Chapter 31:

Aia's house

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

We arrived at my house.

"Kinda nice here, do you have a console with videogames here?"Chikao asked.



My house was a traditional Japanese house, hadn't any technological object in the living room, only two bookshelves and a TV (one of the first supporting the second). 

"Anything to eat?"


"With what?"


"You only have rice in your house?"

"Obviously no...I have fresh water too." 


"Are you aspirating to be some kind of monk?"

After they made themselves comfortable with the house, we went to my room, to see the robot's memory in my computer.

"Aia, you don't use any social media?"Chikao asked.

"No, why would I?"

"I don't know, to socialise with someone?"

"Would that benefit our investigation?"

"I guess not...But don't worry, I will create an account just for you."

I glared at him with a face of curiosity.

He began to turn red.

"Forget about that now, Aia, we've now to see the last memories of the robot."


Alex disassembled the eyes and put a USB cable connecting the eyes with the PC.

"The file's name seems to be named "Operation Bombman."I said.

"See what's inside."Said Maya.

Inside the file, there was two MP4 files.

I clicked on the first file. The video showed the battle between Chikao and Kaito.

"He was spying on us?"Maya said.

The second video showed the moments before he died. A guy very alike the one that kidnapped Tanya was approaching him, in the same place that he died (the garage). He (the robot) was walking backwards, fearing what the stranger would to him, after that, a big explosion happens and the video ends.

"One of the terrorists killed him."Alex said.

"Was Matthew trying to say us something?"Said Maya.

"Can't tell. Let me try something".

I pulled out my phone, used the same app that I had utilized to track first robot.

"What are you doing?"Asked Chikao.

"If we have easy access to Matthew's location, don't you think he would give us clues by we discovering the body's of the robots he creates."


"He's using doppelgangers for we to track them."


"And here on the phone is saying that he's on another location."


"In Sumida."