Chapter 32:

About time, huh?

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

We were passing in street, a lively night was happening around us.

"Where do you think he is?"Asked Chikao.

"Not very far from us, the problem is...We should have already found Matthew, by what the GPS is saying."

A maid was handing a flyer.

"Do you want one?"The maid said.

"No, thanks...WAIT A SECOND!?"

"About fucking time fam, thought you'd come only in the year 3000."The maid said in deep man's voice.

"Heh, why you wearing that, are you cosplaying?"

Both Alex and Chikao were laughing hysterically in the corner.

"This is the only costume that will not attract attention."

"Man, you are in a maid costume, you can now attract the whole world just by just lifting your skirt."  

"It's not as bad as you think it is. If you were chasing a detective, would you imagine the guy wearing a maid costume in the middle of the street."Matthew said.

"But...Now that you put it like that, you might be right."

"Let's talk about the elephant in the room, shall we? Why did you create a clone from yourself, hell, how do I know you're the real one?"Said Maya.

"I'm the real one."

"OK, but why did you create those robots?"

"Don't you think that would be a good idea that I separated from the group to investigate more freely? While I was investigating, you would follow the clues that I left behind, smart, isn't it?"

"Of course is n- ...That is kinda a good idea, to be completely honest."Maya said.

"So, do you have any important information to tell us?"I asked.

"A disaster is about to happen."

"A disaster? What do you mean by disaster?"

"Do you remember Valry?"

"Yeah, the unstable girl."

"When I was investigating Anderson, he met her many times, I was hidden during one of their meetings. They would talk about their current situation. Most of the times, Valry was always nervous, nervous about what to do, now that they were enemies of the state. Kinoshita was always the one to bring peace to her mind. With that advantage that I had, I had an idea."

"What was it?"

"To be her boyfriend."


"Are you mad? if she knows who you are, she'll kill you in a bat of an eye."

"I know that, but it's a risk that I want take."

"OK, but why you said it would happen a disaster?"

"That's the crazy part of the story, because of her uncontrolled behavior, I'm afraid that she will lose control very soon and hurt the people around her."

"And you have any idea how to avoid that from happening?"

"No idea...But it'll be beneficial for us, we could caught her the moment she loses control."

"Can't say is safe to do that suggestion, but it's our best bet."