Chapter 16:

Just One Wish

Unconsciously [SHORT]

“Hey… Earth to Kyashii?” Yuyo casually flicked Kyashii’s forehead as she noticed how spaced out she looked while staring at her.

“Ouch!” Kyashii’s senses snapped back to life as she took out her earphones. “What in the holy hell are you doing?!” Her glare flew towards Yuyo.

“That was supposed to be my line. What exactly are you doing? You’ve been staring at me for who knows how long. It’s like your soul has left your body for a moment. I was just checking to see if you were still alive.”

“How rude! How did you even end up here? You’re like a stalker who just popped up right out of nowhere! Hmph!”

“Stalker? Heeh?” Yuyo scoffed while pointing at herself. “If there’s going to be a stalker, don’t you think that should be you?”

“Haaah?! Excuse you??”

Yuyo brushed off Kyashii’s hissy fit. “So, what are you doing here by yourself? Our last class ended roughly an hour ago.”

“Ah! We-Well... My mind just wandered to something quite important. Hmmph!”

“Hmm. I see. I guess it must be something pretty serious if it’s got you all zoned out like that.”

“Aha-ha... Err... Y-Yeah. Anyway, what are you doing here? I thought you had a student council today?”

“There wasn’t much for me to do in the council today, so I got out early. It was just pure chance that I walked by. I didn’t realize you were here until I noticed a familiar figure.” Yuyo holds on to the swing chains. “Do you want me to swing it for you?” She asked with a gentle smile.

“You don’t intend to swing it hard, do you?”

Yuyo chuckled. “I don’t. Since I can tell you’re quite stressed about something, I’ll do my best to behave.”

“Really? You can tell?”

“Yeah… You seem troubled, and your eyes reflect it. It’s been showing since this morning. For that reason, I thought I should stop teasing you for the time being.” Yuyo smiled as the swing slowly started moving.

Kyashii could feel her cheeks flushing. “So you can be considerate on occasion, huh?”

Yuyo looked straight into Kyashii’s eyes.

“W-What? Why are you staring at me like that?”

“Nothing.” Yuyo was smiling from the heart. “Maybe it’s just me, but after only a few months of being best friends, I feel like I can read your emotions in a glance at your eyes. It’s a breeze to read them.”

“Huh?! Wh-What?! Wait! ...Does that mean, if I have a crush on someone, you will be able to read it through my eyes as well?!” Kyashii felt a moment of panic.

Yuyo’s expression immediately went dead. “Kyashii-chan, I can tell a lot from your eyes, except for matters of romance and love. I have no way of knowing that. Let me spare myself from that romantic pie in the sky.”

“Ohh~... Right. Yes, of course!” Kyashii breathes out while holding her chest.

“That seemed to make you feel relieved. What’s with you?”

“Eeh?! Nothing! A-ha-ha.”

“Hmm? What’s this? Are you having feelings for someone?”

“Haaah?! No! Nooo! Nothing like that!”

“I don’t think your volume supports your claim,” Yuyo smirked.

“I told you, I d-don’t have someone I l-like!”

“Yeah… Yeah… I got it, Kyashii.” Yuyo settled on an empty swing next to Kyashii and pulled out a bag of chips from her school bag. “Do you want some?”

“Yuyo, your diet certainly looks to be unhealthy.” Kyashii was staring at the chips. “Umm. That’s it... I’m confiscating this!” She snatched the chips out of Yuyo’s hands.

“Hey! I bought that!” Yuyo protested.

“Who’s asking?” Kyashii scowled. “You can’t keep eating like that; surely you already know that. I’ve noticed you regularly consume bread, junk foodstuffs, and soda over the last few months. What are you doing?”

Yuyo gave out a belly laugh. “I had no idea you had such a nagging side, Kyashii.”

“Hmph! Who’s nagging? It’s just that I... I c-care about you. If you must eat unhealthy foods, do so in moderation and supplement with healthy options, please.”

“Hmm... Thank you. I do, though. When my brother makes food for breakfast and dinner.”

“However, it is rare for you to consume a healthy lunch. Most of the time, you only eat bread.”

“It’s a good source of energy, so it’s fine.”

“It isn’t. Ah! How about I m-make you a bento every once in a while?”

“Huh?” Yuyo found Kyashii’s offer a bit surprising. “I’d love to, but I don’t want to bother you with it.”

“It’s not a bother at all! Please get a proper lunch once in a while. Hmph! You must eat it if I make one for you, Yuyo.”

“Uhm… S-Sure, then. That would be awesome. Thank you, Kyashii.” Yuyo smiled sheepishly. “Hmm... Do you realize how much of a good friend you are?” She sent a gentle gaze toward Kyashii.

“Uhh?” Why are you staring at me like that again, Yuyo?! Pleeaassee stop! Oh my gosh, my face feels so hot! And my heart is…. Argh! Those beats are so fast! “Ahh... t-thank you, but I’m not sure I am.”

“You are, though. Having you is something I can truly count as a blessing. Hmm... Now that I think about it, being forced to be your best friend may be a good thing, huh?”

“Haah?! No one forced you! Getting under your skin was all I cared about at that point. Hmph!”

“Heeh… But that isn’t what my memory tells me happened. You were so desperate to be my best friend that you literally forced me.” Yuyo flashed a sly grin.

“Gaahh! Quit talking! No, that’s not the case!”

And yet, I know the truth of it. In those days, I was too desperate for Yuyo to pay attention to me. My only desire was to be her friend then; I thought that was all I wanted. But… It seems I already liked her that way at that point.

Yuyo let out a soft laugh. “You definitely are cute when you’re pissed off, Kyashii.”

“Hmph! Just so you know, you’re turning me into a complete bipolar!”

“I’m pretty sure you were already like that even before we met.”

“What?! How dare you! There’s no truth to that at all!” Kyashii snarled.

A hearty laugh erupted from Yuyo as she got off the swing. “Anyway, let’s go home. Darkness is falling.”

“Right!” Kyashii leaps to her feet and hurriedly loops her hand around Yuyo’s arm.

Yuyo flinched a little but smiled at Kyashii nonetheless. “You’re a clingy best friend, Kyashii-chan.”

“Shut up! Every flaw I have is magnified in your eyes! Let me demonstrate everything to you! Hmph!”

“Heeh... That’s fine; I prefer it that way. Now, I’d like my chips, please?” Yuyo grinned.

“You’re not getting it from me. Hmph!”

Yuyo laughed inaudibly but said nothing.



“Let’s stay together for as long as we can, okay?”

“What’s up with that?”

“Just say yes!” Kyashii gave Yuyo the killing glare.

“Heeh...This feels familiar.” Yuyo laughed before a slow, subtle smile spread across her face and into her eyes. “Sure, let us stay together as long as we can, Kyashii.”

You’re the cute one, Yuyo.

If I could wish for one thing, it would be to have you by my side for years to come. To always be by your side. But... Having realized my true feelings for you, I no longer wish for us to stay together as best friends. I now want you to see me as more than that.

Yet... I don’t know if that will happen because I’m your best friend and more than that, and you have no interest in this matter at all.


Even though Yuyo is near me, it feels as though she has suddenly gone far away from me. I’m holding the only girl I like tightly, but how long will I hold on to her? I have no idea what Yuyo’s reaction will be when she learns how I feel about her, and that terrifies me.

“Since when did I start looking at Yuyo that way? Was it really from the first time we met?” Kyashii mumbled to herself as she hugged her pillow. “And how did I suddenly get gay?!”


Why do I have to like a girl?! What’s worse, the girl my heart belongs to is not just any girl; she’s my best friend!

Aaahh!... Is there something wrong with me?!

Where should I go from here? Are these feelings something I should keep to myself? …Or should I tell her I like her?

Haah… The idea of liking your best friend is distressing, especially when you’re of the same gender.

Everything seems messed up, doesn’t it?

Kyashii feels her heart is heaviest as she experiences another tightness in her chest. Her mind is spinning with questions, and her doubts about what she should do are growing. She doesn’t know what to make of the situation. As well as that, Kyashii is both confused and scared now that she realizes she has feelings for her best friend.

But none of these things matter to Yuyo. She isn’t interested in love, and even if she were, there’s no guarantee she’d like me back as she might be straight.


As I think about it, maybe it would have been better if I didn’t invite her to that botanical garden. And worse, how will I know if my feelings are spilling out since it feels like it’ll be a d-date, right?! Gaaahhh! Will I be okay on that day, though?

Haaah…. If I let my feelings show, will our friendship fall apart?

Please… Please don’t make her hate me if she finds out about my feelings for her.

What should I do?

What to do?

Help me, Yuyo, please… I’m scared... You were right... Change is unpleasant, and I find it daunting because I lack the courage to confront this side of myself. It’s terrifying for me to face all of these unknowns.

Please... Save me, Yuyo... 

All at once, Kyashii felt a hot liquid trickling down her cheeks. 

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