Chapter 535:

Chapter 532: Zonbi and Sean vs Shade

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 532: Zonbi and Sean vs Shade

Narrator: Back over to Zonbi and Sean who are starting the first major fight in The Final Assault at Ground Zero.

*Zonbi and Sean face off against Shade*

Shade: I still think your support of Zentano is misplaced.

*Zonbi and Sean charge their magic*

Zonbi: And I think you should just die.

*Zonbi looks at Sean*

Zonbi: I can tell this one is a lot stronger than the last one I faced. Be ready for a difficult fight.

Sean: I’m ready.

*Zonbi lunges toward Shade and punches him with a strong magic-powered punch. It does a good amount of damage*

*Sean then gets behind Shade and kicks him in the back which knocks him into a building*

*Inside the building, Shade pulls his head out of a shelf. The shelf had a glass covering so he has shards of glass pierced in his skin*

Shade: It’s the pain!

*He just starts moaning with sorrow. Powerful silhouettes of himself start forming*

*The silhouettes start attacking Zonbi and Sean as Shade continues to moan in sorrow. The silhouettes are putting up a tougher-than-expected fight*

Zonbi: These things are stronger than you would think!

Sean: And they keep getting stronger!

*Zonbi summons a lot of zombies to help deal with them. The help allows Zonbi and Sean to get past the silhouettes*

Zonbi: Undead Dance!

*Zonbi gets in her Undead Dance stance. She quickly reaches Shade and starts repeatedly attacking him with her various attacks*

*Shade moans some more*

*Sean picks up a knife and uses his Momentum Magic to launch it at Shade with a lot of speed and force*

*Sean is shocked as Shade catches the knife despite its speed and power*

Zonbi: He’s getting more powerful as he moans! Just what is your deity power!?

Shade: I am the Deity of Sorrows. Feeling sorrow makes my power grow…

*He then grins*

Shade: Making me feel pain is a good way to do that.

*Zonbi looks at Sean for a moment*

Zonbi: Be careful with your attack selection!

*Shade then quickly gets to Zonbi before she is ready. He grabs her and then throws her into the shelves with the glass coverings*

Shade: It’s my turn.

*Shade’s silhouettes defeated the zombies but he still calls them back to him. He forms them into multiple black balls that spin around him*

*Zonbi pulls herself out of the shelves and Sean prepares for Shade’s attack*

*Shade rushes toward Zonbi. However, Shade pulls a fake-out and starts heading toward Sean instead. He shoots out half of the black balls toward Sean*

*Sean tries to dodge them but still gets hit by one of them*

*Shade follows that up by doing a series of quick punches and then slams him onto the ground*

Zonbi: Sean!

*Zonbi quickly gets back to Shade using her Undead Dance. She tries to use her Undead Dance attack that drills into her opponent. She hits him with the attack which causes him to moan more. She can’t finish the attack as she is blown back from being hit by a few of the other half of the black balls*

*Shade turns around smiling*

Shade: You should be more careful… You wouldn’t want me to become more powerful, would you?

*Sean takes this opportunity to grab onto Shade and wrestle him to the floor*

Zonbi: Hold him still!

*Zonbi charges up her magic with a fierce dark green aura*

Zonbi: Undead Overflow!

*Zonbi releases the green substance at Shade. In an outside view of the building that they are in, the top half of it explodes with the green substance blowing out of it*

*Shade is launched out of the top, having taken a lot of damage*

*Zonbi and Sean follow him. They both punch Shade in the air*

*Shade punches and then kicks both of them to knock them away from him. He lands on the roof of the building to the right of the one they were in*

*Zonbi and Sean jump on the roof of the building to the left of the one they were in*

Shade: You are certainly a challenge. But it’s not one that I am in danger of losing.

Zonbi: You are one of the strongest opponents I have ever faced. That makes you worthy of using my undead dragon on you.

Shade: An undead dragon?

*Zonbi smirks*

Zonbi: Yes. This is a challenge that you very much can lose.

Narrator: Zonbi and Sean have begun their battle with Shade! Zonbi considers him worthy enough to use the undead dragon on! Will it push the battle in their favor?

Chapter 532 END

To be Continued in Chapter 533: The Undead Dragon