating me so much that I had to go away from there. Went and jumped over the window, fell in the corridor, they were all exiting the door to get me. I ran like a professional athlete. While running, got cover behind a wall, before they saw me. When they were just going to discover me, turning to the left side and seeing me there, I tried to resist their advance.

Grabbed a man's hand, thrusting one of my swords in his abdomen like a maniac. The other guy stupidly tried to cut me but I used his friend as a body shield. Used the body to ram thru the group. Now that their wall was penetrated, could use my blades at will. It was like a dance, really, they were getting cut with my blades while I could make my space without receiving a single cut. One of them was cut directly in eyes, screaming while he was on the floor. Another tried to make a straight thrust to my stomach, changed the direction of his attack with my left blade and used the momentum to cut his two arms off. With an array of slashes and counter-attacks, three guys were left. The stupid Yakuza made another extremely telegraphed attack, a thrust to the chest, crossed my two swords and trapped this arm, applied little force, cutting the guy's right arm. To the two last ones, prepared a gift to them, when one made a slash, I dodged, and started drumming his arm, when he gave up trying to do another slash, stroke his head with my sword from the right side. For the last, I went towards him...but he ran away.

The corridor was full of blood.

Still sitting in the office was the guy with the revolver, perplexed that I could annihilate all of his goons.

"The job is almost finished, only one left, you."

"Kaito-kun! Please don't do this, you were nothing without me, I gave you a job, turned you into a respectable mercenary."

"Stop saying shit! You didn't care at all if I died on a mission, you only cared about the precious yens in your pocket."  

Grabbed my sword in ice pick form, used the grip to pummel him with it, easily knocking him out.

I was sick of killing people, I'm was no longer his monster.

My last objective was going to near the station.