Chapter 538:

Chapter 535: Sasha and Salina vs Sherra

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 535: Sasha and Salina vs Sherra

Narrator: Back over to Sasha.

*Sasha has come in contact with Sherra at the entrance to the city’s now ruined amusement park*

Sherra: In our last encounter, I was not ready for that power you and Zeth have but now I am.

Sasha: Too bad for you, I don’t even need Soul Power to defeat you.

Sherra: Is that so?

*Salina arrives*

Salina: You are strong Sherra, but Princess Sasha has surpassed you even without Soul Power.

Sherra: So the traitor has decided to show up too.

*Sherra charges up her magic*

Sherra: Your jokes don’t make me laugh. You were forced to use that power before, there’s no reason for me to believe you can defeat me without it.

*Sherra launches toward Sasha*

*Salina is crouching as magic glows on her knees. She slides forward at a tremendous speed and blocks Sherra’s attack with a punch*

*Sherra is surprised and jumps back*

Sherra: What was that?

Salina: It’s a Slide Dash.

Narrator: Slide Dashing is where the user crouches and uses magic to propel them forward. The speed is faster than running or launching. It’s one drawback is that after reaching the end of the slide, the user has to take a couple of seconds to do another crouch before being able to do it again.

Sasha: Thank you for giving me a few seconds.

Salina: It is but my duty, Princess Sasha.

*Sasha glares at Sherra*

Sasha: I know you’ve seen it. You’ve seen how I was at the age of 4… You’ve seen how sadistic I can be. Let me unleash that side on you!

*Sasha’s aura becomes powerful as she goes into True Demonic Release. Her aura even has sparks of black lightning. A transparent Hell Sasha’s smiling face can be seen above Sasha with the words “Hell’s mightiest warriors fall before your true demonic side” floating around* (Author’s Note: This is supposed to be symbolism rather than something that anyone can actually see.)

Sherra: I’m sure she was in this form during our last encounter. Why does she have a much more terrifying appearance this time?

*Sasha has a sadistic smile and licks her lips*

Sasha: Because this time I have fully opened the door.

Salina: You’re so amazing, Princess Sasha. Let me join you.

*Salina goes into her Devil Demon form*

*Sasha continues to look at Sherra sadistically*

Sasha: Just so you know. There will be no running. This battle will end when you are nothing more than a bunch of scrambled pieces on the ground ready to be gobbled up by my Hellhounds.

Sherra: Yep. That’s definitely the same sadistic side.

*Sasha begins jumping around before making an attempt at Sherra’s neck with her hand. Sherra barely dodges*

Sasha: Nice dodge… but can you keep it up?

Sherra: Don’t talk like I’m some inferior being! I am a Council of Demons member!

*Sherra releases a lot of ghostly hands toward Sasha*

*Sasha takes a bunch of direct hits*

Sherra: Do you see now!? I am a powerful demon!

*Sherra then reaches Sasha and knocks her back with a kick*

*Salina is Slide Dashing toward Sherra from behind*

*Sherra turns around to punch Salina but Salina being crouched from the Slide Dash causes the punch to go over her head. Salina slashes Sherra to damage her*

*Sherra retaliates by grabbing Salina’s right arm and then elbows her in the face. Sherra continues by hitting Salina with a barrage of ghostly hands hits, knocking her back. Salina took a lot of damage*

*Sasha returns to the battle with her Hellhounds. She sends the Hellhounds after Sherra*

Sasha: Feast, my Hellhounds!

*The Hellhounds all try to attack Sherra at once but Sherra is able to fight them off. However, that gave Sasha the opportunity to grab Sherra by the neck and she starts strangling Sherra*

Sherra: (Thinking) Such force!

*Sherra kicks Sasha hard enough to force her to let go. A giant ghostly hand knocks Sasha back*

*Sherra coughs as a result of the strangling*

Sherra: I can’t allow that to happen again.

*Sherra notices that Sasha and Salina are coming at her at the same time. She creates two ghostly monsters*

*They each try to punch Sasha and Salina but both of them use their own punches to collide with the monsters’ punches*

*Salina drops down and Slide Dashes under the monster but it is fast enough to quickly turn around and grab her before she can do another slide dash*

*Sasha overpowers the monster in front of her and punches it in the face to knock it down. She then rushes toward Sherra*

Sasha: Rest in pieces!

*Sasha and Sherra engage in a punching battle with each landing blows*

*Sasha turns into her Hell Ape form and tries to do a very powerful punch but Sherra jumps over her*

*Sasha changes back to normal but Sherra puts her hands on Sasha’s head*

Sherra: I will haunt you!

*Sasha finds herself alone in the middle of the amusement park*

Sasha: This must be the ability she used on Kurt back in the Chaos Tournament.

Sherra: Like it?

*Sasha looks up to see Sherra floating*

Sherra: I am the ghost that haunts you. I will destroy your mind!

*Sasha smiles sadistically*

Sasha: Or will it be my mind that destroys you?

Narrator: Sherra has used her haunting ability on Sasha!

Chapter 535 END

To be Continued in Chapter 536: Mind Battle in the Haunted Park