Chapter 13:






What is an AKM-4.5?

An AKM-4.5 was the experimental buffer back when the AKM-4 was released. This one offered better AI than the third model, which was rather expensive. Tech-Zero was worried by the time they reached AKM-5 or 6 they would be spending billions, which wasn’t exactly incorrect. AI cores were also getting more sparse, with the Resource Wars not being too far off. The solution? A Human brain.

A human brain is not only cheaper but due to the unpredictable natures of humans, it can be argued that they are better than modern AI cores (Though I personally disagree). With the opportunity of major cuts in funding, TZ was on board. However, the rest of the world wasn’t.

The big problem at the time was that TZ couldn’t find the secret to recovering a brain after death at the time, So they had to take live subjects. On record, they took in a homeless man and killed him. Off the record, who knows how many times they attempted this? The Japanese humanitarians found this information and called for the shutdown of TZ. Impossible, unfortunately. Tech-Zero was not only a moneymaker, but a major supplier in the possible war coming up, so the government just asked them to stop. TZ obliged, only publicly. With my existence, it was clear that TZ was still working on this sort of thing. We don’t have the technology to make AKM-7s again, but it seems pretty simple to preserve a dead brain, at the most a week before brainrot sets in. In the city morgue, I can see one body that recently came in, let’s get that.

-Love, M00N<3