Chapter 12:



June 13th, 2097

3:07 AM

Kaos rubbed her eyes in exhaustion. For the first time in weeks, she went home and rested in her actual home. A quiet luxury apartment that was modest compared to most of the one percent in Tokneo. She sat in her bed in her underwear and tank top, staring at the night sky through her tiny window. She thought of M00N. She knew of her past, being a former model. She let M00N take a few weeks off, to possibly let her find herself alone. With the Sons dead, it was earned. Kaos finally placed her head on the lumpy pillow and closed her eyes, drifting off…

She didn’t have long to sleep before hearing her phone ring. She shifted over to answer. It was one of her foot soldiers. “Boss!” He yelled. He was panting as gunfire and screaming took place in the background. “The Sons! They’re attacking the whore house! Trying to burn it!” He wanted to say more. But a loud explosion went off, cutting the feed. She sprung into action, texting all the other leaders to get up and secure their sections, especially the pleasure district. As Kaos was getting dressed, she got another text saying that the Tech-Zero compound was also under attack. Bad news. She texted M00N to assist the boys over at TZ.

M00N was on her headset next to her boyfriend when she got the message. She hopped up and walked to her closet, humming as she pulled out her silver combat jumpsuit, outfitted personally by the boss herself. It even had roses on the shoulder blades.

The Boyfriend stood up and noticed her getting changed. “What’s the deal?”

She looked at him and smiled as she equipped her headphones. “Work.”

“Uh…Ok. Don’t hurt yourself, ok?”

M00N giggled as she cocked her pistol back. “Of course, hon. Love you, sleep well!”

M00N ran to the compound, seeing the battle unfold. It was clear that the fight didn’t look too well for team Kaos. The Sons were using sheer numbers to overpower and kill the competition. M00N went right into the action. She dove into cover and started to pick off the enemy one by one, not missing a shot. She domed each man she saw, not leaving anybody in her sights alive. Some Sons saw her in cover popping her pistol and ran up to her. With four running towards her, She killed the first two she saw before her gun jammed. With little time to fix the error, she chucked the pistol at the third one, cracking his head on impact. The final one hopped over the cover to fight the AKM. With ease, she dodged the human’s attack and giggled as she did so. She soon drove her leg into the Son’s ankle, smashing it and bringing him to his knees. With a simple movement, she snapped his neck, grabbing and twisting his head.

M00N had to run into the battle and help the crew, with the Sons gaining more momentum as the battle went on. She ran into action, kicking and shoving all she could to help the men out.


Kaos drove her fastest sports car over to the pleasure district, speeding and nearly crashing multiple times. She eventually made her way, seeing a light orange blob and smoke in the way of the pretty pink neon lights. She parked and ran over to her place of business, seeing it up and flames. Millions of credits, and countless lives, lost. She didn’t have time to mourn, with a Son running at her with a Plasma sword. She moved out of the way and kicked him once in the face to send him crashing down to the concrete with a bloody nose. She picked up the sword and sent it through his body, killing him in a painful fashion. Seeing her main business up on fire, and her people dying, Kaos had enough. She removed her blazer coat and shirt to reveal her tank top. She ran to the front of the whore house to see the battle. Her employees were outmatched. She ran forward and sliced the first son she saw with the plasma sword, having blood stains on almost her entire upper half. She got sliced in the side by another Son who wielded a sword. Her side felt like it was burning along with her shirt, but she pushed on to kick the other in the chest and drove the blade through his face. She pushed his corpse forward to block an oncoming blow, and removed the blade to slice the other attacker’s throat clean open. Kaos parried attack after attack from other men, chopping up all she could. It was clear however that her battle was slowly getting more and more uphill.

M00N had fifteen kills at that point, but the bodies kept coming. She blocked and brawled, using whatever weapon she could use before it broke over a Son’s head. With her seeing no end in sight. She was attempting to call a retreat when she felt a massive fist reach the side of her face, sending her flying to the ground. She was endlessly confused, with her usually being able to sniff that out. She looked at the massive man, seeing that he’s an AKM-6. Top of the line. M00N kicked up and attempted to use her weight shift by diving on him, but he caught him. The AKM struggled and groaned as he picked up the heavy android and powerbombed her to the floor, making an imprint on the dirt. She quickly recovered and used quick strikes and kicks to stagger the massive android, making his face leak artificial blood. Be caught the last fist however and rammed his knee right into it, snapping it. M00N screeched in pain and shoulder-checked the other android. She painfully hot-fixed the arm and ran to kick the AKM right into the gut. He keeled over in pain, allowing M00N to flip in the air and land right on the other’s head, using her weight shift. His head went right into the ground, with a portion of his artificial skull being destroyed. While he twitched in pain, M00N knew she wasn’t fit to finish the fight. She yelled to retreat and staggered back to the office.

While holding her injured arm, M00N limped in to see Kaos, covered in blood and dirt, staring at the now-dead plasma sword. M00N ran over to Kaos, with her eyes tearing up with disappointment. Kaos chuckled. “It’s fine girl. I lost too.” She reached over to kiss M00N on the forehead as she broke down crying.

“I-I-I thought you w-w-would hate me!” M00N wailed out.

“Never, M00N. You’re the best employee, ok?” Kaos calmly said. She was full of rage from losing, but she didn’t want to panic her AKM. “We lost too many men, and look at you, I can only send you to so many places. We need another AKM, but they’re so fucking expensive…”

“I have an idea,” M00N said after a sniff. “Remember when I was in my head? They mentioned an AKM-4.5. I think we could recreate it.”

“4.5? I don’t know, M00N. Where can we even get a body?”

“The most expensive part of an AKM is getting the AI chip. I’m sure we can afford to build the body. But this 4.5 is different.”

Kaos was interested. “How so?”