Chapter 13:

Sahisha and Jessie.

I Turned Into A Boy

Meddler: What Jeremiah Is going to feed me…It would be awesome! I would love to eat…But I'm scared if I open my mouth he might smell, My stinking mouth…It's tense now…Wait, Are my teeth well washed…What if there is any food item stuck in it…Shit…I didn’t eat anything my mouth is smelling…I don’t have any choice now…He got the food I can’t reject it, How should I eat…What if I bite his finger…What if the food is spicy and water comes out my mouth That would be Hurting…I can’t handle the shame I will feel when That thing happens I don’t know… What if I keep my mouth too far and the food falls…Ohh Hid hand is coming over here…I can see it coming.

*keeps his hand In meddler’s mouth*

Meddler starts blushing:

Meddler: Wow…This feels so good…I never felt a such thing in my life since my mother left me…I remember my mom feeding me.

Thanks, Jeremiah…This means a lot.

*Jeremiah blushing*

Jeremiah: ahem! Not a big deal.

Jeremiah feeds the whole meal…

10:37 Pm of 21st May 2038.

Jeremiah: Hey…It's almost time…Come sleep in the bedroom, Yesterday night We somehow slept here on the sofa.

Meddler: I can’t walk…Lift me and take me.

Jeremiah: You're fine, Just walk by yourself.

Meddler: No, I want you to lift me.

Jeremiah: sure I will try to lift you but you kinda seem heavy.

Meddler: I'm now that heavy…

Jeremiah: Huh! I don’t think I could lift you but I will try.

Jeremiah puts his left arm around meddler’s legs and right arm around his head, then he pulls him in the air. Holding him close to his chest…He starts walking towards the bedroom, While walking Meddler keeps his hands around Jeremiah…and slowly asks

Meddler: About the girl you liked, was she from our school?

To that question, Jeremiah without any hesitation replied, “Yes”. Which shattered Meddler to pieces…But nothing is confirmed.

Meddler: I think even before whenever very few times but I noticed Jeremiah staring towards us, I think its because of sahisha…I can't admit the truth but Sahisha's cute, She is good-looking, has a cute smile, these days she has become cuter…I got a feeling Sahisha’s parents knew Jeremiah a bit…She might have told about him…And these words I don’t want to remember those words but…

“Sahisha has a crush on---

Crush on Jeremiah---


Jeremiah and meddler have arrived at their beds

Jeremiah: Here you go little princess…

Meddler: But I can’t get stop loving that beautiful face…That day when I first saw Jeremiah, We both were going to class running from opposite directions, I was new to high school at that time…I never had friends…But I wanted to start new life…I never got my eyes stuck on any boy till then…But this fellow was tall cute and moreover he gave me a charming vibe…That day I stared at him all directly and indirectly from the corner of my eye. I don’t know if he looked back at me or he didn’t notice me at all…I rarely spoke with him…But for me the day he was absent…It was at that moment I realized that I missed him a lot…For a year I was just staring at him…I looked at him, When he looked at me back…I use to just couldn’t look into his eyes…Those beautiful eyes…But I never saw them clearly…But when he looked here, he might have seen me.

Jeremiah: I'm turning the lights off...Let's sleep.

At 8:33 pm 21st May 2038…2 hrs ago.

Sahisha Calls Jessie: Hey Jessie, open the door…I'm waiting outside…Please open the door…

Jessie: Mom!! Open the door for sahisha.

Mom: You don’t do a thing, Everything I need to go.

Jessie’s mom goes and opens the door…

Mom: Hey! Sahisha…Jessie’s upstairs go meet her.

Sahisha: Hey Meera Aunty...Where’s Joey Uncle…It’s been a while since I saw him.

Meera: He is out, He might come at night…

Okay, then I will go and meet Jessie…

Sahisha: Hey…Jessie.

Jessie: What’s this new hey...Come and sit…I need to ask a few questions to you.

Sahisha: What's that thing over there?

Points at the fallen biscuits…

Jessie: It’s nothing, I was eating these biscuits..So...LIKE HELL ITS NOTHING…SHIT I SWITCHED TOPICS

Sahisha: Hehehee….

Jessie: There is something different about you these days, You're wearing lipstick…Then this hair…It looks shiny and cute, I sense a sudden change in your behavior…

Sahisha: What about you miss universe…Arent, are you using these beauty care products and going for a haircut early?

Jessie: Hahahha…Even you noticed…am I looking cute though….*wink*

Sahisha: This wink reminds me of something!! You went and sat with Meddler and send Jere—JEREMIAH to my place! All of a sudden…What if he thinks I’m creeping him out…Thinking it was your plan all along

Jessie: You didn’t enjoy it?

Sahisha: I felt nice, so thank you. But sorry, I kind of used you…Like saying you have a crush on Meddler so You went and sat there…

Jessie: How dare you use…Even I kinda used You, I told Meddler that you have a crush on Jeremiah.

Sahisha: What did you know? I didn’t reveal it to anyone...

Jessie: You think I’m that dumb?

Jessie: So tell me, How did it all get started? My main question is this before Lily Rose left or after her leaving?

Sahisha: It all started last year…When I and Jeremiah Accidently saw each other in a mall…I was shocked to see him there…Till that time, I use to just listen to what lily used to say and just ignore that stuff…But at that moment…I realized I got something in myself…I wasn’t in love, But my eyes were attracted to him…But I always thought Lily had him…You see till now it's been a 5-year thing what lily was telling me, Mine kinda be a puberty thing…But Now that she’s gone, I would try my luck with him. If we get along and she comes back…That’s her problem.

Jessie: Acha…That’s how it all started.

Sahisha: What about you? How did yours start with Meddler?

Jessie: I don’t know, I guess at the time when we went to see Lily…At that time, I liked his eyes…I don’t exactly know what I liked about him but I had this order near him…It’s just so mesmerizing…Then wherever I go I just try to find him…If he is there or not, Whenever I see him I don’t know what to do with him…I just see if he is there or not…But then Day before yesterday, I had some other guy with the same height and hair…I thought it was him and ran behind that guy…Then It was someone else, These funny moments I wanted to share with someone else, I feel better now Sahisha…

Thanks, Sahisha.

Sahisha: Then…Let's do one thing together…

Jessie: So even your thinking about it…

Sahisha: Yes…Lets

Jessie: Let…

Sahisha and Jessie at the same time: