Chapter 19:

Something cool happened.

I Turned Into A Boy

8:02 am of 24th May 2038.

Jeremiah: Come get up… Let's go to school.

Meddler: Good morning to me and my favorite person Jeremiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Jeremiah: Wow…Calm down, we need to go to college now,

Meddler: Yeah, Let me pack my bags and get going.

Meddler: Yesterday’s Jeremiah was the best Jeremiah till now…I can't believe he likes me that’s just so impossible…I'm so happy that Jeremiah likes me and no one else, If only I have gotten my body back I would have been dating Jeremiah now, After all, what less can I expect from my Husbando?

Jeremiah: Hey…Meddler, Come let's go.

Both of them go to school and get into the class…

Mr. Kruger: Good morning everyone…Let's begin today’s class.

Jeremiah: Hey… what do you think is wrong with you, write your notes… *Whispers*

Meddler: Shit…I was thinking about what happened yesterday…Now how can I even forget what can I'm into…I love Jeremiah and He likes me back when I’m lily Rose. But I need to get my body back…Wow, How should I do that?

Jeremiah: Your still now writing meddler.

Meddler: Okay sure…I will write.

*Starts writing and when Meddler kept his pen on the book the bell rang*

Jeremiah: wow…Great!

Jessie from the other row calls meddler.

“Hey…Meddler can you come here for once.”

Jeremiah: Why is she calling…I don’t want her to take him…There is research saying people start loving a person after the other person proposes. I can't let meddler go.

Hey…Meddler can you help me with these books…

Meddler: sure…Jeremiah, But before that, I will look into what Jessie's calling for.

Jeremiah: But…Please, these are heavy

Meddler: Yeah…I will come in a few seconds.

Jeremiah holds Meddler's long sleeves t-shirt with a blush on his face.

“Can you stay here for a while!”

Meddler: Woah! That was the first time I saw Jeremiah this way…Is he jealous? But people get jealous when they like someone…I mean he likes Lily rose, But there is no way he would Like me…I'm a boy, right?

Meddler: Hey…Jessie comes here and talks.

Jessie: It's nothing…I wanted to say sorry about yesterday and can we go back to being friends…It’s something I wanted to say…

Meddler: Yeah...It's fine, we can still be friends.

Meddler keeps his hand on Jessie’s shoulder.

Jeremiah: Wow…He is touching Jessie; I can’t see that image…with my own eyes. I’m feeling jealous…

Jeremiah pulls Meddler towards himself

Jeremiah: Can we go to the washroom…I didn’t go to the washroom since the morning…

Meddler: Yes! It worked he felt Jealous when I touched Jessie. He is more friendly…more kind, He touches me more…I can see the affection inside him towards me has increased rapidly…It’s a great sign, I shouldn’t hurt him anymore…That was just to test you, Jeremiah…I know the feeling, how it feels when you get close to someone else.

They go back to class and After 4 classes are done…They both go back home from school.

Meddler: Wow…Today was a great day, I had fun. Lalala…Lala…


Jeremiah: What happened Meddler?

Meddler: Something went into my eyes, Jeremiah. Can you please blow into my eye…It's hurting

Jeremiah: Wait…I will, He came running from the kitchen and blows into Meddler’s eye.

Meddler: That’s the wrong Eye!! Blow in my left eye.

Jeremiah: Sure.

Meddler: Ohh…ah…Thanks that helped.

Jeremiah: Why did you remove your glasses, now your eye is all red.

Meddler: Sorry, I won’t do that again.

Jeremiah and meddler are really close to each other…Looked deep into their eyes, for almost a minute.

a whistle is blown in the background.

Jeremiah: ahem… I need…to…

Meddler: Yeah…You..should...

Jeremiah: The cooker…

Meddler: Yeah…The cooker.

Jeremiah goes to the kitchen and beats his head with a small punch.

Jeremiah: What was I thinking…I guess, I really like Meddler…He is just so good-looking…I can't take my eyes off him, His eyes look like lily rose…Without those specs, I can't believe I have fallen for a boy…I thought Lily was the only person I would love But this happened…I think it all started the day he came to our house and he took care of me as my mom…I felt complete. He saved me from loneliness, The day we shared an umbrella, we shared a jacket, When the bulb in the bathroom went off when we were bathing…Hahaha…He hit himself and fainted, then I lifted him to take till the bedroom…The funniest thing till now…He peed in the washroom pulling his pants to the bottom…That was damn funny. I'm really in love with him…He is funny, concerned, and humble. I guess I will propose to him today…I don’t know How I'm going to propose to him. But will he accept me…He rejected a girl saying he liked someone…What would lily do in this situation? She would have just gone and said it…I would do the same…I will at least Let him know…How I feel about him, It’s the least I should do…But if he rejects me and if he leaves me, I would be alone again. But still, I'm going to propose to him…Lily gives me strength.

Jeremiah goes into Meddler who was watching tv.

Jeremiah turns the T.v off and asks Meddler to get up.

Jeremiah: Get up Meddler…I need to tell you something…It’s a bit serious.

Meddler: Shit did he find out I was eating his share of chocolates also!! Shit!!

Sorry sorry…I will return your chocolates tomorrow…With interest.

Jeremiah: So you were the one who was eating my chocolates…Gawd, I big mystery has been solved.No…That’s not the thing, I need to tell you something.

Meddler: Oh…If that wasn’t the case then…Is it about the page I have mistakenly torn…

Ohhhh….Sorry I will buy a new book…I know, How much you look at that book, sorry.

Jeremiah: What! You tore that book…Shit! You should have told me sooner…

Meddler: Gawd…I should have waited to know his answer…What does here say that seriously?

Jeremiah: Listen…What I want to say!


I love you.

Meddler: What!! Did he just propose to me…Did he just say I love you…Does that mean he loves me…Siht! Jremeiah lveos meeeeeeeeeeeee!! But I'm a boy right...Did he get to know about my true Identity…I'm just too happy now…Wait…I should Accept Him…I need to accept him….What should I say…Thank you…Nah…Or something Like Even I love myself? Shit that would be shit. Okay, Here we go I will say what My heart tells me to say.

I love you too.

Both of them Hug each other.