Chapter 20:



A few weeks have passed.

Chad sitting near a tattoo shop. Lina came from the station with a bag and on her way she saw had sitting there…

Lina glass: Hey!! Chad comes here…What happened to Emerson’s match? Did he win? I was busy with my mom’s stuff…I couldn’t catch up with what happened.

Just tell did Mad win the match?

Chad: No.

Lina: What do you mean no…What happened till me with details…What happened that day after I left?

Chad: Do you remember you left after Emerson vs Morgan round 2, which ended in a draw…Then they went for Armageddon.


At that moment, Emerson’s dad and Mom came…I remember Halidiya aunty.

Scene change to the stadium…As Chad explains about the match.

Emerson’s dad and mom came and sat in the audience.

Arbiter: For the Armageddon match there will be a toss who will get black has 4 minutes and even a draw is fine for him, But white will get 5 minutes and White must win.

Sohel: Calyden how is it fair? White already had an advantage and he will get 1 minute extra.

Calyden: If Emerson gets white…He is guaranteed to win so, let's hope he gets White.

Audience member 1: This will be a superb match! I can't wait to see armageddon it will be fast…Players make mistakes and The new kid is just something else…He drew two games with an International master. He is just a phenomenon.

Audience member 2: Come on…Morgan was pressing in both the games, He was just lucky. I don’t think he is still at Morgan’s level.

Audience member 1: But now it's all about speed and 90% of armageddon is won by who gets white, So if Emerson gets White he will win it but…This is a great match…See toss is happening.

Arbiter: Emerson Halidiya please come forward and choose a hand.

*Emerson touches the left hand*

Arbiter: Congratulations Morgan Villa, You have got the white piece, and Emerson Halidiya you have the Black pieces.

Emerson bites his lip…For the first time in the whole tournament, Emerson has shown any expression.

Sohel: Shit…Emerson missed a chance…I have a bad feeling about this match.

Joey: Same, I hope he wins…I’m scared.

Sohel: God! I Hope Emerson wins.

Boss: As everyone could see…The match has started! The defending champion Morgan villa with the white piece and Emerson Halidiya with the black piece, There will be no other matches after this…The tournament will end after this. So fasten your seat belts and get ready for the raid.

Ghoss: As you can see the clocks are ticking and Morgan starts with e4, and Emerson quickly plays e5, F4 by Morgan, The king's gambit on the board…He is playing for a win here. The King's Gambit is an aggressive opening that starts with f4-White weakens their kingside to attack the e5 pawn quickly and can develop with Nf3.

Boss: Emerson also accepts the king's gambit.Nf3 by Morgan,g5 by Emerson…The standard defense against kings gambit,h4 played by morgan, h4 attacks the g5 pawn and gains kingside space at the cost of further weakening White's king.

Ghoss: g4 played by Emerson, g4 moves the attacked pawn and attacks the knight.

Boss: Ng5 by Morgan, This ignores a better way to reveal an attack on a piece,h6 by Emerson…attacking the knight on g5.Nxf7 by Morgan...Sacrificing the knight but opening the king’s side, Bc4+ check by Morgan, develops a piece of its starting square, getting it into the action.

Ghoss: D5 by Emerson…This is already a crazy position,bxd4 by Morgan, Ke8 by Emerson, D4 by morgan,c6 by Emerson, Bb3 by Morgan, Be7,o-o,f3,gxf3,g3 are the moves followed on.f4 by morgan, Nf6 by Emerson,f5 by Morgan…Both the players had already played 13 moves…With 3 minutes on Emerson's clock and 4 minutes on Morgan’s.

Sohel: How can he able to win with such less time old man?

Chad(during the match): I just hope…You win.

Boss: H5 by Emerson…E5 by morgan, The opposing piece is kicked by a pawn, and must now move or be captured.Kg4 by Emerson.f6 by Morgan…

Sohel: White is just winning…This guy is a beast, He was never at disadvantage…Since round 1. Wow!

Joey: I'm having a bad feeling about this.

Ghoss: Nf2 by Emerson attacking the queen.Qd2 by morgan, Bh3 by Emerson attacking the rook on f1, Re1 by Morgan, Na6 by Emerson, Fxe7 by Morgan, Qxe7 by Emerson, Qg5 by Morgan, This blocks the attack on a piece that could have been captured. This is the only good move! Qxg5 by Emerson, Bxg5 by Morgan.

Joey: What…The engine shows he has 4 points advantage…That’s crazy. I think Morgan will win here.

Sohel: Shut up….

Boss: Bg4 by Emerson…Bf6 by Morgan, Bf3 by Emerson, Be6 by Morgan, Nc7 by Emerson, Nd2 by Morgan.


Joey: Check what move he needs to play…

Emerson inside the ring: Wait…I think I have something here, But I need to sacrifice so much…If I'm wrong, I might lose…

Sohel: The move is Nxe6.

Joey: Ohhhhhhhhh!! Emerson’s thinking something.

Emerson starts looking around and his eyes saw something unusual…He saw his Mom and dad sitting in the audience…Both of them praying, He couldn’t stop the tears from his eyes.

Emerson: Mom…I will prove you!

The clocks ticking…1 minute left for Emerson and 3 minutes for Morgan.


Emerson starts smiling… He couldn’t stop smiling…And he leans his back against the chair, Calms himself, and plays.


Ghoss: Ncf3 by Morgan, Nf4 by Emerson.

Sohel: Calyden He found the best move…It’s the best move!.

Boss: Bxh8 by Morgan.

Morgan starts sweating…He got a bad look on his face… He got to know what was happening.

N2h3+ by Emerson…

Ghoss: What are we seeing here Boss!! He has managed to…

Boss: Morgan is trying to just play but…It’s a draw.

Nf2 by Emerson and match 3 ends in a DRAW. Which mean…

EMERSON HALIDIYA has won the Evernue Tournament.

People around the stadium all over the stadium are surprised, started everyone started clapping.

Emerson looks at his mom and dad.

Emerson removes his bandage where his dad burnt Emerson’s hand. He closes his fist tight and raises his hand high in the air.

Boss: What do we see here…There was something written on his hand…It's not written, it's as if a wound. If we see it…MAD is written on his left hand.

M in that Mad is a Burnt wound, whereas the A, and D are glass wounds.

Emerson’s mom breaks into tears.

Everyone stood in their places and as Mad comes out of the ring started chanting “MAD, MAD, MAD!!”.

100,000 people chanting Mad.

The glass windows were shaking…

*flashback when Emerson was just 6 years old i.e.13 years ago*

Kid Emerson: Mom why do people call me Mad…Am I mentally not balanced? Is it because of my smile?

Mom: No son, People are called by what they love.

Kid Emerson: But I don’t love mad.

Mom: Mad just stands for Mom And Dad. You don’t love your Mom and Dad…That hurts.

Kid Emerson: Then I'm M.a.d!

The whole stadium shouted Mad! Mad!

Chad is in tears…Chad hugs calyden, Scar, and Alex

My Mother is Safe.”

Manager: Chad Kruger your Prize money for winning these 20 lakh rupees.

Chad takes the bag and runs outside the stadium.

Present Day.

A woman keeps a hand on chad’s shoulder…While he was talking to Lina Glass.

Chad: Lina meet my Mom.

Emily Kruger( Chad Kruger’s Mother): Nice to meet you girl…Thanks to Him our tattoo show has gone to many scales.

Chad: Yes.

Customer: Can I have a Mad tattoo…

Customer 2: Me too…That’s just a badass tattoo.

Lina Glass walks from there.

You never fail to amaze these many people Emerson…I think by this time you have left the city also.”

Emerson standing on the bridge, looking down at the river. His eyes opened when he saw Lina glass…

Lina leaves her bags and runs towards Emerson, Emerson runs towards Lina…Both Hug each other.

A letter of cancelation of the Transfer certificate flying in the air.

Black Screen

Emerson: Who are you? You’re so bright. Bright Like a sun

That’s just a glimpse of my Power


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