Chapter 1:

Personal Entry #1 "Merlin's Journal and Room"

Merlin's Journal

"Contents of said book is prohibited from being discussed outside the room as mentioned above. All information regarding this book will strictly be within a small unit on the Alsiyer county police force and researchers in the agency."Bookmark here

"Staff who review or read the contents aloud shall do so after signing a waiver. Individuals signing the waiver shall undergo twenty-four-hour monitoring for seven days a week without information regarding the clause."Bookmark here

"In case of leaks, the news will get false testimony to sow doubt into the populace and frame it as a hoax. Individuals responsible for the aforementioned leaks have to go through sudden amnesiacs discipline to avoid termination."Bookmark here

"As head, If all information on the screen is sound, then click yes and proceed to the first entry of the journal."
Bookmark here

Yes                               NoBookmark here

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