Chapter 35:

The real beginning

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

Matthew and Valry entered a restaurant, both sat in a table.


"What do want to eat?"


"Roasted beef with chips."

(Because of the British influence, having a traditional Japanese restaurant serving English foods is considered a totally normal thing).

"I will have the same thing too."

The waiter took our menu. Valry's hand was shaking incessantly.

"Why are you so nervous?"I asked. 

"Nothing!"She said in a loud voice.

"Sorry, is that being in public places is not my cup of tea."

I folded my hands.

"Is it something to do about your past, your childhood?"

"No, not at all."She said.

"Something having to do with your dad?"

"Also a no. Being away of the crowd is just the way I am, no way control it, no way to erase it."

"It must be a pain in the ass."

"Yeah."She said it with a sense of calmness.

She stopped shaking her hand. I, seeing this, decided to change my approach.

Matthew gave a half-smile.

"Oh, almost forgot about one thing I wanted to discuss with you."

"What?"She asks.

"Where you were at the time of accident?"

"Huh?"Her hands returned to the shaking.

"I was in a coffeehouse, drinking my usual tea of the morning. On the news, the only thing they were showing was that, over and over, "The Kings was in DANGER."

(He was not in a coffeehouse in that day).

"What do you mean saying that...I...Was home. Doing my things."

"I didn't meant anything, love."

The hand was decreasing his shaking.

"Talking about tea, do you like your tea with milk?"

"Hmm, yes...Why?"

"Did you know that putting the milk before pouring the sugar is considered bad luck?"

"I'm,huh...Didn't exactly knew that."

"I'm the type to always pour the milk before the tea."

I gave another half-smile.

"The thing is that...You're not playing it safely."

"Playing it safely?"

"Yeah, that's right, your bad luck destroyed the whole cup."

Her eyes opened widely, unbelieving what she just heard.

"I'm going to the bathroom real quick, OK."She said.

She stood up, and went to bathroom.

Moments after, she was already on the street, trying to escape.