Chapter 44:

More killing

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

Some time passed.

Maya's funeral was... something I couldn't describe, cries everywhere, her parents fainting. I didn't know if I was the one who should be in that coffin instead of her.

I failed protecting her, we all did. Everyone of the group was silent.

It was like...In the place of body that should advise me to cry, the only thing I had was rage. 

My mother...

Now Maya.

Destiny making a prank on me.

I had to end it all.

(A day after).

We arrived at Naomi's to see if her mother had anything to help us.

Knocked on the door.

"Anybody home? It's the Tokyo Police."

At the same time that I moved the door to open, an insect came from the hole under the door knob.

"Huh?"Said Chilkao.

A giant swarm of bees started coming from the hole. To defend ourselves, we started using our weapons. Excruciating pain, my skin felt like it was going to tear apart.

Even with our weapons and dead insects on the ground, looked that we were going to die right there. 

Then I had an idea.

"Let's just go, it's useless to stay here."I said.

Started running to the elevator, when the swarm was about to caught us again, I used the Anderson's power.

A loud explosion was heard. Dust in every corner.

We could see through the dust, two individuals. One was Naomi and the other was Anderson.

"How could you?!"Said Naomi with an extreme serious face.

"Huh?"What she was talking about?

"You're now trying to make yourself dumb, you killed her! You killed my mother."

Naomi's mother was dead? I knew that I was a bit violent when I met her, but killing her?

"You got it all wrong, I didn't kill your mother."


"I'm not lying, why would I?"

"Naomi, you can't accuse them of doing something without any proof."Said Anderson.


"Anyways, that's not why we are here."

"And what's the reason?"I asked.

"Do you really think I would tell you free. Give me a reason to tell you."

"The reason is that you'll die later, not now."

Pulled out Maya's gun, not caring about anything other than killing them. Naomi created a swarm of insects as a shield, stopping all my bullets.

"Aia, withdraw now, it would do us no good to fight them right now."Said Matthew.

"No! I don't care, I have to kill them!"

"Aia, please, stop this."

"I said I'm going to kill. With any means necessary, whatever the obstacle, I will not lose another person that I cared about."Said this while extending my arm, with the expectation of killing them.

"Shine!"I said.

The whole apartment exploded.