Chapter 12:

Does he like me?

I Turned Into A Boy

Meddler Goes near Jessie

Meddler: Hey, Jessie…I can I have the Jacket lily gave me.

Jessie: Yeah…And also take this watch. She gave me and I had.

Meddler: Ohh…I actually forgot… Thanks, Jessie.

Meddler wears that coat and goes near Jeremiah, who's standing at the corner of the school. While he was looking at the sky

Meddler: What happened to your umbrella?

Jeremiah: someone stole it I guess.

Meddler: Is that so, that’s sad.

Jeremiah: By the way, how did you get his coat?

Meddler: Actually Jessie gave me this coast and this watch…This was my favorite watch and I am so happy that I got it…

Jeremiah: Ohh! But how did Jessie have your favorite watch?

Meddler: Oh! Shit…I'm not a girl and I gave it a year ago… I gifted this watch to Lily and It's my favorite so I gifted her. But it's like a boomerang it came back to me. Hahaha

Jeremiah: So…This coat and Watch are Lily’s ah?

Meddler: Yeah, your right…These are her stuff.

*It's still raining*

Jeremiah: You can leave actually…You have your coast, right?

Meddler: How can I leave without you?

Jeremiah: That’s so sweet of you

*Pads his head*

Meddler: Wow!! He padded my head…That was so cute, I have a doubt does he feel anything if this stuff Belongs to Lily…I don’t know how he feels about the real me…I proposed to him then I turned into a boy, I don’t know what he wanted to say…He didn’t reply, I didn’t give him a chance to explain himself…I had different reasons that day but it’s something I always regret…I was scared to hear a No that day…But Now I shouldn’t be scared anymore…I will ask him to share this coat with me. And we can go home then,

Meddler: Jeremiah.Jeremiah. Why don’t we share this coat?

Jeremiah: Huh!

Meddler: No…No, it's nothing. I was just telling a stupid Idea.

Jeremiah: Huh…Actually, I can't hear you in this rain…Say it out loud.

Meddler: It's nothing, I was just telling you if we could share this coast and go home.

Jeremiah: Wow that’s a wonderful Idea…When we hung our bags in the front…That would work

Meddler: Yeah…that would work!

Jeremiah: Give me I will wear it first then you come inside.

Wears that Jacket, He wears it to his Right-hand pulls Meddler towards himself.

Meddler: Since the moment he caught my hand, I think time started to move slowly…I can see the raindrops fall slowly…I can sense the tension in the air…I getting closer to him…Slowly I can feel his Soft but thin skin where I can feel a few ribs to my elbow, and my right hand is on his waist…His left hand is on my shoulder…I can smell that Perfume and I can feel some sweetness of his on my Right shoulder…And on my medulla oblongata or the bottom of my skull below….Okay! Simply on my neck…Where his hand’s on I don’t know whose sweating…I don’t know if my neck’s sweating or his hand. The closeness between us in the morning is a joke compared to now.

Jeremiah: So let's go into the rain In 3,2,1.

Both start running and laughing. Even though their head was not wet, Their lower body got all wet. They finally reach home…A Meddler makes his move.

Meddler hugs Jeremiah when they get into their house.

Jeremiah blushes.

Meddler: Woah…I did it, I always wanted to see how he feels when I Hug him. What should blame now…Let's blame that cockroach. Thanks, cockroach…

Awww that cockroach…I hate it.

Jeremiah: Oh…It's because of the cockroach you hugged…By the way, your pants are all wet, why don’t you just take a bath, I will take it.

Meddler goes to the washroom and sees his face in the mirror.

Meddler: “You know sahisha has a crush on Jeremiah.” These words are hunting me…But it's still now confirmed, I can joke about me being his wife or we are in a live-in relationship…But I’m just a friend. I can't be more than a friend…He is doing everything cause he is kind…Is this body a gift or curse?

Sometimes I fear losing him. He told me he liked a girl…But I don’t know who he liked. But Sahisha Has a crush on him...I'm enjoying this body, But whatever I’m doing is not true. But who cares…I think serious lily only came for 5 mins…Lalala

Goes into the bathroom in a dancing way.

Throws his clothes outside and turns the shower on...


The light in the bathroom goes off.

Meddler: Tuturu…Tuturu…Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Jeremiah: Meddler what happened…

Jeremiah comes running and opens the door…Wait, There is nothing here…

Meddler: Oeyyyyyy! Jeremiah’s here, What should I do all my clothes are outside…I’m naked.

Jeremiah: Meddler are you there? I heard a sound…I guess the bulb stopped working…

Meddler: Wait I feel something on my back…Something’s touching my ass

Jeremiah: Oh! Meddler I found you.

Meddler: WHAT!!! I SHIT ITS Jeremiah’s hand, Shittt!!

*Starts running and smashing his hand to the wall*

Jeremiah turns on the torch and sees Jeremiah and Meddler fall down which hurt his hand…

Jeremiah: *Signs* These little things make me smile…Hey get up…Meddler...

Jeremiah: What? He fell unconscious.

Meddler: Hmmm…Where I’m I? Who I’m I…I'm I a dog? Bow Bow.

Jeremiah: Hey...You alright? I heard a sound from the washroom and I brought you here…

Meddler: What happened to my clothes?

Jeremiah: These are my clothes…I didn’t know what your clothes were so…I made you wear mine.

Meddler: Woah! He saw me naked…I'm so embarrassed now…And I'm wearing his clothes, this is amazing…Even though his hand touched my bare butt I didn’t feel any discomfort, It wasn’t like that incident when I was a kid…I rather felt secure and happy. But I was embarrassed for sure…Today’s one long day…I guess I'm going to cook something for him he made lunch and breakfast for me I should also make something for him.

*tries to lift his hand*

Meddler: Ohh…This hurts.

Jeremiah: Careful...You actually hit your hand…So take rest and keep this pain relief balm.

Meddler: How did I hurt my right arm…I have to do work with his, It’s just not a big wound I think it will heal in a day but now it hurts a lot.

“I guess it's my time to feed you…” say ahh