Chapter 2:

Merlin Journal Entry #36 - The Wandering Girl

Merlin's Journal

"Ires no foire, Ja ires kendeth no ha. Umi yehl vast bashi kul, soin mah kuval, ein nie criver nnuv staverkin bloiudshelm. Elhk Ningen hel hefst. No durt tono hel onota ko jah ne. Doh emet logving dus, desmi kal. Tel Inol vegi orin nelo, breu hafet, no sacmet mage ha mahou. Jes Ningen dome gah, wulkla fur, zahlreigeh, ower no sekai. Dun bare ga, me tashi, loveg spori foire Adeitasku noni. Behto naghl Yah pelpita grah rivor covive jes, stupifor rivor mono pahl. Jah magic nizo cosumoz fozu, forijurn des meyor, bast no sheirei ningennai."Bookmark here

"In many ways, we're no different. Though for a time, I believed my apprentice was the same as those who reveled in petty power struggles, trying to rule the five kingdoms through bloodshed. But seeing how her demeanor is that of a child with the desire to learn. I understood that the principles we share created a bond between us. I'd sometimes feel like correcting her, the little mistakes that she makes, that small glimmer of her human side. As it's fascinating, observing her sudden behavioral changes in the span of a few days."Bookmark here

"For I yet remember the soulless eyes which saw nothing but darkness, and a tiny voice pleading for salvation, knowing it could potentially fall on deaf ears. A dance of despair in physical form. Beautiful in its own interpretation, though something I took no pleasure in viewing. She'd comfort me when I'm upset, and attempt to make me laugh, but she'll pout at my stingy remarks, being ever so sweet in teaching me the ways of humans. In exchange, I'd given her the secrets of my magic."Bookmark here

"And I've learned that even some humans are like us, walking upright, seeking new truths about the universe. But sadly, unlike them, we have longevity in this mission, simply by bathing in the great spring of Adeitasku. It's a shame my people's language cannot be translated and is lost on other races, resembling mere gibberish. Even now, I cannot tell if this is the great one's will, giving her the means to understand me, but I must do what I can to cross the line into humanity."Bookmark here

-Merlin AmbrosiusBookmark here


Merlin's Journal

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