Chapter 528:

Chapter 525: Kopesh’s Hell Culture

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 525: Kopesh’s Hell Culture

Narrator: In the Southwest region.

*Grinton is still fighting Korobu. Grinton thrusts his fists forward multiple times, causing many powerful vibrations in the air that head toward Korobu*

*Korobu is knocked back but he has no problem stopping himself*

Korobu: I wouldn’t expect anything less from a general. But you still can’t defeat me.

*Korobu forms a giant skull right in front of Grinton. Grinton is taken by surprise how close to him it was formed. The skull hits him and does a good amount of damage*

*Grinton is left with some wounds but is still standing*

*The communication device on Korobu activates and a voice is heard from it*

Voice: To all Council members, return to the central site. The Dark Goddess has changed our strategy. Please report back to the central site immediately.

Korobu: Ah, it looks like the fun is over.

*Korobu starts to go into a black abyss on the ground where he stands*

Grinton: I won’t let you get away!

*Grinton does a super strong vibration punch*

Korobu: See you later.

*Korobu completely sinks into the abyss before the vibration reaches him*

Grinton: Damn it!


Narrator: In the South region.

*Gen, in his green monster form, grabs onto Zenfaro’s shoulders, He then thrusts his right knee into Zenfaro’s gut which puts him in a lot of pain*

*Gen punches Zenfaro in the face in a way that knocks him flat on the ground*

*Zenfaro is in a lot of pain*

Gen: Don’t worry. Your pain will be over soon.

*Zothena notices the trouble Zenfaro is in as she fights Scythe*

Gen: Now die.

*Gen attempts to pierce Zenfaro but Zenfaro is grabbed by Zothena and she gets him away from the attack before it hits*

Zothena looks at Gen and Scythe angrily*

Zothena: I’m not going to let you kill my grandson!

Gen: If you prefer, I can kill you first.

*Gen and Scythe then receive the same message from their communication device that Korobu received*

Gen: It looks like it is your lucky day.

*Gen and Scythe go into the darkness that appears on the ground where they stand*


Narrator: In the East region.

*Shade and Zonbi are about to start fighting but Shade receives the same message as the others*

Shade: I don’t really want to leave… but it looks like Zentano gets to live a little longer. Just know that she will die. I’m confident that the damage I have done to her pride will make her want to seek me out. Whether she comes for me or I come for her, she will die.

*Shade leaves*

Zonbi: What a freak…


Narrator: In the West region.

*Zeth, Sasha, and Salina see the town of Kopesh in the distance*

Zeth: It looks like we are here.

*They go up to the entrance and are shocked by what they see*

Zeth: What the hell!?

Sasha: Is this for real!?

Salina: I never would have expected this.

*The whole town has a Hell culture to it. Humans and demons are living together. Hell symbols and other things are seen around town. This is a town that clearly worships Hell*

Zeth: What…? What the…? How did this town get like this?

Sasha: How long has this town been like this?

Salina: And why are its people so accepting of it when I’ve never come across a town that would ever be accepting of Hell?

*After the shock wears off, Zeth becomes angry*

Zeth: If Korobu is here then it has to be him!

*Zeth, Sasha, and Salina go into town as angels arrive near the town*

*The people and demons notice the three of them*

Human Male: It’s them!

Human Female: It’s the nonbelievers!

Demon Male: Prepare for battle!

Little Kid: The Dark Goddess rules! The Light Goddess drools!

Humans and Demons: Kill the nonbelievers!

*Zeth, Sasha, and Salina all look speechless for a moment, but Zeth quickly becomes angry again*

Zeth: Korobu!! Get your ass out here right now!!

*They are approached by two people. They are Sachi and Ben*

Sachi: Sorry, but Lord Korobu is not here right now.

Ben: You’ll just have to settle for us instead.

Zeth: Who the hell are you two?

Sachi: We are the leaders of this town. We have been Korobu’s loyal minions for the past 56 years. We are the ones that organized Korobu’s arrival to this town back then.

(Author’s Note: Just as a reminder, Korobu first arriving in the town and turning it into one of Hell’s bases was shown back in Chapters 29 and 55)

Zeth: 56 years? That’s… the same year that I started my journey. How has this gone under our noses for this long?

Ben: This town became followers of Hell when Korobu arrived. Those that were followers of the Light Goddess were deemed heretics and nonbelievers and were promptly executed.

Sachi: But even we are surprised that it took this long for our town’s turning to be discovered by Heaven.

Zeth: Something doesn’t add up though. You’ve been Korobu’s minions for 56 years but you don’t look that old.

Sachi and Ben: Hmhmhmhm.

Sachi: That’s because…

*Sachi and Ben start transforming into demon-looking forms. Sachi’s notable feature is that he has horns while Ben has rough green skin*

Sachi: We have been demonified!

*Zeth looks disgusted*

Zeth: Sasha. Salina. Before we start. I have something I want to say. We are going to burn this hell hole to the ground.

Sasha: Roger that.

Salina: No objections here.

Narrator: At long last, after 56 years and 496 chapters since Korobu first arrived at Kopesh, the town’s cultish secret has been discovered! Now it’s time to deal with it!

Chapter 525 END

To be Continued in Chapter 526: Burn Kopesh to the Ground!