Chapter 539:

Chapter 536: Mind Battle in the Haunted Park

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 536: Mind Battle in the Haunted Park

Narrator: In the battle against Sherra, Sasha finds herself in her own mind with Sherra trying to haunt it.

Sasha: Even in my mind, I will carve out your insides and make you Hellhound food.

*Sherra flies down toward Sasha and engages in a punching battle. They each block a few punches. Sherra then lands a hit. Sasha then lands her own hit and knocks Sherra back toward a Merry-Go-Round*

*Sasha goes after her and does a launching kick toward the Merry-Go-Round. Sherra avoids it and Sasha goes straight into the Merry-Go-Round, causing major structural damage to it*

*Ghosts start coming out of each horse of the M-G-R. Sasha now has to fight off the ghosts. While doing that, Sherra flies in and grabs Sasha, and starts dragging her across the ground. She then lifts Sasha up and kicks her back toward an indoor arcade place*

*Sherra continues going after Sasha but sends a lot of her ghostly hands ahead of her. Sherra flies into the indoor arcade and it’s dark. The hands damaged a lot of the arcade machines*

*Suddenly, an arcade machine comes flying toward Sherra. It was Sasha that knocked it toward her. Sherra has to bat the arcade machine away from her as Sasha grabs onto her*

*Sasha has a sadistic smile on her face as she starts to bend Sherra back which causes her pain*

Sasha: I got you right where I want you. Hehehe.

*Sherra uses her ghostly hands to knock Sasha away from her and then tries to do a powerful punch on Sasha*

*Sasha dodges while turning into her Hell Ape form and does her own powerful punch on Sherra that knocks her out of the arcade*

*Sherra starts flying around in the sky*

*Sasha runs out of the arcade in her normal appearance*

Sasha: Flying isn’t an advantage against me.

*Sasha turns into her Hell Vulture form and flies up toward Sherra. Sasha charges one of her wings with magic. She tries to hit Sherra with her wing but Sherra dodges and kicks her which sends her down all the way into the ground, creating a small crater*

*Ghosts start flying out of the arcade*

Sherra: Your bird form is no match for me fighting as I normally do.

*Sasha begins flying back up toward Sherra. She notices that ghosts are now chasing her*

Sherra: You think you will have any better luck than you did the first time?

*Sasha keeps flying toward Sherra*

*Sherra charges her hands with magic*

*The ghosts behind Sasha are preparing their own attacks. At the last moment, Sasha changes from her Hell Vulture form to her Hellhound form, causing her to leap over Sherra which makes Sherra’s attack miss. Sasha bites down onto Sherra on her way over*

Sherra: Gaah!!

*As Sasha falls, she flings Sherra toward the ghosts*

*Sasha turns back to her normal form as she lands on the ground and looks up*

*Sherra took a strong hit from all of the ghosts trying to do a strong magical punch on Sasha. Sherra starts falling down toward the ground*

*Sasha licks her lips in anticipation*

Sasha: Soon you will be nothing more than Hellhound food.

*Sasha changes into her humanoid black dragon form and charges a lot of magic energy in her mouth. She releases the beam of energy from her mouth*

*Sherra hasn’t fully recovered herself from being hit by the ghosts and doesn’t see Sasha’s attack in time to react. She takes a direct hit from the beam. It destroys her presence in Sasha’s mind and forces her out of Sasha in the real world*

*Sherra backs away*

*While Sasha and Sherra were fighting in Sasha’s mind, Salina defeated both of Sherra’s large ghostly monsters*

Salina: I see things went well for you when she tried to haunt you. I did my part out here.

Sasha: Good work. Now I just need to finish carving out this one’s insides.

*Sherra’s ghostly aura starts becoming fiercer*

Sherra: This isn’t over!

*Sasha smiles sadistically*

Sasha: Maybe not… but I know the perfect way to finish you.

*A black mist starts releasing from Sasha and starts covering the whole park in darkness. A giant bloody face starts flying around the whole area and moans as it does so*

*Sherra’s eyes open wide*

Sherra: Wait! I remember this! She used this at the Chaos Tournament multiple times!

*Sherra has flashbacks as she remembers this technique being used on Reptilian Saint, Dira, and Nemuri*

Sasha: That’s right. This is Power of the Dead. I also used it on your teammate, Izado, as well. Too bad you weren’t there to see it.

*Sasha licks her lips*

Sasha: You and the rest of Hell’s forces have killed a lot of people here so this use of Power of the Dead should be quite powerful. Oh the irony, you will be killed by the power of the people that you killed.

Narrator: Sasha is bringing out Power of the Dead! In what way will she use it to try to torment Sherra?

Chapter 536 END

To be Continued in Chapter 537: Death Ride