Chapter 38:

Everyone vs The monster

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

Everyone was reunited in front of the building, an American school located in Tokyo (Valry's school).

A dark creature was walking, from far away, its muscles well defined, had no genitals. Lucky for us, no person was walking at that time to see this ugly being.

What're we going to do against him, didn't seem like it had any visible weakness, only thing that came to mind was to kill its origin, Valry.

When it was thirty meters from us, the being stopped, for no rational reason. What was it doing? Stood there, motionless, breathless.


Could bet that his muscle was bigger than half of my body. Every movement that it did would be the equivalent to a big jump scare.

"Aia, be prepared for anything."Said Elizabeth.

"Alex, you go first, we cover you."I said, planning for a strategy.

If we were going to fight a muscular being like that, better use the guy with the most strength in the team.

Alex charged. When near our enemy, gave a straight punch to the Monster's face. Target of this offensive attack barely moved.

"ALEX, GO BACK."I screamed 

"Huh?"His reaction to how the punch was useless. 

The creature began to tighten its fist, a signal of an incoming punch.


The impact was too strong, cracked the nearby windows, making all the students come to see the event. Alex's body was projected to the School's wall, a sound like an earthquake was heard all around.

Matthew initiated his approach by creating 5 clones of his, helping Alex and Chikao with numerical superiority.

Maya couldn't use her ability there, so, resorted to only use her revolver, shooting the monster's vital spots.

Chikao advanced, when he was going to use scythe from the left side, the black being grabbed the weapon like it was made of paper. Then, transformed its right arm into a blade, following that, it cut Chikao in half.

Elizabeth, reacting to all this, resolved to use her power of projecting humanoid dolls.

"Why's this monster giving us so much trouble."I said, terrified by the situation.

Chikao was dead on the ground, soulless, his eyes were totally blank.

"Hey, get up!"I said.

His body started to turn into mud, when accumulated enough, it formed into Chikao again. This was his ability from having the possession of the unpractical weapon, he could die many times but if the cool down of the ability of five seconds was not interrupted, it would form its original body again. 

Could't just stand there, watching everyone battling that thing, so I decided to find Valry, that would make the whole situation more easier to deal with. Materialized my Katana, ran, looking at every corner to find where she was.

"Not so fast."A guy appeared from nowhere. 

He was Anderson, his face gave a honest smile.

"I can't let you get close to Valry."

I didn't even respond to him, decided to draw my sword and go with multiple violent slashes.

"Not the reasonable type, are you?" 

Extended his arm, a big explosion happened. Dust everywhere, expecting every corner, Anderson was trying to see if I survived his mortal attempt. Before he could react, I appeared behind him.


Dodged this last attack, exhausted from it, began to stare at my body.

"You have her powers?!"He was referring to the Nameless girl's power.

Yeah, I copied from her.

Extended his arm again, another explosion. This time, he thought that he'd got me. An arm appeared in the cloud of dust (my arm). Anderson was taken by surprise, this time, I was the one to explode him.

Last explosion was heard.

While this happened, the monster was winning the battle, everyone failed keeping him at bay.

It punched the floor, drills made from its shadow drilled the school, from under to the roof of the building, students were getting killed by this, impaled by the drills.