Chapter 526:

Chapter 523: Defending Their Home

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 523: Defending Their Home

Narrator: In the Southeast region.

*Kurt, Keith, Easia, Jane, Sandy, the angels, and the neutral spirits are still fighting Vollmond, his werewolves, demons, and Hawk Clan enigmuses*

Kurt: I won’t let you enter my hometown! Your offensive will be stopped here!

*Kurt, using his angel wings, flies down toward Vollmond. He tries to use an aura-charged punch but Vollmond dodges and Kurt goes right past him*

*Vollmond immediately turns around and jumps up toward Kurt*

*Vollmond grabs onto Kurt’s back and digs his claws into Kurt’s skin. Kurt screams in pain as he crash lands back down onto the ground. Vollmond continues damaging Kurt with his claws as Keith, in his demon form, kicks Vollmond off of Kurt*

Keith: You may be a Council of Demons member, but we will defeat you!

Vollmond: Actions speak louder than words. If you can defeat me, then show me.

*Vollmond leaps toward Keith*

*Vollmond dodges Keith’s punch as Vollmond grabs his neck and slams him to the ground*

Vollmond: You’re all talk and no bite.

*Keith’s body goes through a portal which allows him to escape Vollmond’s grasp. Vollmond is surprised by this*

*Keith then comes out of a portal to Vollmond’s side as both Keith and Kurt land powerful punches on Vollmond*


*Jane punches and kicks some Hawk Clan enigmuses that are attacking her. However, a werewolf attacks her from behind and slashes her with its claws. She takes significant damage from the werewolf and is on the ground in agony*

*The werewolf is about to finish her off but its movements are suddenly slowed as fairy dust covers it. Easia shows up and punches it in the face and then kicks it away with a magic-charged kick*

Easia: We have to get you medical attention now!

*She starts shouting*

Easia: Please! We need a medic!

*A female angel medic heard it and then shows up and starts treating Jane*

Female Medic Angel: Her wounds are severe! We need to get her out of here now!

*Some human warriors show up*

Female Medic Angel: She needs to get off this battlefield! Take her back in town now!

Humans: Right!

*The humans take Jane out of the battlefield on a stretcher*


*Sandy is alongside the neutral spirits and is fighting some demons*

Sandy: Let my Troll Magic bring your doom!

*Sandy uses her magic on a group of demons. They find themselves on a pinball table and pinballs start launching toward them. The demons do their best but all get hit by the pinballs. Text that says “You Lose” appears above them. The demons are no longer on the pinball table but are injured and dazed. The neutral spirits finish them off*

*After that, Sandy sees the battle going on between Kurt and Keith against Vollmond. Kurt is now in his Aura King form*

Kurt: Aura Monster Trap!

*Vollmond jumps around as giant alligator monsters made of Kurt’s aura start coming out of the ground trying to chomp on him*

Vollmond: I like the move but they are too slow to get me.

*Vollmond starts running on all-fours and with extreme speed and then lands a hard punch on both Kurt and Keith. Then, he keeps on running*

*Keith goes through a portal and comes out of the portal somewhere else and releases his Demonic Burial Cannon attack toward Vollmond*

*Vollmond once again is able to dodge which shocks Keith*

Vollmond: I may not be the strongest Council of Demons member, but when it comes to movement speed and mobility, I’m on top. My powers as a werewolf grant me this. However, the both of you… are not as fortunate.

*Vollmond charges a lot of magic in his mouth and releases multiple blasts of magic at them. They are unable to avoid it and both take a good amount of damage*

*In frustration, Kurt pounds his fist on the ground*

Kurt: I can’t accept not beating this guy! I have to take out Gen!

*Vollmond laughs*

Vollmond: If you can’t give me a good fight, then you wouldn’t last more than a minute with Gen. But Gen has already killed you once before so I guess you already know that. It’s amusing that you would use your angel reincarnation to seek vengeance.

Kurt: It’s not just about me!! That bastard killed my father!! He also psychologically tormented my best friend which lasted four decades!!

Vollmond: Admirable… but also foolish. You don’t stand a chance against Gen.

*Suddenly, Sandy shows up to help. She looks determined*

Sandy: Kurt, let me help.

Kurt: Get away, Sandy! This guy is way stronger than the rest of the enemies here!

*Sandy still looks determined*

Sandy: I know. But I want to give you an edge. I will use the Ultimate Troll.

Narrator: Sandy shows up to lend Kurt and Keith a hand! But what is the Ultimate Troll?

Chapter 523 END

To be Continued in Chapter 524: The Ultimate Troll