Chapter 34:

Dante's purgatory

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

After the gaming session, Matthew went to the date, the other two decided to go to sleep.

Alex was sleeping heavily, from his exhaustive work.


I remember that day being a sunny day...

Mother was wearing a green dress with white symbols on it. I was 5 at the time.

There were many people, moms with their sons, seeing the  cherry blossoms dropping their flowers.

"Mom, why those trees are pink?"

"I don't know."  


"I don't know because I don't comprehend them."

"You don't comprehend them?"

"Imagine this, a young, full of life tree is beautiful, right? These trees are very alike us. They spring and give us the most beautiful things that our eyes can see. Sadly, nothing is forever, so they eventually lose their flowers. One day, I will lose my flowers too."

"Will I lose mine too?"

"You still have a long life to live, son, don't forget that. You've much to learn."

"I'll not know the answer to your question very soon, but hope that someday, you will tell me the answer. Why are cherry blossoms pink and why they are so beautiful."

Alex woke.

Sweating and panicking because of dream he had.

He realized that that was nothing.