Chapter 11:

One Last Cute Moment Before the Storm

His Unknown Spawn

‘In the beginning…

The angel Lucifer was cast out of Heaven and condemned to rule Hell for all eternity.

Until he decided to take a vacation…


Little does he know; he also left his daughter.

Who will stop at nothing to bring him back…’


Author: Previously on ‘His Unknown Spawn’

*Aradia goes to visit the detective and knocks on the door only to see his daughter, Anya*

Aradia: “Hello”

Detective: “oh Aradia-san, Hi. I wasn’t expecting you see you”

*Aradia starts ogling the detective as he’s shirtless*

Aradia: “U-uh.. um.. Uh yeah. Um you brought me breakfast two days ago and I decided to bring you something”

Detective: “Please come in”

*Aradia goes inside and gives Anya the gifts she brought her*

Detective: “Aradia-san you didn’t have to”

Aradia: “Yes, I did”

*They start to eat when Aradia sees their dog*

Aradia: “What’s his name?”

Detective: “Bond “

Aradia: “Ohh from, Bondman? I LOVE that show”

Anya: “Anya, loves that show”

*Aradia then proceeds to tell Anya about her Cerberus, making Anya excited*

Detective: “Aradia-san I would appreciate it if you don’t say these things in front of my child. And Anya she’s just joking, sweetheart because we all know there is NO SUCH THING as a three headed dog”

*After breakfast and cleaning up they all sit down on the couch and enjoy some time together before they fall asleep on it*

Blank Screen

The visit I made to the detective’s house a week ago was so much fun! I told the detective that if he ever needs a babysitter for Anya he can always come to me. Of course he agreed, he also told me that Anya loved me and honestly that made me so happy. I normally don’t get along with small children but Anya is different. She’s just the cutest little angel. She’s my little raindrop.

Exactly. She’s an angel and you’re the devil. Remember to be careful around her!

Like I said it’s been 2 days, and I miss Anya! So I am off to meet the Detective at his house now. I just hope he’s wearing a damn t-shirt this time he opens the door otherwise…

Geez, Aradia! Keep it in your pants!

I parked in his driveway before walking up to the front door and ringing the doorbell, a few minutes later i’m greeted by Anya.

“Hi, Raindrop” I smiled and crouched down.

Anya got excited and opened the door wider to run out and give me a bearhug.

“Uff” I laughed as I almost fell back but put one hand down in order to steady myself.

“I thought, Daddy told you not to open the door” I raised an eyebrow after pulling away, remembering what happened last time.

“Oh” she looked down at her hands.

I propped myself up so I was on my knees and placed my hand under her chin making her look up at me.

“Raindrop, there are some very bad people in this world who wouldn’t mind taking you with them because you are so good. This is why your Daddy doesn’t want you opening the door to just anyone. Promise me you wont do it again, even if it’s me” I say holding my hand out.

Anya looked at me with her eyes wide.

Oh no I haven’t scared her have I?

She then surprised me a little by putting her small hand in mine.

“Promise” she smiled wide.

I laughed and kissed her cheek.

“Good girl”

I stood up, dusted my jeans off, and held her hand. She led me inside and I was surprised to see the detective just standing there, a small smile on his lips as he leaned against the wall, his left hand in his jeans pocket.

“Anya, sweetheart, go inside and play” he told her while ruffling her hair as she passed him to go to her room.

The detective, however, didn’t move his eyes from me as he took slow steps towards me, I, on the other hand, didn’t move from my spot from the door as he got closer, my gaze was down on my hands as I fiddled with my fingers. He then stopped in front of me and leaned in, I felt goose-bumps rise all over my body as I slowly closed my eyes. But a soft click made me quickly open them.

He was just closing the door? Oh come on!

I looked up at him, my heart beating rapidly against my ribcage I was afraid it would leap out of my body. Subconsciously my hand flew to my chest as I tried to calm my racing heart. The detective leaned in again, but this time his lips were near my ear.

“Were you expecting something else, Aradia-san?” he asked.

A smirk formed on his lips as he took a step back, very smoothly he stuffed his hands in his pockets and gave me an innocent look.

Oh detective, what are you doing to me?

Gaining my composure, I gave him a firm look and walked over to him like nothing happened.

“Detective, I have no idea what you’re talking about. And besides I’m here to spend time with my little raindrop, so if you’ll excuse me, please” I reply with sass before walking towards the living room and sitting down on the couch making myself comfortable.

Oh man! I was trying so hard not to blush in front of him!

I heard him laugh before walking over to me and sitting down only a space away.

“Okay, jokes aside. I apologise for what just happened. I just couldn’t resist” he laughed.

I couldn’t help but chuckle myself.

“But on a serious note I should thank you, with the way you were explaining things to Anya. I couldn’t have done a better job myself” he smiled.

I waved it off, “It’s fine. Besides she’s too innocent for this world! And like I told her there are a lot of bad people in this world who wouldn’t mind taking my little raindrop”

What? I’m protective over her!

I saw the detective flinch visibly at my statement, so I placed my hand on top of his.

“I promise you, detective. Nothing will happen to Anya. I would much rather go back to Hell than let anything bad happen to her”

He looked up at me and I could see the tears pool in his eyes. I wiped a lone tear away and shook my head, a small smile on my lips, he nodded and sniffed. He placed his hand on top of mine while looking into my eyes.

“Thank you, Aradia-san”

We stayed in that position a little longer before we heard Anna’s voice pulling away instantly.

“Come here, my little raindrop” I stretched my arms and made grabby hands so Anya would come to me, she came running before I peppered her face with kisses making her laugh.

“S-stop” she giggled.

I mock gasped.

“Stop? Young lady, I will not!” I tell her before gently throwing her on the sofa and tickling her until she squealed.

I laughed as she went red in the face.

“Papa, save me!” Anya managed to squeak in between giggles.

“Don’t worry Anya! I’ll save you!” The detective spoke in a heroic voice before grabbing me from behind and gently pulling me back.

“Run Anya” he spoke as he came on top of me, Anya ran still giggling as I looked at him.

“You know. I can quite easily get out of this hold” I smirk.

“Oh yeah?”

For the first time I see a devilish look on the detective before he grabs my wrists pinning them above my head. Bear in mind we are both on the carpet, with me lying on my back and the detective just hovering above me. I try to get up but for some reason he’s stronger.

Wait. Something isn’t right. How is he stronger?

I try to get up but he won’t budge, he’s only holding both of my wrists in one hand as his other hand is resting on the side of my waist.

“What’s the matter, Love. I thought you could get out of this hold” he smirked looking down at me.

I turned my head so I was facing the other side. I struggled as I tried to pry my hands out of his grip but he wouldn’t budge!

That’s not fair!

“What’s not fair?” He asks still that stupid smirk on his stupid face.

We both know his face isn’t stupid but in fact attractive. But how the fish did he hear my inner monologue, again!

“What’s not fair, Aradia-san?” He whispers in my ear.

“Do you really think I’m any match for your Greek God type strength?” I pouted.

He laughed at my symbolism.

“Greek God type strength? I assure you, Aradia-san i’m nothing compared to them. Come on, Love. Just try” he encouraged me.

I exhaled sharply and tried to get up but I could barely get my head to touch his shoulder let alone get out of his grip. I watched him laugh as he saw my struggles. I lay back down my chest rising and falling quickly as I was out of breath.

Cor! I think I need to rethink my torture methods back home. This is torture!

“I’ll save you, Aradia-san” I hear and see Anya coming towards us with a nerf gun shooting those foam buckets towards her Dad.

That gave me enough time to free my hands and wiggle out from under the detective.

“Good job, Girlie pop” I high-fived Anya

The detective gets up and looks at both Anya and me with a stern expression.

“One” he says making Anya squeal and run away again as I watched her leave in amusement

“Excuse me” I say

“Two” he continues

“If you think you can just-“

“Three. When I get to five, Love. Your time is up”

My eyes widened as he continued with “Four” before I ran to the direction I saw Anya run towards.

“Five” I hear the detective shout.

By now both Anya and I were hiding on either side of her doorway both holding nerf guns. I put my finger in my lips and told Anya to keep quiet as she was about to burst out laughing, she had to cover her mouth with her hand

“Come out. Come out. Wherever you are” the detective sang in a sinister way.

He had just entered the doorway when we both started firing the foam bullets at him. He rolled around on the carpet pretending to cough and splutter everywhere.

“Let’s finish him!” Anya cheered as I laughed.

“Oh no! You got me!” He rolled around.

“I thought we were (cough cough) friends”

I rolled my eyes and tapped my foot while folding my arms, he looked at me for a second before mouthing a small ‘Oh’ and lay still with his tongue sticking out of the corner of his mouth.

About time, Detective.

“Victory” both Anya and I shout giggling.

I pick her up and throw her in the air before spinning around and doing it again. Anya wrapped her hands around my neck tightly and squeezed my ribs with her knees as her legs were also wrapped around my waist. My gaze flicked to the detective who was now sitting up a smile on his face.

Little did we know the adventure was just getting started... oh and by adventure I mean danger.