Chapter 12:

Crafting Skill and Blacksmithing

Hour Empty Child

In the clear blue morning, after the party quest which ended triumphantly—and releasing themselves from the ‘Hunt the World’—Kudo and Hinota have never felt more released from pressure before until now. A breath of fresh air wafted over their tired souls from yesterday’s fights.Bookmark here

After their tired souls were reinvigorated from their sleep, the two excitedly hurried on over to the Adventurers’ Guild Hall, where they will take up on their Crafting’s Test.Bookmark here

After signing some documents, such as promising that they will not use their acquired Crafting Skills for anything else other than their purpose, such as creating weapons to hurt civilians and not monsters, and making Potions that does the opposite of their purpose to heal the drinker.Bookmark here

Once the duo signed them up, they took on the Crafting Test, issued by the Guild Master of the Adventurers’ Guild.Bookmark here

They required an intense knowledge of the Crafting Skill, such as their usage and history. And though it took them longer than they expected, they completed the test with ease. Though, their version of ‘taking longer than expected’ exceeded the Guild Master’s expectancy, since ordinary Adventurers would take hours to finish, and Kudo and Hinota only took about half an hour.Bookmark here

Because of the day before, after they finished the quest, Kudo bought some books about the Crafting Skill history, and they studied little by little in the course of the night.Bookmark here

With their eyes showing a faint blackness under their eyes, they aced their tests. The Guildmaster took their red-colored Growth Crystals and bestowed onto them the right to learn a Crafting Skill.Bookmark here

It was amazing. To Kudo’s eyes, he sees the Guild Master focus his mana into their Growth Crystals, making it glow like the very sun itself. Apparently, the Guildmaster has a great role in administering the rights to learn skills onto the Adventurers’ Growth Crystal, making his role incredibly important.Bookmark here

Finally, they attained the right to learn a Crafting Skill. They bowed in respect to the Guildmaster and offered their goodbyes since they won’t see the Guildmaster for a while.
Because soon, it’ll be time to leave.Bookmark here

They plan to head to the next city after learning their Crafting Skill to get a better grasp of the market and sales. They also plan on getting more powerful quests as Klein did not have any powerful quests for their future.Bookmark here

As they rested easily in the Adventurers’ Guild hall, they gazed at the new feature of attaining the right to learn a Crafting Skill:Bookmark here

They gained the knowledge to appraise equipment and items.Bookmark here

Basically, Adventurers who passed the Crafting Test are allowed to appraise the equipment and items. Just like checking out their internal stats, they can check out the stats and information regarding items and equipment—a valuable skill for any Adventurer to use for their Adventure.Bookmark here

Kudo and Hinota sat on their usual table at the Guild hall and looked at the status screen of Kudo’s sword, which they finally know the real name of Kudo’s sword.Bookmark here

Name: Iron Bastard Sword
【Normal】Bookmark here

An item created using simple iron. Its tough and durable blade can block most attacks, though compared to other swords, it’s lacking in sharpness which dulled its damage. The size is perfect for one and two-handed battle stances.Bookmark here

Attack: 50Bookmark here

Durability: 48/75Bookmark here

Requirements: [Level-1] [STR-5]
—————————————————————————————————————Bookmark here

“Ah~ It looks so cool!” Kudo expressed his joy as his eyes glimmered at the sight of the new menu screen.Bookmark here

“The attack power is pretty low, but that’s expected of only a level 1 sword.” Hinota assessed it, then she asked: “Kudo, what does this word in brackets—‘Normal’ mean?”Bookmark here

“It means the Grade of the equipment. It shows them how good they are. There are 5 known so far, each ranging from lowest to highest: Normal, Rare, Unique, Ancient and finally Dragon, the highest known Grade so far.”Bookmark here

Kudo explained the Grades of the equipment, getting Hinota to realize a fact in her mind.Bookmark here

“Then, that means my katana is higher.”Bookmark here

“Oh, really?”Bookmark here

Kudo spoke in astonishment as Hinota unsheathes her katana and places it onto their table. Kudo gazes at the keen katana, nicked and scratched from their battles together.Bookmark here

“Appraise.”Bookmark here

Kudo spoke softly as information regarding the katana opened up, revealing the stats of the weapon.Bookmark here

Name: Flamver Katana—The Sword of Love and Justice
【Rare】Bookmark here

An outstanding katana, forged by the flaming hot passions of the Flamver Blacksmith! Its fiery blaze made the katana incredibly powerful, capable of slashing through enemies in one slice! The only way this katana could ever be wielded to its maximum is by a user whose inner fire could burn the entire world!Bookmark here

Attack: 75Bookmark here

Durability: 6/25Bookmark here

Requirements: [Level-5] [STR-10]
Looking at the powerful-sounding description, Kudo was flabbergasted.Bookmark here

“T-That’s quite an inspirational description.”Bookmark here

“Please… don’t say anything.”Bookmark here

Kudo could tell from Hinota’s blushing face that she was not pleased with the description at all.Bookmark here

“You checked it out before?”Bookmark here

“No, the blacksmith sent it to me, telling me that it’s a 【Rare】 weapon. Though, I never bothered to ask what it meant.”Bookmark here

“Ah...” Kudo nodded as he takes another closer look, showing a look of small anguish. “Mmh, the katana can hardly take much more.”Bookmark here

Kudo could already tell without the stats in front of him that the katana’s nicked blade could hardly handle any more attacks, otherwise it would break immediately.Bookmark here

“Yeah, I have to take it to the blacksmiths in the Blacksmiths’ Guild a few ways from here, but repairing a katana like this would be expensive…”Bookmark here

This was the only way for a weapon or armor to restore their durability, which what you could say is the [HP] of the weapon. Taking it to a blacksmith will help restore the weapon, but in exchange for a quite a bit of jib. Kudo realized what she meant, and bared a huge grin on his face.Bookmark here

“Wait right there, Hinota! Now that we attained our right, we will no longer need to ask for repair!”Bookmark here

“Eh? Why is that?”Bookmark here

Kudo only left Hinota’s answer with a grand smile, leaving her to tilt her head as if a question mark appeared on her face.Bookmark here

After that, Kudo took Hinota out of the guild hall and straight towards the guilds near the Adventurers’ Guild Hall neighborhood.Bookmark here

“W-Where are we going, Kudo?”Bookmark here

Hinota was walking along with Kudo, completely led around the neighborhood where they saw other guilds around them, as well as the Adventurers who took a peek at the duo Adventurers since they became rather famous.Bookmark here

“We’re going to the Blacksmiths’ Guild! I’m going to take the 【Blacksmithing】 skill as my Crafting Skill!”Bookmark here

“E-Eh? Wait a minute!”Bookmark here

Hinota stopped in the middle of the street which led Kudo to turn back.Bookmark here

“I don’t think being a Blacksmith suits you, Kudo…”Bookmark here

“Eh? Why’s that!?”Bookmark here

Kudo seemed to not know the reason for Hinota’s opinion, leaving Hinota no choice.Bookmark here

“Well… I don’t think you might be strong enough to handle such a difficult job.”Bookmark here

“Don’t worry! I can handle anything when it comes to free items!” Kudo proudly pointed at himself with his thumb, showing a dignified expression which led Hinota’s sweat drop.Bookmark here

“So that’s the reasoning…”Bookmark here

Hinota now knows why Kudo is taking such a daunting task of a blacksmith. The 【Blacksmithing】 skill allows Adventurers to make metal weapons and full plate armors, powerful equipment needed for powerful Adventurers.Bookmark here

“And with this, we won’t ever have to ask others to repair our weapons! We can save a lot of money doing this!”Bookmark here

“But, then what about our Medium class armors? The 【Blacksmithing】 only fixes full plate armors and weapons.”Bookmark here

“As long as we’re careful, we can make our Medium armor last before we buy new equipment! The only thing we need to worry is our weapons’ repairs, and I can cover that!”Bookmark here

“Oh… now that I think about it, that sounds like a solid plan.”Bookmark here

Hinota was amazed at how Kudo’s ‘Cheap Farmer’s mind’ led him to make a sensible plan.Bookmark here

“Now, let’s go!”Bookmark here

Kudo led Hinota along as he brought her over to the guild where the Crafting Guilds were most known for:Bookmark here

The Blacksmiths’ Guild.Bookmark here

The appearance was that of a large stove. Smoke was coming out of the roof of the large, rectangle building with square windows, a few open for letting air in. The inside of the building was hot and steaming, and the sounds of grating metal were heard everywhere. Dozens of metal being pounded by strong iron hammers resounded constantly. The heat was provided by the intense molten liquid from forging the metals.Bookmark here

Kudo was already sweating after a minute, though Hinota was fine since she has a powerful internal heat, as they headed inside and saw a man giving out orders to his crafters.Bookmark here

“Hey! Hurry up and make the swords! Our customers are waiting! You three! Is that how you make the iron stronger!? Pathetic!”Bookmark here

The strong looking man, who wore an apron covered in black soot from forging weapons every day, took a glance at the new appearance of people coming in the hall.Bookmark here

“Oh, you two new? What, you want us to make you something?”Bookmark here

The man responded to the two, showing a look of surprise, as if he didn’t expect anyone coming in.Bookmark here

“Are you perhaps the GuildMaster of this guild?” Hinota asked to make acquaintance.
“That’s right. Is there something you want from me?”Bookmark here

“I-I actually completed the Crafting Test and gained the right to learn the skill. I would like to learn the 【Blacksmithing】 skill, please…”Bookmark here

Kudo’s voice was low as he began to talk. Thanks to his experience, he was able to talk to strangers a little bit better, but he was still hesitant.Bookmark here

“Eh? You!? But you look so…”Bookmark here

The GuildMaster takes a glance at Kudo who spoke up and analyzed Kudo’s body.Bookmark here

“…I don’t think you can handle this skill, young boy.”Bookmark here

“How come the both of you are saying this to me…? I would still like to learn!”Bookmark here

Kudo, having been depressed from getting the same comment, shouted back with a nearly frustrated tone as the Guildmaster of the Blacksmiths’ Guild ‘s head jerked back from his response.Bookmark here

“A-Alright. It’ll take a while before you can learn it. It takes approximately 3 hours, and you need to pay the Learning fee of 70,000 jib. See, it’s not easy to get that much money—”Bookmark here

“Here you go.”Bookmark here

“That was fast!”Bookmark here

Though the Guildmaster explained in a way that showed difficulty in getting the Jib, Kudo has already put his hand up with the bag that contained the necessary jib to learn the skill.Bookmark here

“W-Wow… you’re really serious, huh?” The Guildmaster was surprised which was then replaced with a beaming face. “Alright then! Boys, listen up!” The Guildmaster shouted to his crafters. “I’ll be taking my time to teach this fledgling some basics! Someone take over!”Bookmark here

The Guildmaster’s loud, booming voice rang out the hall, catching one of the attention of a young boy wearing the same apron on his chest with a white bandanna on his head.Bookmark here

“I’ll take over, Boss.”Bookmark here

“Alright. Then, you. What’s your name?”Bookmark here

“My name’s Kudo Braven.”Bookmark here

“Then, Braven-kun, follow me.”Bookmark here

With that, the Guildmaster nodded to his apprentice as he led Kudo away.Bookmark here

“Hinota, go ahead and do what you like since this will take a while.”Bookmark here

Before getting led, Kudo turned his head and spoke to Hinota before he left her behind. Hinota remained stood as she watched Kudo disappear to learn his new Crafting Skill.Bookmark here

“…【Blacksmithing】, huh…”Bookmark here

Hinota spoke to herself as she starts to wrack her brain about the concept of Crafting Skills.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

About two hours set in after Kudo has paid the learning fee, he started to watch the process of blacksmithing from the Guildmaster. The Guildmaster was creating a simple double-edged iron sword.Bookmark here

The process took a while, but the Guildmaster was an expert on creating weapons, so the process for him was quicker than most people. As Kudo watched the entire process, he starts to hesitate whether he could actually do it, and how much time was consumed by making one weapon.Bookmark here

This is taking longer than I thought…Bookmark here

Kudo expected that making swords was simple and wouldn’t take so long, yet it took 2 whole hours for an expert to make one simple sword. How long does Kudo have to spend to make his own sword? These questions filled his mind as the Guildmaster finally finished his product.Bookmark here

“Whoo! Now that’s a good looking sword if anything!”Bookmark here

The Guildmaster finished off by using cold water in a large metal basin, cooling off the heated sword which gave out an intensely hot steam. The Guildmaster yelled out as he pulled the cooled sword out, revealing the new naked blade to Kudo.Bookmark here

“You see, young boy, this is how you make the sword in the traditional way.”Bookmark here

“T-Traditional way?”Bookmark here

This was the first time he heard it.Bookmark here

“Hahaha! What I showed you just now was how ordinary blacksmiths create swords. It’s very time-consuming and takes a lot of work. However, it is needed to learn how it is all made. But for us Adventurers, it’s a little different.”Bookmark here

The Blacksmith Guildmaster explained as it peaked Kudo’s interest.Bookmark here

“What do you mean a little different?”Bookmark here

“Watch this…”Bookmark here

The GuildMaster gave a wink as he showed his excitement on his face by putting the naked blade down and pulling something out of the benches. They were in a private room where the Blacksmith GuildMaster shows the ropes to new blacksmiths. It was a simple gray room with a forge in the back of the room and it had no ceiling, revealing the crystal blue sky which showed the intense sun, leaving the smoke created by the forge to be let out.Bookmark here

What caught Kudo’s attention is what the GuildMaster picked out. He put on a small contraption that resembled a rounded object with legs that helped it stand, similar to a cauldron with no opening on the top. In the middle of the object was a barred gate, and if Kudo looked closely, he could see something shining on the inside of the object.Bookmark here

“W-What is that?”Bookmark here

“This is a portable forge.”Bookmark here

“T-This small thing!?”Bookmark here

Kudo’s widened as if his eyes popped out. How could something so hot and heavy be turned into something so small and… easy to carry.Bookmark here

“Hahaha! Pretty shocking, ain’t it? But that’s the truth. If you still can’t believe me, I’ll show you!”Bookmark here

“E-Eh…?”Bookmark here

Kudo couldn’t believe that you can make a whole weapon out of something so small. Yet, here it was.Bookmark here

Using the materials needed to make a weapon, the Guildmaster used some pliers, an iron hammer, an anvil, and some Ores.Bookmark here

Ores are a type of rock that contains minerals needed to make precious metals for weapons and full plate armor. The ores are extracted and then refined to make iron for metal weapons and full plate armor. They are refined into ingots, bars made of whatever the Ore is made of. For example: An 【Iron Ore】 can be refined into 【Iron Ingot】, therefore used to create Iron weapons and armor.Bookmark here

The Guildmaster showed the process to Kudo by inputting the Ore into the forge inside of the empty slot and closed the barred gate. Then, he puts his hand onto the handle of the forge. The handle rested on the sides of the forge, and the middle of the handle had a strange grip that was studded with several crystals that shimmered under the sunlight.Bookmark here

The Guildmaster gripped onto the crystals and instilled his mana into the forge. The crystals started to glow, along with the crystal in the deep darkness of the forge, making the forge light up and become heated in a glorious flame.Bookmark here

“Whoa!” Kudo shouted after seeing the forge suddenly inflamed from the core.Bookmark here

“With this…”Bookmark here

The Guildmaster ceased his mana input, making the forge cease firing up as well. He opened the barred gate, and used his pliers to take the Ore out—Bookmark here

Or it would have, but the Ore was not there anymore. Now, it became a long bar of a beautifully gray Iron.Bookmark here

“T-The Ore from before changed into a full Ingot!? In that short amount of time!?”Bookmark here

“Hey, we’re still not finished yet! Pay attention!”Bookmark here

With a stern voice, the Guildmaster chided Kudo into silence as he went ahead and moved the small anvil to his side. Using the pliers, he carefully placed the iron bar, which was still heated from the fire, and hammered the 【Iron Ingot】 with his hammer.Bookmark here

Pound. Pound. The Guildmaster’s stern face was shown as he furiously pounded the Ingot with intense strength. Kudo could now see the reason why the requirements for accepting the 【Blacksmithing】 skill needed to have 15 [STR] stat.Bookmark here

As he pounded the ingot, Kudo could see the shape slowly changing into that of a thin blade. The Guildmaster’s hands slowly guided the ingot into that of a single double-edged blade. The handle was left naked, and the blade itself was still heated up even after it changed its form.Bookmark here

“With this, the design process is complete! Now to add in some materials!”Bookmark here

“M-Materials?”Bookmark here

Kudo asked but the Guildmaster remained quiet. He only took out something from the benches underneath the table which was a fanged tooth. To Kudo’s eyes, he could see that it was from a Dauntless Wolf that the item came from.Bookmark here

The Guildmaster then throws the tooth into the forge and placed the naked blade into the forge itself. Kudo’s eyes widened widely as he sees the Guildmaster place the entire long blade into the forge, despite that the forge was too small to fit a whole blade inside.Bookmark here

“C-Could it be that the forge has its own dimension?”Bookmark here

“That’s right. The forge is made so that blacksmiths like us can create weapons and armor easily without constraint. Able to repair and make items easily in a battle is crucial for Adventurers. Of course, it takes time when you’re creating a masterpiece—always remember that.”Bookmark here

Leaving that last piece of advice, the Guildmaster closed the barred door and placed his hand on the studded handle again. The forge became inflamed once more as Kudo’s eyes widened as they reflected the beautiful fire that was being made.Bookmark here

“First you make the Ingots for the equipment. Then, you forge the sword however you like in whatever image you prefer, and then complete the complete image of your sword as you heat up with your mana. This part’s important because how much mana and how much focus you put into your imagination creates a more powerful equipment.Bookmark here

“Wow…”Bookmark here

The fire ceased once more which got the Guildmaster to reveal the finished product. Kudo’s eyes began to show glints of excitement as he sees the same blade as before, only this time it was complete.Bookmark here

The sword’s blade was glimmering from the shining sunlight reflected on it, and the hilt below the blade was already tied up in a comfortable cloth for easier gripping.Bookmark here

“Us blacksmiths create weapons and armors with magic. By offering up a material, which was full of mana components, we can create various weapons and armors that suit every Adventurer. Of course, we can only make metal weapons, but since metal weapons are always popular—we’re always in business!”Bookmark here

The Guildmaster finished with a grand smile that formed on his face as Kudo was nearly about to explode.Bookmark here

“A-A-Awesome!”Bookmark here

“Then, let’s get you to learn this skill!”Bookmark here

“Right!”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

After two hours passed, outside of the Blacksmiths’ Guild, Hinota remained sitting near the guild’s entrance, waiting for Kudo to come out.Bookmark here

Though, she wasn’t bored. In fact, she was using all this time to surmise her own role in their party.Bookmark here

Kudo was about to take on a Crafting Skill that is beneficial to both of them. So, in that regard, Hinota should learn something as well. But what? What can she learn other than 【Blacksmithing】? Should she become a clothier? An alchemist? Surely she wouldn’t be a woodworker, since she and Kudo do not need any bows and staves, and can just buy a bow for Hinota to use.Bookmark here

As these thoughts filled her mind and caused her to be concerned, Kudo walks out of the building and notices Hinota deep in thought.Bookmark here

“Hinota? I thought you left by now! Learning 【Blacksmithing】 takes a while you know…”Bookmark here

Kudo walked up to Hinota as she turned around, replacing her thoughtful expression with an annoyed pout.Bookmark here

“You took too long! And of course, I would stay here—what will happen if you fainted over there? It would really inconvenience them if you do that because you couldn’t handle it!”Bookmark here

“Hey, do you really think that less of me!?”Bookmark here

Kudo’s sweat dropped from hearing Hinota’s lack of faith in his stamina.Bookmark here

“…And, also…”Bookmark here

“Mmh?”Bookmark here

Hinota showed her concerned look from before, getting Kudo to notice.Bookmark here

“Kudo, what kind of Crafting Skill I should take? Is there any suggestions?”Bookmark here

That’s right. If Hinota cannot make a decision regarding adventuring herself, she could only ask the expert that taught her everything. Though, what he answered her was shocking:Bookmark here

“I can’t tell you that.”Bookmark here

Hinota widened her eyes as they practically begged him to answer it more in detail.Bookmark here

“Hinota, I picked 【Blacksmithing】 because I wanted to help repair our weapons and make armor to sell. Other than that, I also like it because I always thought making weapons was really cool!”Bookmark here

Kudo showed his excitement on his face as he revealed his Skill menu, and showed it to Hinota.Bookmark here

【Blacksmithing】 Lv. 1 (Proficiency: 0%)Bookmark here

Blacksmithing is the art of creating destructive weapons and protective armors. Depending on the skill, created weapons can become sharper, and armors can withstand a powerful blow or two. Learning this skill, one has the inherent ability to repair weapons using the portable forge, and is able to disassemble other discarded equipment back into Ingots.

———————————————————————————————————Bookmark here

“Wow…”Bookmark here

Hinota was impressed at the first sight of the Crafting Skill up close.Bookmark here

“And I just realized that by taking on this skill, it’s more exciting and helpful than I thought! Hinota, I want you to feel the same way. If I just told you what to pick, I don’t think you’ll really like it, even if it’s something useful.”Bookmark here

“But…” Hinota trailed off. Her tone of voice was slightly quaking. “What if I pick a useless skill that none of us wanted?”Bookmark here

“Knowing you, Hinota, there’s no way you’ll pick something useless!”Bookmark here

Kudo clenched his fist in total faith for Hinota who couldn’t help but blush from his faith in her abilities.Bookmark here

“Geez… you shouldn’t rely on me so much. I’m still…”Bookmark here

“Hinota, you’re an expert too! You’re no longer the girl who had trouble against goblins. You’re now a [Rank C] Adventurer, so you should have faith in your decisions.”Bookmark here

Despite that she didn’t get the answer she was looking for, Kudo’s words and support made her realize just how her opinions matter to him. Hinota subconsciously shared a faint smile as she realized her role.Bookmark here

“You don’t have to pick it now; you can take your time realizing what suits you best.”Bookmark here

“Got it.”Bookmark here

“Then, let’s head back to the inn and get something to eat. I’m starving…”Bookmark here

Kudo rubbed his stomach as Hinota also heard his stomach rumbling.Bookmark here

After they came back to the inn and enjoyed their meals, Kudo would try out his new skill when they reach the new town when they can find some Ores to use. As Kudo rests peacefully in his room, Hinota was not in the inn at all.Bookmark here

She, in fact, got out of the inn when the sky has succumbed to the moonlit night, where every civilian and Adventurer alike were about to head in to sleep.Bookmark here

Of course, the guilds are active even in nighttime because there might be Adventurers who would come at night. They can only stay up until 2:00 am, so Hinota took the chance to look for a respective Crafting Guild that she might be interested in.Bookmark here

Back at her household, she would never even consider taking a Crafting Skill since her family had blacksmith and clothier servants ready to make her weapons and armor. However, after seeing Kudo’s excited face after he received his own Crafting Skill, she wanted to replicate the same feeling for herself.Bookmark here

But…Bookmark here

“Hah… none of the Crafting Guilds speaks to me. It’s as if there’s no skill out there for me.”
Try as she might, Hinota just couldn’t get herself motivated taking up any Crafting Skill available to her. She stood by a random building in the guilds’ neighborhood as she was overwhelmed by her thoughts.Bookmark here

As Hinota sighs, she didn’t notice through her deep thought somebody approaching her from behind with a slight gait.Bookmark here

“Hey there! Little miss!”Bookmark here

“Ah!”Bookmark here

Hinota heard a slightly high-pitched voice, almost unsheathing her katana that she placed around her waist for protection.Bookmark here

“Ah, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to frighten you!” The young woman shouted as she put her hands up to calm Hinota down.Bookmark here

As Hinota did so, she observes the woman who nearly scared her. She was a young woman with golden brown hair that reaches up to her neck. But what set her apart from the other girls was that she was wearing a black and white maid uniform. It was a strange getup for Hinota, as she was used to being served by servants wearing traditional robes.Bookmark here

“I saw you outside our guild, so I thought you were thinking about whether to come in or not.”Bookmark here

The young maid said sheepishly as Hinota became surprised. She didn’t think she was in front of a guild. She looked at the building behind the maid, only to see an obscure building that was nearly unrecognizable from a distance. The building was smaller than the others, enough so that their shadows overwhelm the view of the building.Bookmark here

It was strange that it was a Crafting Guild. Hinota saw the sign on top of the building’s doors, seeing two crystals banded together with a mystifying ribbon.Bookmark here

“What guild is this?” Hinota curiously asked as the maid became surprised which then changed into a dispirited look.Bookmark here

“Ah, so you don’t know… figures. Hardly anyone would come to our Enchanters’ Guild.”Bookmark here

“Enchanters’ Guild…?”Bookmark here

“Yes! It’s a new guild created some time ago! We only just moved in… but hardly anyone visited us.”Bookmark here

The maid responded as she slightly pokes her two index fingers together in a sheepish manner. Hinota’s eyes widened to hear that a new guild was created.Bookmark here

“S-So, what do enchanters do?”Bookmark here

“Ah, let me tell you!” The maid quickly changed her tone and attitude. “It’s an incredible Crafting Skill that allows you to imbue power into your weapons and armors!”Bookmark here

“W-what!?”Bookmark here

Imbue power? As in it makes equipment stronger? Hinota’s eyes widened as she tries to find out more about the skill.Bookmark here

“How can it do that?”Bookmark here

“The 【Enchanting】 skill allows you to use your mana to imbue different kinds of power-ups for your equipment, using a scroll to learn how to imbue an enchantment and then use up materials, such as monsters’ loots, to give shape to the enchantment! It’s a terrific skill, and it hardly spends much mana!”Bookmark here

“No way…” Hinota was left in bewilderment at this supposedly great skill. “Then, how come nobody goes here to learn it? It sounds incredible from the summary alone.”Bookmark here

“Hah…”Bookmark here

The maid sighed deeply, making Hinota felt that she might have touched a troublesome subject for her.Bookmark here

“It’s because we mess up on our locations, making our building look so pitifully dark and unwanted. And hardly anyone knows of the existence of 【Enchanting】 in Peranim. We’re lucky to have a funding before we started this…”Bookmark here

The maid sighed once again as she regretted making her decisions that led her to be in this predicament. However, a powerful skill that can imbue power to equipment, and hardly costs only mana and monsters’ loot? Hinota’s mind worked faster than ever before as she made her decision.Bookmark here

“I-If it’s alright with you… can I see more in-depth the 【Enchanting】 Crafting Skill?”
“AH!” The maid responded with glittering eyes and a shocked expression. “You want to learn our skill!? That’s great! Amazing!”Bookmark here

Inhaling her voice, she turned to the building besides them:Bookmark here

“Sisters, unite!”Bookmark here

Suddenly the maid shouted towards the building, and from that loud shouting, the door of the building opened up, revealing two more beautiful maids; a bigger and more voluptuous blond haired woman and a petite pink-haired maid, making any man that would lay their eyes on them become instantly infatuated.Bookmark here

“These are my sisters! The blond one is my beautiful older sister, Kiya. And the cute pink one is my adorable little sister, Suno!”Bookmark here

“A-Ah…”Bookmark here

“And finally, I am the middle! The manliest sister! The name’s Yuno, nice to meet you!”Bookmark here

Hinota’s arm was taken by Yano’s arms as her eyes glittered like the starry sky. Hinota felt taken aback at how nobody in this town notices these three beautiful sisters living here in this building.Bookmark here

“Please come in!”Bookmark here

“My, my, we caught quite a pretty one~”Bookmark here

“Don’t mess this up, Onee-chan!”Bookmark here

“I won’t, so stop your griping!”Bookmark here

The sisters began to converse easily as they took Hinota into their building by dragging her there. Hinota was worried about some things, but she decided to leave those worries behind as she learns more of this new skill.Bookmark here

Hinota is getting pulled to learn a new Crafting Skill! How will it turn out!? Bookmark here

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