Chapter 46:


The Doll Metaphor Part 1

Red liquid hitting my face, there was no face anymore...Just space. Body fell to the ground, a small sound of impact was heard.


Didn't felt bad at all.

A good that happened is that the explosion cauterized the neck, avoiding the spill of any more blood on the ground. 


A dull pain in my face began to surge. 

A punch from Alex.


I knew of that, just decided to ignore it.

"Stop being a pain in the ass, you know very well that she had it coming." 

"Make no excuses, she hadn't deserve what she got. It's bullshit."

"OK, keep crying about it, if you want to."

"I'm leaving this team."He said.


"If you don't take me seriously, why should I take you? I know that it must be hard for you after Maya's death, but you can't just kill everyone because you're angry. A rage that I have too, that unlike you, I decided to control, for my own good."

"Alex..."Chikao said silently, not expecting an answer.

"He's right, you have to get yourself together, Aia."Said Matthew.


"Alex, I don't want you to leave the team."I said desperately.

We stayed silent for a moment, painful seconds passing by.

"I-I promise that I'll not kill anyone anymore." 

Alex looked at me serious, no blinking, staring at the soul inside my eyes. 

"OK, I believe in you...Let's get this over with, to avenge Maya, but after this, I'm quitting."

Chikao gave a small smile, happy that we finally resolved our differences.

"Now that we are back on track, what do we do next?"Chikao asked.

"Naomi mentioned about something happening in Minato City."Said Alex.

"We must go there the fastest as we can, or something worse could happen."I said.

And with that, we went in our way to Minato City, not knowing what was waiting for us there.