Chapter 26:

Chikao Vs Kaito

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

"Is this the place?"Maya asked.

"Yes it is."I responded.

The station was swarming with policemen, lights everywhere. 

We searched the whole place, bathrooms in the station, the streets, and found nothing.

"Why he doesn't kill himself? Would be better for everyone."She said

"If I was him, I'd probably go away, the odd thing is that he didn't do that, he just decided to confront us mano a mano."

"What a crazy guy, thinking that he can challenge us like that. Not that I ain't like that too, actually sympathize with guy for having the balls to do it."Chikao said.  

We turned our heads to an alley while walking on the street, went inside to see if he was there.

"Hey guys!"

We all looked up. He was standing on the roof of one the buildings. His appearance was normal...If you don't count the blood, obviously, a bald head like in his bio said. The "default" black coat or let's say, "bloody coat."

"So? Ready to start the dance?"

"What dance?"We asked.

"The dance of me beating your asses."

"Keep dreaming."Alex said.

"Let's make a deal, you chose anyone to fight me, If I lose, I have to tell you all the information I have, If I win, you'll defend me on court."

"If you don't shut up, I'm going to kill you right n-"Maya suddenly got interrupted.

"Leave this to me, and don't call the policemen here, he's the guy that I really want to fight."Chikao said.

"And you think that you have the balls to whoop my ass?"

"Not really."

Kaito was extremely confused.

"Promise me one thing, that if I win the fight, you leave your girl to me, I want to have your blessing too."

We'd all our mouths open for the audacity he had. Maya didn't even reacted anymore.

"Sure thing..."Kaito confusedly said. 

They prepared their stances for the fight.

Chikao was a small guy, not a bad looking man at all, the brown hair, his freckles and natural ice green eyes made him an extraordinarily attractive guy. His Provecta was a giant black scythe.

"So, mate, shall we dance?"Chikao said.


Two straight swords against the scythe.

They started to battle.

Kaito was making the first advance, jumping towards Chikao.

Chikao quickly defends his attack from above and makes space. His spinning and easiness of using the weapon demonstrated years of experience.

Because of the reach of the weapon, the scythe had a massive advantage here, any attack could hit Kaito, the only thing that the assassin could do was dodging or parrying.

When Chikao went for a diagonal hit, Kaito dodged it by a fraction of seconds. Since Kaito was very next to him, his next move was grabbing the scythe. With this, Chikao couldn't hit him anymore, the main weapon that he had, now the enemy was controlling it. The impracticality of the weapon was Chikao big disadvantage.  

Kaito pointed his weapon towards Chikao's throat.

"Do you still wanna to continue?"

Kaito had defeated Chikao in less than 5 minutes.