Chapter 14:

Sahisha! You Bitch!!

I Turned Into A Boy

Jessie: So when are you going to Propose Jeremiah?

Sahisha: You should propose first.

Jessie: No...You should!

Sahisha: Okay, Let’s decide with stone paper scissors!

Jessie: Stone...

Sahisha: Paper...

Jessie: Sci---

Sahisha: I love you...That’s what I need to do right?

Jessie: Work hard...Word hard!

Sahisha: Yeah...I will. But before that why don’t we, watch a movie or something...

Jessie: Yeah...after the movie, we can make a plan how to convince Jeremiah on a day...then slowly in the evening you will tell him how you feel and slowly that way...You can get him...Yohho!

Sahisha: Hope it was that easy...

Jessie: See Sahisha...It's 2038, If you don’t make your move on your man...Another man will take him.

Sahisha: Hahaha...Okay i will then.

10: 40pm of 21st May 2038.

Sahisha texts Jeremiah,

Sahisha: “ Hey...Can we meet tomorrow?” 10:40 pm

Jeremiah: “Why...did anything happen?”10:41 pm

Sahisha: “No...Just wanted to hang out and As Jessie is busy...” 10:42 pm

Jeremiah: “Okay...Tell me a venue, I'm free...I will ask meddler to come.” 10:43 pm

Sahisha: “ No, Can you come alone...Plz” 10: 44pm

Jeremiah: “Ok, then I will try.”

Meddler turned toward Jeremiah and saw something which shocked him.

Meddler: Is he cheating on me? Is this the end...Like the end THE END...I have never seen him do something like this, Is he actually chatting or just scrolling his feed...I always overthink he might be scrolling Instagram, Or just having fun...

Takes a Small peak into his phone.

Meddler: What the hell!! He is chatting with someone else...Might be his friend, That's it guess...Just his friend nothing...HOlyyyyyyyy shit it's Sahisha...Just something class-related I guess...They are just friends nothing to worry about, Why would I be worried? They are just friends...Nothing be worried about its nothing special...Might be asking for something related to studies...Wait!! She is asking him to meet her in private somewhere else...That's my man!! He said he will bring me with her hahaha!! I should have never doubted him.

Wait! Why is she asking me to not come...And with a please with it...What is the reason she gave...To hang out! Wow, such a shit reason to give... I have a really bad feeling about this...And Jeremiah told me he will go, It's something I can't stop...I think this is how far I can go, with this stupid fake, I don’t know how long I can take with this act.

Sometimes in life moving on is the only option...That’s It...Few things are just not in our control...

Why is my chest feeling heavy... I'm crying...I can’t control my lower lip, It's flickering...and my jaws feel heavy...They feel painful...My teeth started shivering...My eyes are half filled with water...That doesn’t mean, Everything I see is leaving an after Image behind...My eyes are getting blurry...My throat is paining...I can sense it, I'm getting water from my nose...I'm all tired...This is one of the most painful

nights I’m experiencing this pain...My canal teethes are hurting...This pain, The last time I experienced it was 4 years ago...You became that important...I Can't Take it anymore...

God...Why did I have to turn into something like this...

Pushes hug her pillow with his face and mouth pressing that pillow...She goes to sleep.

10 am of 22nd May 2038.

Meddler: Good Morning to me and My favorite person Jeremiahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Jeremiah smiles...

Jeremiah: Hahaha...What the matter dear?

Meddler: That’s something new, you seem happy...Did something happen?

Jeremiah: No, It’s nothing.

Meddler: Yesterday was One hell of a night...But that makes me realize I can't live without Jeremiah. So I will see what they are doing...

Jeremiah: Meddler I have somewhere to go today...So take care of the house.

Meddler: No, Even I have the stuff to do...So even I will be going outside.

Jeremiah: Then looking is the best option.

Meddler: Detective Lily on the Mission Hai!

Meddler goes out and stays behind a tree...Waiting for Jeremiah to leave.

Jeremiah comes out and locks the door.

Meddler: He just wore a simple black shirt and white pants...No worries I guess nothing special event...Just a friend's Hangout I guess...Or some family reunion...Yeah, I’m relieved ...

Jeremiah walks a few miles and He saw Sahisha Waving.

“Hey...Jeremiah Nice to meet you.” Sahisha said it with a blush on her face.

Meddler with black goggles and Suit hiding behind a tree.

Meddler: Wait for a second! Why is she dressed like this...I know sahisha and she is a more lazy person who hates traveling and she just likes to be in her comfort zone with loose clothes...She always never had those charming eyes and her cute smile...She is wearing a pink crop top with jeans and a white handbag...A handbag that was never her thing...and those white shoes she is so well prepared...

Jeremiah: Hi...

Sahisha: Hey...Hey...Jer-Jeremiah.

Jeremiah: Yeah, What were you called me here...

Sahisha: A restaurant was opened here...Just nearby, we can have lunch there and from there I will take you to the place I wanted to show you...I'm really hungry, so let's go.

Jeremiah: Fine by me.

Sahisha takes Jeremiah to a restaurant.


Wait...This was the restaurant I and Jeremiah went to...Wow, such a coincidence.

Sahisha: Come...Jeremiah...Come

*Puts her hand in Jeremiah’s and takes him to a seat*

Meddler: What the hell are you doing!! Such a bitch...

Waiters: Come here sir we have a table for a couple.

Meddler: Coupleeee!!

Jeremiah and Sahisha turn around

Shit, I said it out loud...But it's fine...For emergencies, I brought this...

Fake mustache *Doraemon’s background music when he takes a gadget out*

Meddler: Now I just need to go near them and listen to what they are talking...

*Both sahisha and Jeremiah sit at a place.*

Meddler goes to sit beside the seat...


That was something I always wanted to go with Jeremiah, as Lily Rose.

Waiter: Sir...What would Like to have?

Meddler not even answering properly, looking at Jeremiah’s table...

Meddler: Just get me what they ordered...

Waiter: They didn’t order anything.

Meddler: THEN GET WHAt the other guy over there ordered.

Waiter: Okay, Sir.

Sahisha: What would you prefer to have Jeremiah?

Jeremiah: As you wish sahisha...I don’t have any preference...

Sahisha: So why don’t we have some chicken fried biryani?

Jeremiah: As you like...

Waiter: So are you guys ready with your order...

Sahisha: Yeah. We would Like to have Chicken fried biryani and soup.

Waiter: Noted ma’am.

Waiters get their food.

Meddler: Huh! What is this?

Waiter: That's what you ordered sir, Your banana milkshake, Banana salad, banana custard, Banana banana.

Meddler: What Banana Banana.

Waiter: Yes sir it's our specialty...We take small bananas and make them into a big ones... “Cause at few occasions Size does matter.” That's our slogan for that dish.

Meddler: Shit...I can't have this!! It's all because of you stupid Banana...I’m here and Sahisha’s there.

The waiter can you pack this in a bag and just get me chicken lollipops.

Waiter: Sure sir.

Sahisha: What do you like about me, Jeremiah?