Chapter 537:

Chapter 534: When Sorrow Fails

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 534: When Sorrow Fails

Narrator: Zonbi’s and Sean’s battle against Shade enters its final phase.

Shade: You have no room to be overconfident! With my sorrow, my power exceeds yours!

*Zonbi has a serious expression*

Zonbi: Does it?

*Shade jumps up toward Zonbi and begins trying to rapidly punch her. She is able to match his punches with her own punches*

*Shade is surprised by this*

*Zonbi kicks Shade back toward the open mouth of her undead dragon. Shade’s silhouettes leap up to allow Shade to jump off of them to avoid landing in the dragon’s mouth*

*Shade launches himself back toward Zonbi and releases a black ball toward her. She jumps away to avoid it*

*Shade lands and then forms a bunch of smaller black balls. He then starts throwing them rapidly as he gets closer to Zonbi*

*Zonbi does her Undead Dance spin attack to bat them down on the ground around her*

*The black balls form into silhouettes that start attacking Zonbi. She has to briefly focus on them*

*This gives Shade an opportunity as he gets close and punches Zonbi. He then throws a large black ball at her that lands a direct hit and blows her back*

*The dragon is now flying above Shade*

*Shade jumps upwards as the dragon shoots a beam down at the ground where Shade was standing. However, the dragon is still able to hit Shade in the back with its tail and that knocks him toward Zonbi. Zonbi has launched herself toward him. She lands a powerful gut-punch in the air that makes Shade cough up a lot of blood and sends him flying back toward some buildings*

*Shade crashes into a building. He stands up in one of the rooms on a low floor*

Shade: (Thinking) What is going on!? My sorrow— Wait! It’s not sorrow that I’m feeling right now!

*Shade launches out of the building with even more anger*

Shade: Sorrow! I need to feel sorrow!

*Zonbi then launches toward Shade. He tries to kick her as she gets close but his kick is too early so she grabs onto his leg and swings him around a bit before she throws him down to the ground*

*Shade gets up from the ground but takes a slash from the dragon’s claw. He takes more damage and pain*

Shade: (Thinking) Why am I not feeling sorrow!!?

*Zonbi approaches Shade from behind*

*Shade tries to do a reverse chop with his arm but Zonbi dodges and hits him on the chest with her elbow. The dragon is about to slash Shade again. However, he creates silhouettes that take the hit instead. Most of them are destroyed*

*Shade jumps away from them and creates more black balls. He starts throwing the black balls at Zonbi and the dragon. The dragon takes some direct hits for some damage*

*Zonbi overwhelms the ones coming at her with Undead Overflow. The green substance completely engulfs the black balls*

Zonbi: It’s time for our finisher!

*Zonbi starts dashing and jumping from one spot to another*

*Shade starts preparing a very large black ball*

Shade: I’m the one who will be finishing this! Take this!

*Shade releases the very large black ball at Zonbi*

Zonbi: Undead Dance Finale!

*Zonbi zooms as she uses her Momentum Magic on herself and gets past the large black ball and, within a few seconds, lands a ton of punches and kicks*

*Zonbi ends the attack by reverse kicking Shade which knocks him toward the dragon. The dragon releases a powerful beam at Shade and it’s a direct hit*

*Shade’s body is heavily damaged as he falls to the ground. He lands on his back and is too injured to get up*

*Zonbi walks up to him*

Zonbi: This is when sorrow fails.

Shade: What… do you mean…?

Zonbi: It’s simple. It’s an emotion that everyone has… Anger. You initially felt sorrow but as the battle wore on, that sorrow started turning to anger. Your weakness is prolonged battles where your sorrow isn’t enough to make the battles completely in your favor.

*Shade rolls over and starts trying to crawl away*

Shade: No! I won’t… d-die here!

*Zonbi easily keeps up with him just by walking*

Zonbi: I have another Undead Dance attack I wanted to use.

*Her right hand becomes powered by magic*

Zonbi: Undead Dance Blast.

*Shade tries to crawl away faster*

Zonbi: And that emotion is fear, not sorrow.

*Zonbi does a downwards thrusting punch on Shade’s back that causes a powerful blast*

*With a large hole blown in Shade, he is now dead*

Zonbi: Good riddance.

*Sean starts approaching. His right arm is clearly broken*

Zonbi: Your arm…

Sean: It’s broken. I won’t be able to fight at full strength.

Zonbi: It’s alright. Our opponent was flawed but also quite strong.


Narrator: Elsewhere in the ruined Reign City.

*Korobu’s Dark Dragon is flying toward where Armageddon is*

Narrator: Zonbi has finished off Shade and dealt a big blow to Hell’s forces but the toughest battles are still to come!

Chapter 534 END

To be Continued in Chapter 535: Sasha and Salina vs Sherra