Chapter 540:

Chapter 537: Death Ride

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 537: Death Ride

Narrator: In her battle against Sherra, Sasha is activating Power of the Dead.

*The whole area is covered in black mist*

Sasha: Let’s see what Power of the Dead churns out this time.

*The dark mist is almost finished creating the new environment*

Sasha: It’s time to see it!

*It finishes and then Sasha and Sherra are now standing on a rollercoaster track way high up*

Sasha: Fascinating.

*A demonic rollercoaster starts coming on the tracks from behind Sasha. She hops on it and then Sherra is forced to do the same. They’re now on the rollercoaster as it moves and they are approaching a drop. They reach the drop and Sasha has no problem still just standing on the rollercoaster while Sherra has to hang on*

*Sasha smiles sadistically while crossing her arms*

Sasha: Better keep hanging on. You wouldn’t want to fall down there.

*Falling off the coaster would mean falling into a dark pit. Moans of the damned can be heard from the pit*

*Sherra starts to look nervous*

Sasha: Just keep hanging on and you’ll be fine…

*Sasha lunges toward Sherra as the coaster reaches the end of the drop*

*Sherra is not prepared to defend herself so Sasha punches her which knocks her farther ahead off the coaster and onto the track as the coaster heads toward her, Sherra attempts to hop back on the coaster*

*When Sherra does get back on, Sasha quickly grabs her and slams her down on the coaster as it keeps moving*

*They are approaching a loop*

Sasha: Uh oh, you better hang on tight.

*Sasha keeps Sherra held down as they go through the loop*

Sasha: Look how nice I am. I kept you from falling off.

*Sherra finally breaks free of Sasha’s grip*

Sherra: You can’t intimidate me!

*Sherra forms a black energy ball and releases it at Sasha but she jumps over it*

*Sherra jumps off the coaster and onto the track behind the coaster*

Sherra: I’m not dealing with this damn thing any longer. You must not have thought it through that I can just jump behind the coaster.

*Sasha just smiles (in a “is that what you think?” way) as she snaps her fingers*

*Sherra hears a rumbling noise as she turns around to see the track behind her starting to collapse*

Sherra: Are you serious!?

*Sherra now starts dashing to keep ahead of the collapsing track. She’s going fast enough to catch up to the coaster. The collapsing track stays right on her trail though*

*Sherra lunges to grab onto the back of the last car of the coaster and pulls herself up*

Sasha: Just so you know, the track is collapsing faster than this coaster is moving. It looks like we are taking the plunge together. Let’s call this the Death Ride.

Sherra: You’re so twisted. You could have been such a great member of Hell’s forces.

Sasha: Too bad for you that I’m not. I guess you can blame my mother for sending me to Earth. My loyalty belongs to Zeth and my friends. Oh, and this track will end before the collapsing part reaches us. There’s no way to avoid the plunge, my soon-to-be-dead friend.

*Sherra starts engaging Sasha in a punching and kicking battle. They trade blows*

*The coaster is getting close to the end of the track as they continue fighting. Sherra manages to create a black energy ball and shoves it into Sasha. It explodes and damages her but it doesn’t knock her off the track. It just pushes her back to the front of the coaster train*

Sherra: I can’t believe that didn’t knock you off.

Sasha: My world, my rules. It would take a lot for you to knock me off this. The only way for you to survive is for you to not die until the energy gathered from the dead runs out. I can promise that you won’t make it that long. There are far too many people that have died in this area for that to happen. Now, let’s take the plunge together.

*The coaster reaches the end of the tracks and starts to fall down into the dark pit*

*They both fall off the coaster. Sasha just smiles as she falls while Sherra becomes angered*

Sherra: I’m not going to let you kill me!

*Sherra starts rapidly creating and releasing black energy balls at Sasha. They hit her and explode, but it also forces Sasha down far ahead enough in the pit that Sherra can’t see her anymore*

*Sherra continues to fall while not being able to see Sasha*

Sherra: How far does this pit go!?

*The moans of the damned get louder. Eventually, Sherra lands. The only lights are faint. She can barely see that things are getting closer*

Sherra: I can’t tell what they are.

*She then sees Sasha’s Dark Divine Eyes and they are getting closer*

*Sasha speaks demonically*

Sasha: They don’t have great vision down here, but they can smell you. Every delicious part of you.

*Sherra creates a lot of ghostly hands*

Sherra: You don’t scare me!!

*She uses her ghostly hands to attack everything that is in front of her. The sight of Sasha’s eyes vanishes*

*In the darkness, Sasha is taking a deep breath and then moving her arms upwards and then brings them back down in a semi-circle shape*

*Sherra is still using her ghostly hands as well as black energy balls to attack whatever comes toward her*

Sherra: I will strike everything down here! Sasha, you can’t stop me!

*Sherra is suddenly coughing up blood. The lights around her flash up so what just happened can be seen. Sasha has the index and middle fingers of her right hand pierced into Sherra’s chest*

Sasha: Moon Pierce Stance!

*Sherra coughs up more blood*

Sherra: No way…

Sasha: I figured this was the best way to kill you but I needed a way for you to not interrupt my attack before I unleashed it.

*Sasha smiles sadistically*

Sasha: The inside carving shall begin.

*She licks her lips and then carves out a bunch of Sherra’s insides as she removes her fingers*

*Sherra’s body falls over. She is helpless*

*The moans of the damned turn into savage laughter as they start approaching Sherra while salivating*

*Sasha licks Sherra’s blood off of her fingers and then laughs sadistically*

Sasha: They may not be Hellhounds, but they will eat you all the same. This is what happens when you cross me, Sherra. You get a torturous death as the damned eat you alive, and your blood is quite tasty. Hell’s mightiest warriors fall before my true power.

*Sherra feels complete fear now as the damned continue slowly approaching her*

Sherra: No! No!! Nooo!!!!

*The damned all lunge at Sherra and start tearing her apart with their mouths as they start eating her*

*Sasha just watches until it’s over*

*Sasha then ends the Power of the Dead and rejoins with Salina*

Salina: I could see the action from the outside. What a terrifying way to go.

*Sasha’s subconscious door is closing to represent that she is dialing back the sadistic side*

Sasha: I promise to only cause that gruesome demise on enemies that deserve it. Council of Demons members fit that bill. Help is probably needed elsewhere. Let’s get going.

Salina: Right.

Narrator: Sherra has met a gruesome end due to Sasha’s sadistic side! Armageddon as well as four other Council members still remain.

Chapter 537 END

To be Continued in Chapter 538: A Turn for the Worse