Chapter 9:

The Detective and the Devil

His Unknown Spawn

‘In the beginning…

The angel Lucifer was cast out of Heaven and condemned to rule Hell for all eternity.

Until he decided to take a vacation…


Little does he know; he also left his daughter.

Who will stop at nothing to bring him back…’


Author: Previously on ‘His Unknown Spawn’

Aradia: “Y-you were married? W-who was she?”

*Detective proceeds to tell Aradia about his wife and breaks down*

Aradia: “What was her name?”

Detective: “Sakura”

*Detective has a mental breakdown and sleeps*

Aradia: “I promise you, detective. I will get the necessary information even if I have to squeeze it out of him. He doesn’t know who he’s dealing with. Now he’s gonna see the devil”

*Aradia makes her way to Rio*

Aradia: “Good. You’re awake. So this will make things a lot easier for me. Now you have an option you can either tell me everything. Or I will use other ways to make you talk!”

Rio: “N-no p-please don’t kill me! I-I’ll tell you everything!” he begged.

Aradia: “So tell me, Rio. What is it you truly desire?”

Rio: “I… I want… I want to become the leader” he told me.

Aradia: “Got tired of being in the shadow while the leader got the limelight? Got tired of getting your hands dirty did you, Rio, hmm? Wanted something more than just following orders! Ahh, you wanted to be the one to GIVE the orders didn’t you?”

Aradia: “Why were you fleeing?”

Rio: “I was fleeing because the ‘Striker’ found out about my plans. And he was going to kill me. So I stole his Tesla and was about to get to the airport but you found me”

Aradia: “And who is this, Striker?”

“Our leader. We don’t know his name and never saw his face. He always wears a mask that covers the left side of his face and calls himself the striker because he always ‘Strikes’ when everyone least suspects it”

Blank Screen

“Aradia-san” I hear and see Sakura standing in front of me, alive and well. I go up to her and hold her arms, pulling her in a hug, that was before I hear a gunshot and see blood on my hands.

“Sakura!” I yell.

She chokes and gasps for air as I try to hold her up as she’s falling in my arms. I place her head on my lap.

“H-help me A-aradia-san” she begs with tears in her eyes.

“No! No I won’t lose you again” I cry as I shout for help but no one is there apart from us.

Everywhere around me in blurry before her body goes limp in my arms, I stand up carrying her and look around frantically before I look down and see there’s nothing but blood on my hands.

“W-what’s happening?”

The blurriness has gone and is replaced with white walls, as if I’m in a room. My clothes and hands are still covered in blood but I can hear Sakura’s voice, begging me for help, telling me she doesn’t want to die.

Wake up Aradia!

Wake up!

I sit up drenched in my own sweat. My hands are shaking and my heart is beating in a rapid pace. I can hear a ringing in my ears and tears are pooled in my eyes threatening to fall any second. I look around and I’m alone in my living room. The time is 09:35 and I can hear a soft thud upstairs.

Geez get your heads out of the gutter! It’s obvious that Rio is upstairs trying to pry himself out of his chair… or at least I hope that’s what it is…

I quickly make my way upstairs and see that my suspicions are correct, Rio is trying to break the chair but is failing miserably. Funny, he can try doing that but he won’t succeed.

I go back downstairs rubbing my head, I have a killer headache, it was only then I realised that I was alone, meaning that the detective must have left either last night or in the early hours of this morning. I must’ve fallen asleep next to him and he probably picked me up placing me on the sofa.

I decided to freshen up and have a shower, I turned on the shower making sure it was scathing hot before I stripped down and stepped inside. The water felt good against my skin as I lathered on a layer of Shea Butter and Vanilla shower cream before rinsing it off. I had just finished washing my hair when I heard a crash downstairs.

What the flip? Did he actually manage to escape?

I wrapped a towel around me and quietly make my way downstairs, I see a guy going through my drawers, he’s probably looking for a weapon. I pull him from behind and slam him against the wall head first and twist his arm bending it from the elbow behind him while keeping a strong grip on his wrist, holding the other with my free hand, and spreading his legs with my feet so they were shoulder-width apart.

Again keep your heads out of the gutter, people.

“Aradia-san it’s me” I recognise the voice almost instantly.

“Detective” I say and back away almost regretting it immediately when I feel something slip down my body.

“Oh sh..” I hear him say before turning around quickly, allowing me to pick up the towel and wrap it around me again.

“Detective, what are you doing here?” I ask while facing my back towards him and clutching the towel against my chest in my fists.

“Well, I felt bad about last night. So I decided to make it up to you by bringing breakfast” he told me.

As much as I’m flattered I would be even more had he not seen me completely naked.

“Thank you, Detective. Um, excuse me a minute please” I say and quickly make my way back upstairs and get dressed. I decide to wear something nice, so I chose an oversized sweater in beige with a pair of black leggings and fuzzy socks before brushing and blow-drying my hair, I make my way downstairs.

“Pancakes?” the detective asks after clearing his throat, keeping his gaze low.

“Please” I say while pulling up a chair to sit down at the island.

He passes me a plate of pancakes drizzled in syrup before sitting down himself. We eat quietly avoiding each other’s gaze. When I say the entire thing was awkward I mean… really awkward.

“Hey” I finally say.

The detective finally looks up at me and we make eye contact

Wow this man has gorgeous eyes.

“Look, lets just forget what happened 15 minutes ago and let’s start new, because we have a job to do and we cannot do that if we are not even looking at each other”

He nods in agreement and smiles a little.

“Okay with that in mind let’s start over”

I give him a smile

“Good morning, Detective. Thank you for the wonderful breakfast”

“You’re welcome, Aradia-san. Good morning to you too, and thank you for your wonderful hospitality last night”

A few seconds later we cringe at the formality.

“Oh my, Grandad. It was better when we were sitting in silence” I chuckled.

“Naa. It’s fine besides it could’ve been worse. But we’re friends so we’re not gonna let a little incident like that ruin anything, are we?” He winks.

I looked at him surprised.

“W-we’re friends?” I ask.

“Why? Aren’t we?” he asks before taking another bite of the pancake.

I nod with a small smile as I feel heat rise to my cheeks.

“Oh by the way, I spoke to Rio again last night, he gave me some information” I explain.

The detective drops the fork on the porcelain plate, it clanged making me flinch.

“What did he say?” he asked between gritted teeth.

I explained everything he told me, the detective listened intently, his elbows rested on the table and his fingertips touched while both his index fingers were lightly pressed against his lips.

His full, heart-shaped lips.

Bloody Hell! Snap out of it, Aradia he has a child!

“Agree?” he asks.

I look at him blankly for a few seconds before nodding.

“Yeah, agreed!”

“Right. Let’s go” he says picking up a tissue, wiping his mouth, and getting up.

I follow him upstairs and see in storm into the room. Rio, still tied to his chair starts to shake as he looks at me. I stay behind leaning against the wall watching the detective, I’m not gonna intervene yet.

“So, you are going to tell me more about this Striker, before I strike you”

Whoo you go, Detective!

“Look, I’m gonna tell you what I told the lady. I don’t know much about the ‘Striker’ none of us have seen his face” he shrugs.

I can tell with the way the detective is breathing he’s losing his patience.

“There must be something” he asks.

Rio thinks for a minute before replying again.

“He has a giant scar on his right leg. As if someone took a knife and slashed it upwards. It’s a huge scar, you can’t miss it” he says.

What the bloody hell am I gonna do with that information? Give him stitches?

“What the bloody hell am I gonna do with that information? Give him stitches?” the detective asks surprising me.

What the f…? Was I thinking out loud? No I’m pretty sure I wasn’t… that means… ayyy great minds think alike, folks.

The detective stands straight as he was looming over Rio before and paces around.


“Detective, a moment” I ask.

I turn around placing my hand on the doorknob before turning to face the detective over my shoulder. He shoots a glance towards Rio before looking back at me, nodding once, and walking out of the room followed by me.

“I have an idea. But hear me out first” I say.

I exhale sharply before looking at him.

“What?” he asks.

He paces a few steps before looking at me, his face inches away from mine I could smell the coffee from his breath.

“Are you out of your blood mind, Aradia-san? You want me to let him go?”

I didn’t realise when he started walking forward and I was walking backwards because my back hit the wall behind me.

“Detective, please just hear me out” I tell him.

He sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose before looking at me intently.

“What if we let him go? He can act as a spy for us. Gather all the information from the inside and then report back to us. We can give him a phone with just our number and put a tracker on him. If he tries to leg it again I will personally drag him to hell and back. But for now I just need you to trust me”

He thinks for a while before taking a step back. A small smile tugs on the corners of his lips.

“Good idea. I apologise, Aradia-san I trust you” he smiles.

I smile back before following him back in the room, I watch him as he unties Rio’s feet.

“You’re free to go” he says with zero interest what-so-ever.

“But” I step in before Rio could fully stand up.

“You are not running away. You are going back to the gang and…”

“No! I’m not going there! They will kill me!”

“No. They won’t” I shake my head while folding my arms across my chest while standing up straight.

“Yes they will!”

“No, because you are going to pin the blame on someone else! Say that it was their plan and you HAD to go with it or they’ll kill you! Or some shit! Just make it up as you go along but make sure the ‘Striker’ does not kill you. Before you go back you’ll be given a phone which will ONLY be used to contact us” the detective explains.

I unfold my arms and band down so Rio and I are face to face.

“And mark my words, Rio. If you double-cross us, I don’t give a flying fuck about what the ‘Striker’ will to you. I will make that feel like a punch delivered by a 5-year-old compared to what you will face if I drag you to you know where” I whisper in his ear.

He visibly gulps before the detective passes him a phone.

“Use this” he says and steps out of the way so Rio could pass by.

“So, you just happened to have a spare phone on you?” I ask him.

He lets out a laugh.

“A good detective knows to ALWAYS be prepared, Aradia-san” he winks making me blush.