Chapter 10:

Aradia meets Anya

His Unknown Spawn

In the beginning…

The angel Lucifer was cast out of Heaven and condemned to rule Hell for all eternity.

Until he decided to take a vacation…


Little does he know; he also left his daughter.

Who will stop at nothing to bring him back…’


Author: Previously on ‘His Unknown Spawn’

Sakura: “Aradia-san”

Aradia: “Sakura!”

Sakura: “H-help me A-aradia-san”

Aradia: “No! No I won’t lose you again”

Aradia: “W-what’s happening?”

*Aradia wakes up realising it was just a dream, she goes to freshen up and has a run in with the detective who ends up seeing her naked, and things get a little awkward*

Aradia: “Look, lets just forget what happened 15 minutes ago and let’s start new, because we have a job to do and we cannot do that if we are not even looking at each other”

*They have a slightly cringy conversation*

Detective: “Naa. It’s fine. Besides it shows that we can be comfortable in both good and awkward situations. Which is exactly what friends are supposed to do”

Aradia: “Oh by the way, I spoke to Rio again last night, he gave me some information”

Detective: “What did he say?”

*Aradia proceeds to tell him everything*

Detective: “Right. Let’s go”

*They go to Rio and proceed to ask him questions when Aradia gets an idea*

Aradia: “What if we let him go? He can act as a spy for us. Gather all the information from the inside and then report back to us. We can give him a phone with just our number and put a tracker on him. If he tries to leg it again I will personally drag him to hell and back. But for now I just need you to trust me”

Detective: “Good idea. I apologise, Aradia-san I trust you”

*They untie Rio and tell him the plan*

Aradia: “And mark my words, Rio. If you double-cross us, I don’t give a flying fuck about what the ‘Striker’ will to you. I will make that feel like a punch delivered by a 5-year-old compared to what you will face if I drag you to you know where”

Blank screen

Today I decided to surprise the Detective with breakfast. It’s been 2 days since I last saw the detective after the interrogation and honestly… I miss him.

I decided to put on something nice and take something for his daughter, so I picked out a white dress with blue flowers that reached my knees, and accompanied it with blue ballet pumps, I applied a light layer of Makeup consisting of mascara and lip-gloss before curling my hair from the ends a little.

I had already brought a small toy for his daughter as well as a few colouring books and pens. I decided to get breakfast for the three of us and made my way to the detectives’

Before you ask, he had already given me the address of his house as well as his phone number, in-case there are any emergencies. This may not be an emergency but it still came in handy.

Alrighty, folks, I am outside the detectives’ house. I have got breakfast. I have got the… where’s Anya’s stuff? Where are the fucking… oh here they are. Hehehe. Oh this is a nice song. ‘THIS GIRL IS ON FIREEE’ Okay now I’m ready to go in.

Walking up to the front door I bring my fist up to knock, a few minutes later a small head pops round the door.

“Hello” I smile crouching down so I’m face to face with the small girl.

She is absolutely adorable with pink hair up to her shoulders, big green eyes, she must be up to my knees in height, I swear I just wanted to pick her up and hug her tightly, no actually I’m adopting her. Yep she’s MY daughter now.

Sorry, not sorry, detective.

“Anya” I hear the detective say.

“How many times have I… oh Aradia-san, Hi. I wasn’t expecting you see you” he says.

I try to keep my eyes up so I’m maintaining in eye-contact with him but I can’t help to stare at this perfectly sculpted Greek God of a man.

Mamma Mia! Is this what he’s been hiding this whole time?

“U-uh.. um.. Uh yeah. Um you brought me breakfast two days ago and I decided to bring you something” I chuckled.

Well done, Aradia Morningstar! Way to be subtle and NORMAL

“Oh thank you” he smiles grabbing the bag of food from me.

“Please, come in” he says opening the door wider for me.

I look at Anya whose standing in the doorway. Her eyes are wide open and her mouth is in a small ‘O’ shape. She’s rapidly turning her head between me and her Dad.

“Anya!” her Dad says before her trance is broken.

She grabs my hand and leads me to the living room. I stand there is awe as I take in the homely feel of the place. Pictures of Anya as a baby were on the mantlepiece as well as a giant portrait of the Detective, Anya as a baby, and another lady, I’m guessing her mother, Sakura. I can see where Anya gets her looks from, she was beautiful.

“You look lovely, Aradia-san” the detective says coming up from behind startling me.

“Th-thank you” I mumble.

I don’t move until I am sure the detective is in the other room. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding and feel heat rising to my face. I look towards Anya and remember the gift I got for her.

“Anya-chan” I call out for her.

“Yes” she says and quickly comes to me.

“I got you these” I say showing her all the things I got for her.

I watched as her small eyes went wide before she engulfed me in a hug.

“Thank you” she smiled making me smile and pat her head.

“Aradia-san, you didn’t have to” I hear and turn to see the detective walking in with three plates.

Uff, thank goodness he’s wearing a t-shirt! But I swear I can see his muscles through it.

“Yes. I did” I smile at him.

I pat Anya’s head before placing a light kiss on her cheek. She looks at me with the same wide eyes before I hold my hand wiggling my fingers. She grabs my index finger with her little hand and allows me to lead her to her chair, right next to her Dad. I sit on the opposite end of the table.

The three of us sit in a comfortable silence before my foot hits something underneath the table. I was swinging my legs and didn’t realise there was something there. I lifted the tablecloth a little and looked down before a smile broke out on my face.

“Well, hello there” I say.

A Great Pyrenees breed dog comes out licking my face. I couldn’t stop laughing as he was tickling me. He had black paws and a black bow tie collar.

“Hi cutie. What’s his name?” I ask.

“Bond” the detective chuckles.

“Ohh from, Bondman? I LOVE that show” I say.

Anya perks up instantly.

“Anya, loves that show” she laughs making me smile.

We both start singing the theme song while doing a little dance to it. My gaze flicked towards the detective who had the biggest smile on his face as he watched his daughter. A few minutes later we stopped and burst out laughing.

“Aww he reminds me of my Cerberus” I tell them while scratching Bond behind his ears.

I won Cerberus from Uncle Hades in a poker game. He was not happy! But he’s the one who taught me so a deal was a deal. Besides after Aunt Persephone persuaded him he had no choice but to give them to me.

“Cerb-ar-us?” Anya asked cutely finding it hard to pronounce the word.

I chuckle, “Cerberus my little raindrop, it’s a three headed dog” I tell her

“Wow” Anya stood up on her chair.

“Anya, please get down” the detective tells her not getting up from his own chair.

“Papa, can we get a Cer- Cerberus” she asks.

“Anya, can you please sit down” the detective asks once more, mouth slightly full of food.

“Here, raindrop” I say and get up placing her on her chair again.

What? I was worried about her falling

“Aradia-san I would appreciate it if you don’t say these things in front of my child” he looks at me intensely.

“And Anya she’s just joking, sweetheart because we all know there is NO SUCH THING as a three headed dog” emphasis on the ‘no such thing’ with a glare towards me.


“And besides if we get another dog then what would happen to Bond? He would get jealous wouldn’t he?” The detective says diverting his gaze back to his child.

“Okay” Anya says and goes back to her breakfast.

I watch the way the detective interacts with his daughter, the way he talks to her and lovingly pets her head, the way he’s protective over her.

Will Dad be like that with me?

Will he even be happy to see me?

Will he be just as protective over me?

“Aradia-san” I hear and feel a small hand over mine, I look down to see Anya looking at me with doe eyes.

“Why are you sad?” She asks wiping my cheeks with her tiny hands.

Wait, I was crying?

I look up to see the detective looking at me worriedly

“Are you okay, Aradia-san?” He asks.

I quickly smile and give him a slight nod, I pick up Anya placing her in my lap hugging her from behind.

“I’m fine” I tell them

I look towards the detective again who mouths, “Are you sure?”

I nod again and mouth, “Sure”

Once we finish I help the detective clear up in silence, but it wasn’t an awkward silence it was a comfortable one, while Anya sat on the carpet in front of the TV with Bond by her side. By the time everything is cleared up Anya has already come over 3 times to get us to sit with her, she tells me to sit in the middle so she’s on my left side and the detective’s on my right, Bond came and sat in front of us with his head on my knees, we decide to watch a movie.

Half way through the movie we hear a slight snoring sound and turn to see the Anya had fallen asleep with her head on my chest and Bond was curled up by my feet asleep himself, the detective and I couldn’t help but laugh to ourselves.

“Sorry about that. I’ll put her in her room” he says and proceeds to pick her up.

“No” I say.

He looks at me confused.

“Let her sleep, please”

He nods with a slight smile and grabs a blanket for all of us.

I tried to get comfortable and tried to adjust myself but I didn’t want to wake Anya up. The next thing I know the detective had wrapped his arm around me and adjusted himself I was leaning on his chest.

That feels kinda… nice

I look up to see him solely focussed on the movie we were watching, I don’t even think he realised what he had done… but I’m glad he did. Before I know it I’m so relaxed I don’t realise when I’ve fallen asleep.