Chapter 527:

Chapter 524: The Ultimate Troll

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 524: The Ultimate Troll

Narrator: Sandy Rockswell steps in and she is determined to help tip the battle against Vollmond in Heaven’s favor.

Vollmond: The Ultimate Troll? I seriously doubt you have a demon that is considered the ultimate in your possession.

*Sandy laughs*

Sandy: You must not be that familiar with mortal culture because I’m not talking about that kind of troll.

*Sandy’s magic is charging up*

Sandy: This will take a ton of my magic to pull off so we will only have one shot with this strategy. Move out of the immediate area!

*Kurt and Keith start to move out of view*

Vollmond: What does she plan to do?

Sandy: It’s time!

*Sandy’s magic releases out from her body and the whole area becomes a creepy forest (Author’s Note: The best comparison I can make is the Lost Woods in Zelda: Breath of the Wild.)*

Vollmond: What did you do?

Sandy: Like it? If you want it to end, you will have to take me down.

Vollmond: What a waste of a move.

*Vollmond rushes toward Sandy and tries to attack her by slashing her with his claws but her body vanishes like smoke*

Vollmond: What!?

*Sandy’s voice echoes*

Sandy: Sorry, but it won’t be that easy. You’ll have to find me somewhere else in this forest.

Vollmond: A game of hide and seek? I’m a werewolf. I can easily sniff you out.

*Vollmond starts moving through the creepy forest while sniffing*

Vollmond: It won’t be long before I find you.

*Vollmond spots some angels and then rushes toward them*

*He slashes repeatedly at the angels in his way and then they fall over dead*

Vollmond: See what you did? Making me seek you out has just forfeited these angels’ lives.

*He keeps moving through the creepy forest until he encounters more angels. He attacks them just like he did the last group of angels*

*One angel says something*

Angel: What are you doing!?

*Vollmond finishes off the angels*

Vollmond: Killing you, of course.

*Vollmond keeps moving through the creepy forest*

Vollmond: I’ll find you but I fail to see how this is any sort of strategy to defeat me. This doesn’t provide any harm to me.

*Vollmond encounters a large number of angels*

Vollmond: More angels that will die because of you.

*Vollmond releases a barrage of magic blasts from his mouth and kills the angels. He then keeps moving through the creepy forest*

*Vollmond keeps killing more and more angels that he spots as he moves through the creepy forest. Eventually, he does find Sandy*

Vollmond: I have found you at last. You’ve accomplished nothing and you’ve caused many of your allies to die.

*Sandy just smirks*

Sandy: You’ve sealed your fate.

Vollmond: Ha! I call your bluff!

*Vollmond rushes toward Sandy and she is unable to avoid him slashing her with his claws. Sandy receives major wounds from his attack and she falls to the ground*

*The creepy forest ends as the battlefield returns to normal*

*Despite being on the ground with major wounds and in pain, Sandy gives off a painful smile*

Sandy: It wasn’t a bluff. Look around…

*Vollmond looks around and is shocked to see most of his allies are on the ground dead*

Vollmond: W-What!!?

Sandy: My game made your own allies look like your enemies. You killed them. Killing a ton of your own allies… It’s the ultimate troll.

*Vollmond is still in complete shock*

Vollmond: I… I can’t believe it!

*Vollmond’s shock causes him not to notice Keith coming in for the attack. Keith punches Vollmond and knocks him toward Kurt. Kurt thrusts his left arm forward and uses Aura Drill. The aura in the shape of a large drill on his left arm lands a direct hit on Vollmond’s body*

*The Aura Drill significantly damages Vollmond and knocks him into a tree with a major wound from the Aura Drill attack*

*Vollmond is still affected by how many of his own allies he killed*

Vollmond: What have I done!!!? Fooled by a mortal’s trick!!!

Kurt: Let’s finish him with a combination attack!

*Kurt and Keith prepare a finishing attack*

Kurt and Keith: Demonic Burial Drill!

*Kurt and Keith release an attack that is a powerful red beam with an aura drill as its head. It hits Vollmond directly and drills more into him. It is followed by a big explosion caused by Keith’s part of the attack*

*A decently sized crater in the shape of a drill is left with Vollmond in it. His body has a large hole in it and he is completely damaged and bleeding all over. He is just barely alive and holds up one of his claws*

Keith: He’s still alive after that!?

Kurt: Wait a moment.

Vollmond: This… This is my punishment… for killing my own werewolf soldiers. Forgive… me…

*His claw falls back to the ground and he dies*

Kurt: Now it’s over.

Keith: He killed so many of his own allies that the rest of this battle should be an overwhelming victory for us.

*They walk back over to Sandy who is being tended to by angel medics*

*Kurt has a flashback to the plan while Vollmond was still seeing the creepy forest*

(Flashback) Sandy: Right now, Vollmond is seeing his friends as his enemies. The werewolves and demons all look like angels to him right now. As long as he doesn’t figure that out, defeating him will be easy.

Kurt: How?

Sandy: He’s going to kill any of the “angels” that he comes across. He will soon find me and then attack me. He’s going to be in for one hell of a shock once he finds out he killed tons of his friends. Right now, his senses and mobility are very focused. But once he is in a state of major shock, his senses and mobility will lose their razor focus and precision. That’s when you will attack.

Keith: How can you be so sure that he will go into major shock?

Sandy: He’s a werewolf. Werewolves are all about the pack and are more honorable when it comes to each other than other kinds of demons and monsters are.

Kurt: But what about you?

Sandy: It’s fine. Victory is what matters now. I will take the hit even if it kills me.

*The flashback ends*


*Kurt looks sad*

Kurt: Please don’t die, Sandy.

Male Angel Medic: She has suffered some major internal damage. She needs to be taken back into town and operated on!

*Sandy is put on a medical stretcher. She looks at Kurt*

Sandy: Promise me this… After this war is over… I know you’re an angel and can’t live here anymore… but please come and visit. Everyone in town misses you. So… don’t go dying yourself… if I promise not to die.

Kurt: I promise.

Narrator: Vollmond has been defeated by exploiting the pack nature of werewolves! Victory in the Southeast region appears to be in hand!

Chapter 524 END

To be Continued in Chapter 525: Kopesh’s Hell Culture