Chapter 33:

Secret ( part 2: Lab rats)

The Dusk of Revenge

  The elevator we found along seemed to be working. However, we instinctively feared traveling on exceptionally bright machinery.

From the floor display panel, we could tell that the facility consisted of two floors underground.

Taking the staircase to the second floor underground, I felt unusually cold air. Following the passage and walking to the end, we finally reached a cleanroom.

Protective suits were hung on the wall near a sign that read: ‘Simple sterilization is recommended’. But that didn’t stop us from barging in directly.

After activating the interior partition, we saw what looked like a thick wall on the other side. On this wall was a futuristic looking control panel. I felt as though I had entered a space station.

Only after the previous partition that we passed was shut did the new partition activate.

In front of us was a massive corridor but scattered in the depths of the dark space ahead were unbelievable things.


Rectangular cages were embedded in the walls on the sides of the corridor. Not just one or two but all along the two sides of the massive corridor were cages as far as the eye could see. There were maybe 20 of them.

The problem was the size of the cages. These cages were clearly too big to be used for holding rats or rabbits used for animal experiments. Also, weak breathing could be heard coming from inside. I started having a bad feeling about this.

The cages contained certain creatures. And not just one or two. Something was holding its breath, gazing in our direction. Red eyes were shining in the darkness making a small area around their faces visible.

I was about to take a step in what seemed to be a parallel world. Feelings of regret started to emerge in my head and doubtful thoughts were eating away at my brain.

I walked toward the nearest cage and leaned a bit to take a quick look at its inside, but it was too dark to see anything aside from the red eyes. I switched on another flashlight that was in the military bag and shone it toward the cage.

The moment the light was on, the strange creature charged in madly. Aside from the breathing noise it was making, the strange living thing was smashing his body at the cage door, scratching with his Red Claws at the metallic bars of the door making a deafening sound. Soon after the first creature started making this fuss the other ones in the different cages followed us making a terrible sound that made everyone cover his ears in pain.

I pulled my gun and shot the creature immediately out of panic. The bullet hit one metallic bar making a sound that made the creature retreat out of fear.

“Hurry and run!”

Everyone realized that they had to leave this place immediately, so they started running toward the door of the opposite end of the corridor. As I pushed the next door with my shoulder and jumped in, I looked behind me and realized that the annoying noise had already ended.

I waited for everyone to arrive then I reapproached the cages. I shone a light into it, again.

In the depth of the cage, there was a creature that looked like a monkey but had sharp claws and fangs…

I pulled my EMP gun and fired at the creature to verify whether it was a living being or a machine.

“No reaction!”

For some reason everyone was expecting something to happen, but it didn’t…

Due to lack of information, we continued our way to where the sound of machines was produced.

A giant engine was in the middle of the huge room that was similar to a movie theater. Next to that machine was a giant tank of liquid on which the letter ‘N’ was written.

“Is this Nitrogen?!” I asked as I took a few steps towards the barrel tank. The closer I get the colder I feel. That was more than enough evidence that it was nitrogen.


“Why does they need this huge amount of nitrogen?” Rin asked as she pulled me behind after noticing that I got too close to that machine.

With this giant machine, hideout, and strange creatures, I started wondering how big of an organization the 'Red Claws' was exactly for them to be capable of building such a system? How far had it infiltrated the Tokyo Area?

Fortunately, I was on alert at all times for sudden enemies behind me, hence very early on, I already noticed the killing intent from someone trying to snipe from behind since the moment we entered the room.

I turned quickly as I pulled my sword swinging it very hard making a powerful impact with the object that was about to hit me from behind. It was a pure luck swing of a sword. Blocking a rifle bullet wasn’t a thing that I can actually pull off easily.

The bullet rested on the ground cut in unequal halves. I oriented myself to where the bullet came from. The rest of the squad realized just a half second later and immediately took their positions preparing themselves to engage in any moment.

"Welcome, Shinji. I knew you'd come."

A figure walked over slowly from the other side of the passage, producing clicking sounds in the process.

Featuring a straight bridge of the nose and calm eyes, the face of this young man who was dressed in a black uniform bore a twisted smile. Putting aside a sniper rifle whose muzzle was smoking, he walked over with his hands in his pockets.

“The Leader of the Japan branch!” I muttered that with a voice full of hatred.

I wasn’t expecting him to appear out of the blue. But I knew that we would find him eventually since he was going to stand in our way.

Staring at the enemy before me I whispered at Rin: “Do you remember the bag we brought with us that we found in the car?”

“I am holding it right here!”

“I’ve got a favor to ask. Could you help take the explosives from this bag and place them at critical locations around the facility? I'm going to take this guy out.”

“Me too…”

“Please, I know that we agreed to let you fight him in the past, but it appears that I have a personal problem with him.”

Rin seemed to have something to say but she bowed her head and decided to end things there.

“I will be praying for your victory! We will quickly finish placing them then we will come for help!”

“No! Whenever you finish, destroy the whole building immediately!”

“Eh?!” Everyone stared at me silently after I said that. So, I had to yell at them: “GO!”

Shuna picked the bag from Rin's arms as they all ran away as though trying to shake off their hesitation.

After verifying that they already walked away, I turned my face forward again to the man standing a few meters before me.

“I wasn’t able to remember your voice. I thought Aoyama was the one who called me yesterday.”

The man’s face had a puzzled expression all over it after hearing that.

“Call you? Why would I even do such a thing?”

I felt troubled by that answer, not understanding its meaning for a while.

We kept staring at each other silently for a moment. No of us was able to take the first step and launch the attack. In that situation, whoever attacks first would be the one who’ll eventually lose…

“You’re not the one who sent me the code?!” I asked doubtfully.

The man's face, twisted in hatred, became very close to mine. When his face suddenly approached, I almost saw stars erupt from my own head.

By the time I noticed I had suffered a headbutt, I was already having a nosebleed and had stumbled many steps.

My view shook. Nose blood was dripping noisily on the metallic floor, splashing in a terrifying manner.

When I looked forward again, the man’s figure vanished in the dense mist that was surrounding us again.

“So, this is how you were able to capture Rin last time earlier before the invasion of the Setagaya ward!”

I panicked for a moment but quickly, I suppressed that feeling and concentrated on the fight.

Using my eyes here wasn’t going to solve the problem. And I wasn’t able to ask Ai to find him since I lost connection with her.

I didn’t need to know where the enemy was. All I had to know was the direction from which his next would reach me. Judging by his twisted personality it was safe to assume that he was going to attack me cowardly from behind.

The moment I felt a small vibration in the air, I turned quickly to block the man’s metallic fists with my hands.

“What?!” The man retreated in surprise.

Not only was I able to predict his movement but also, I was able to block them. That was a shocking truth for him.

“What the hell just happened now!” He shouted at me while jumping back to make some distance between us. “How were you able to block that? I am sure I felt a collision with metallic arms!”