Chapter 45:

Who's the real villain?

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

Dust everywhere. Couldn't open eyes properly. Coughing from all the dirt inside my nose.

Alex protect the other two from the building's remains, using his body as a shield. Not much further from us, Naomi was there, with a severed arm, in a state of shock.

No sign of Anderson there.

Blood squirting, I think that could even see the veins inside the arm, exposed half of the humerus bone. Moved frantically on the ground, like a dying animal. Realizing what happened, she started screaming endlessly.

Crying...And crying.

I began walking to where she was at, slow footsteps, like I was some kind of terminator, programmed for ending her life.

Crying...And crying.

"Look who's here, somebody is missing a limb."I said.

"Please...Call someone, it hurts..."

"I could save your life, if you tell me why you went to the apartment."

"Now, it's not the time...Fuck...OK, I'll tell. We were at the apartment to...(More crying)To see my mother, but she was already dead, assassinated."

"Anything else? What Anderson was talking about."I asked, while trampling on the severed arm.

"Stop, I beg (screaming) of you, I'll tell you everything I know."

"Better start talking."  

"Joan is trying to do something to do something at Minato City."


"Joan is the name of the girl you met two weeks ago inside the castle."

"Can you tell what she's gonna do?"

"I sincerely don't know, something about uniting people."

"OK, I don't really have anymore questions for you."

"Thank god, I thought that I couldn't resist much further."She said, giving a smile while the rest of the face gave a tense look.

"Thinking again, I'm not going to help you."

"What! You said that you would save my life!"

"I'm going to save your life...From pain, that is."

She began crying uncontrollably.

"Why are you doing this! I helped you...I don't even know you! I should be the one making the questions about why you killed my mother."

"But you killed people, right?"I said, in an ironic tone.

"Yeah...I guess..."

"You deserve the same fate as them, the fate of the guards you killed at the castle, the same death that Maya suffered."



"You're right...I deserve to be killed for my sins. Even if meant to only give a better life to mother with money I would receive with the job, I know there's no excuse."

Put my hand on her head, holding it.

"Stop Aia! She already surrendered to us, no meaning in killing her."Said Alex, watching what I was doing.

"Can I at least...Say a song before dying."Said Naomi.


The feeling of her face in my hand was some kind of difference, cold, I could feel the scar of the injuries from the explosion.


She started to sing, a beautiful voice indeed.

"Don't do it, Aia!"Alex said.

"Live on without giving up..."

Right after that, exploded her face.