Chapter 39:


The Doll Metaphor Part 1

Traces of blood all around, drying from the dust mixing with the red paint. 

He was dead?

Should I shall look for him?

Not my problem, sincerely.

The school was collapsing, crumbling with a large quantity of bodies, arms and legs falling from the windows, a heavy stench of metal was polluting the air.

"What just happened?"Maya, still not believed in what she was seeing. 

Some students had the luck of escaping the hellish place, others were struck with falling pieces of glass from the building.

Guilty of all this, this animal that killed innocent ones, saw an opportunity in this and started eating the survivors.

Everyone ain't moving to kill this animal, not because they couldn't, what stooped them was the context of such kill.  

For a moment, devil noticed a fragile being, Elizabeth, without hesitation, he charged towards her.

Moving in its four legs, like a dog, all that eagerness to just have a moment of Dégustation. When he was about to open its giant mouth to shallow her...


Alex, with his ripped clothes and injuries from the previous encounter, gave a jab, paralyzing it, projected it to far away from the girl.

"What the hell were you trying to do?!"Said Alexander, with a violent manner.

Receiver of that punch was in extreme pain, constantly moving on the ground to ease the pain.

Seeing this as an opportunity, the little girl decided to finish him. Many, many of her doll friends began to jump on the monster, leaving no space to escape, around one hundred guys were on top of the creature.

For the final event, all the bodies above the being exploded in a giant flash of colorful orange, hot as the sun.  

While this all happened, I was still one my search in finding who committed such repugnant act towards so many people. Anderson was assumed to be injured, by the marks of blood left on the ground.

Anderson and Valry had escaped.

Went to look more, without taking a time to get my energies up, desperately, to end all this. 

Was already at the back of the (collapsed) school. Sighing for not finding anything, came back to where my group was. Elizabeth, while looking for me, noticed the blood around the floor, Anderson's blood.

"Aia, come here. Look at the ground."

I looked, not understanding what she was trying to tell.

"With this blood, we can see Anderson's genetic code, we are so lucky that the blood didn't dried yet."She said.

"But why do you need his blood?"

"It's for an investigation that I'm doing." 

One of her servants pulled a blood culture bottle, to collect the blood.

"Aia-san, we don't have really time to grieve for the dead, we have to go to the cemetery."

"But I can't leave my partners without me."

"Don't worry about that, my men will tell them that you came with me."

(One hour passed, we were in the Yanaka cemetery).

"So, what're we exactly doing here."I ask.

"You'll see."

We walked, until we found a specific grave.

"From the Kakuchi family...What about this grave that in interests you so much?"

"It's fake."She said.

"The person that died here is from the royal family, death caused by being struck by a train."