Chapter 536:

Chapter 533: The Undead Dragon

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 533: The Undead Dragon

Narrator: In Zonbi’s and Sean’s battle against Shade, Zonbi has decided to summon her undead dragon.

Zonbi: Rise, my undead dragon!

*The building in between the ones they are standing on now becomes completely destroyed as Zonbi’s undead dragon comes out of the ground. It is about 30 feet in height*

*The dragon roars at Shade*

Shade: Impressive dragon. I will give you that much.

*The dragon releases a beam from its mouth at Shade but he jumps into the air to avoid it. While still in the air, Shade releases a black ball at the dragon*

*The black ball hits the dragon and damages as well as pushes it back*

*Zonbi gets close to Shade and blows air on the magic on her left hand which causes a long line of explosions. Shade is caught in it and damaged further*

Zonbi: How do you like my Momentum Blast?

*Sean has used his Momentum Magic to throw a small rock at Shade with a lot of force and speed. Shade notices and deflects the rock with a kick, knocking it into Zonbi. The rock damages her and knocks her back*

*Sean looks angered and surprised*

Sean: Damn it!

*The dragon swipes at Shade with its claws but he jumps away to dodge. Shade is then hit by the dragon’s tail which knocks him into a building on a high floor*

*Shade gets up to see the dragon firing a beam at him. He opens his eyes wide as the beam makes contact with that floor of the building and it explodes, knocking over the rest of the building above it*

*After it all clears, Shade appears still on the building but he has taken a lot of damage from the attack and has wounds all over his body. He actually looks more angry than sorrowful this time*

Shade: One mistake everyone makes is that they always continue to make me feel sorrow! My base power… It’s not as high as Zentano’s and certainly not yours! But with my sorrow, my power surpasses yours!

*Zonbi looks like she has noticed something*

Zonbi: His power… seems like it is decreasing now. Not increasing. Does anger have the opposite effect on his power?

*Sean jumps from building to building until he reaches Shade. He tries to punch Shade but Shade blocks the punch*

*The dragon flies up to where they are and swipes at Shade. The swipe destroys more of the building and Sean and Shade start falling down the center of the building as it collapses. As they fall, Shade punches and then kicks Sean*

Sean: It looks like you’re having more trouble with us than you expected!

*Sean retaliates by landing a kick to Shade’s gut which sends him down to the bottom faster*

*Sean intends to stomp on Shade as he gets closer to landing. Shade, however, forms a black ball that he intends to shoot up at Sean*

Sean: Oh no!

Shade: Game over.

*Shade releases the black ball at Sean who is unable to avoid it and is hit by it. It does a lot of damage and knocks him against a bunch of building debris until he just flops back to the ground*

*When Sean tries to get up, he looks at his right arm and notices that it is broken. His eyes open wide*

Sean: My arm…

*The rest of the building is torn open by the dragon. The dragon sees Shade and attempts to release a beam at him but he kicks the dragon in the face which prevents the beam from being released. He then releases a black ball at it to damage it and knock it back*

*Shade is so focused on the dragon that he doesn’t notice that Zonbi got behind him. She does a strong Undead Dance punch to his back, causing him to feel a lot of pain. Zonbi follows that up by rapidly spin kicking him and then uses Momentum Blast to blow him away toward the dragon*

*The dragon swipes its claw at Shade as he reaches it which allows the dragon to pin him down on the ground. With him pinned, the dragon starts charging up a beam in its mouth*

Shade: I won’t lose!

*A bunch of his silhouettes form and they all jump up to kick the dragon in the chin which angles its head upwards, causing the blast to go to the sky*

*The dragon’s grip on Shade loosens and allows him to get away*

*Zonbi walks up on some rubble above and behind him. She looks down at him*

Zonbi: You may not realize it, but this is when your sorrow fails you. It’s the end of the road for you.

*Shade looks at her angrily*

Narrator: With the dragon’s help, Zonbi and Sean have gained the upper hand on Shade! Shade’s sorrow may not be enough for him.

Chapter 533 END

To be Continued in Chapter 534: When Sorrow Fails