Chapter 13:

Enchanting and Advancing

Hour Empty Child

The dark night slowly turned over daylight. The sun’s rays hit every spot in the city which also marked the early rising of many civilians with early shifts.Bookmark here

Of course, the Adventurers woke up at this hour as well, including Kudo and Hinota. The Adventurers headed towards the single location where all kinds of action and delightment start:Bookmark here

The Adventurers’ Guild Hall.Bookmark here

Inside, boisterous Adventurers ate their fill of breakfast and drinks, and in a corner of the guild hall lies the two very famous Adventurers.Bookmark here

“Eh!? Hinota, you took 【Enchanting】 as your Crafting Skill!?”Bookmark here

The sonorous tone of voice coming from Kudo rang out to Hinota who threw back a smirk at him.Bookmark here

“Hehe, it’s pretty cool,” Hinota giggles from his reaction.Bookmark here

“I never even heard of such a thing before! I didn’t think such a Crafting Skill existed!”Bookmark here

“It was created some time ago, so it would make sense that it didn’t pop up in your guidebook which you had for 10 years.”Bookmark here

Kudo’s look of shock and awe was left on his face as curious questions formed in his mind.
“W-What does it do?”Bookmark here

“It’s better that I show you what it can do.”Bookmark here

Hinota called out her Skill menu, then swiped it away with her finger to send the skill menu screen towards Kudo as he excitedly inspected the new skill.Bookmark here

【Enchanting】 Lv. 1 (Proficiency: 0%)Bookmark here

Enchanting is an art that allows you to bestow magical enchantments onto equipment and items. Using mana and, for some, materials, you can create an enchantment that provides more abilities and functions in your battles. You are able to learn more enchantments other than scrolls by deconstructing equipment with said enchantment.
———————————————————————————————————Bookmark here

“Wow…! So you can create power-ups for equipment!? That’s amazing, Hinota!” Kudo’s exited face only brought Hinota more of an excuse to smirk grandly.Bookmark here

“So far, I can only bestow power-ups to Attack and Defense, but if I level the skill more, I can create different enchantments, and can even make more enchantments in a single equipment.”Bookmark here

“Amazing…!”Bookmark here

Kudo’s eyes were like a child after receiving good news after another. The excited look on his face brought much joy for the smiling Hinota.Bookmark here

“Also, from how they taught me, I think I might be able to use this skill for something else…”Bookmark here

“Eh?”Bookmark here

Hinota’s head closed in, as if she was about to reveal a secret, with Kudo closing in to hear her.Bookmark here

“It might be possible that I can be able to enchant myself.”Bookmark here

“Eh? But… Eh? On yourself!?”Bookmark here

Kudo’s head hanged back in shock from Hinota’s supposed theory.Bookmark here

“It said so itself: For simple enchantments, only mana is needed. It might be worth a shot.”Bookmark here

“Eh… but what if it’s dangerous, Hinota?”Bookmark here

“If it’s dangerous, I always have you to back me up, Kudo.”Bookmark here

Hearing Hinota’s resolute trust in Kudo made him slightly happy, but he was worried whether her plan would actually work.Bookmark here

“Hah…” Seeing how it was fruitless, Kudo exhaled a sigh. “When you’re absolute on something, you won’t change your mind.”Bookmark here

“You know me so well already.”Bookmark here

Hinota teased as she winked at Kudo.Bookmark here

“But first, let’s see if it actually works,” Kudo spoke, making her nod in agreement.Bookmark here

“Then, let’s use my bow. If it breaks, we can always replace it.”Bookmark here

Hinota has already took out her [Magic Bag], and took out her collapsible bow, used from the Rounin Racoon crisis which she placed onto the top of the table.Bookmark here

“Let’s see… Mmh…”Bookmark here

Hinota placed her hands together to make a wall towards the bow and poured her surging mana from her core to the palms of her hands. Her hands began to glow a bright red aura as Kudo watched on with an impatient look on his face.Bookmark here

“——《Enchant Item-Attack》!Bookmark here

Her skill was activated as her hands let out an aura-like glow onto the bow, causing it to glow in response with the same red color. After a moment, Hinota’s glowing hands returned to normal, but the bow itself remained glowing.Bookmark here

“Wow…”Bookmark here

Kudo closed in onto the bow. The golden-stitched bow glowed in a glorious red aura, and Kudo felt from the distance the small power embedded onto the bow.Bookmark here

“T-This is an enchantment… Can I see the stats?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, go ahead. It should have the effect.”Bookmark here

Despite learning a new Crafting Skill, Hinota has not tried enchanting yet, so this was her first time. Kudo grabbed the bow and shouted ‘Appraise’ to check the item’s stats.Bookmark here

Name: Flamver Collapsible Bow—The Bow of Wisdom and Bravery
【Rare】Bookmark here

This bow was made by the passionate woodworker of the Flamver Family. It was made for the few who was chosen to stand beside the heroes of the age themselves, shooting incredible flaming arrows that one-shots enemies! It’s greatest feature is its collapsible component, allowing even warriors to carry it with ease! The attack power is lower, but the soul of the weapon burns brighter than the sun itself!Bookmark here

Attack: 65Bookmark here

Durability: 32/40Bookmark here

Requirements: [Level-5] [DEX-10]Bookmark here

【Enchant Item】 [Attack +5]
—————————————————————————————————————Bookmark here

“Whoa!”Bookmark here

“W-What is it? Did it change that much!?”Bookmark here

“The description is phenomenal! It’s so passionate and—”Bookmark here

Before Kudo could finish, a fist of powerful love and passion hits his noggin with great force.
“Ah! Ouch…!”Bookmark here

“Dumbass! Tell me what the enchantment increased!”Bookmark here

Hinota’s face was contorted into annoyance as she forced Kudo to answer.Bookmark here

“I-It increased the attack by 5.”Bookmark here

“5, huh? Kinda of a low number…”Bookmark here

“But, Hinota! With this skill, we can further increase our strength! That’s incredible!”Bookmark here

“Well… I guess its fine. Plus, if my idea works, we can make ourselves even more powerful.”Bookmark here

“Yeah! Hinota, this will work!”Bookmark here

“That’s right. Kudo, with you making your weapons and armor…”Bookmark here

“And you make them even stronger with your enchantments…”Bookmark here

“We can make a killing on the market and get tons of jib!”Bookmark here

“Haha! With this, our financial problems won’t even exists anymore!”Bookmark here

“Mmh, turns out that this skill is pretty good already…”Bookmark here

The both of them continued to converse, all while the two of them shared an innocent smile in their own world, excited about not having any more problems——Bookmark here

——In reality, the two of them shared an extremely villainous and nefarious laughter which sent chills down every Adventurer near them as they could see the malicious auras being poured out of their table from their planning on cornering the market on enchanted items.
They’re scary… Were every Adventurers’ thoughts at the time.Bookmark here

After making their plans, today marked the final day for their venture in Klein. Now that they have taken their Crafting Skills, it was time to change towns. However, before leaving, they decided to take one more [Rank C] quest before leaving, so that they can get a few more points to reach their next Rank.Bookmark here

This time, they took a quest to look for a lost small pig that a family in Klein has lost. The mission is to recover the pig before anything bad happens to it. Of course, the pig should be returned alive and in one piece. Any damage or the pig is killed either way marks the failure of the quest.Bookmark here

Though Kudo and Hinota doubted that such a quest was a [Rank C] quest. But when they heard that the last location the pig was seen was near the grasslands at the eastern side of Klein, they knew now why.Bookmark here

Over in the eastern grasslands of Klein marked the territory of Den Wolves. Incredible wolf monsters that travels in packs and hunts the grasslands for any creatures that dared to enter their territory. Den wolves are considered higher leveled than most of the monsters around Klein which was the reason for making it a [Rank C].Bookmark here

How could a pig be able to survive in a place like this was beyond Kudo, but in the end, he continued with Hinota.Bookmark here

After a moment of traveling in the grasslands, amidst the emerald greenery and fresh air, running past the grassy lands was the very small pig itself running for its life.Bookmark here

The one causing the poor pig to run was none other than the [Rank C] Adventurer: Kudo Braven.Bookmark here

“Come… back… here!”Bookmark here

Try as he might, Kudo’s legs just couldn’t catch up to the fast brown-black colored pig as it ran across the grasslands, practically gliding across, leaving Kudo behind with a widening gap.Bookmark here

“Hah… why does it have to be one of those super-rare Racing pigs!? This is ridiculous!”
Kudo cursed the family in his head as he tries to figure out why they acquired such a fast pig to begin with, and for what purpose other than racing.Bookmark here

Kudo chased after the pig throughout the grasslands, turning their direction after each obstacle such as a big boulder and some trees that stood in their way. Though, whenever Kudo could turn a corner to catch the turning pig, his body becomes more tired as more stamina was wasted.Bookmark here

“Hah…hah… just a little more…!”Bookmark here

Kudo had no choice but to run. To run is to catch the pig and turn over the quest. He was lucky to find the pig unharmed in this dangerous place, but who knows how long its lucky streak will last if he can’t catch the pig soon enough.Bookmark here

Kudo chased after the pig as if his life was counting on it, finally closing the gap between him and the pig. As it notices him closing in, the pig’s eyes started to glint as he ran even faster than before, making dust clouds to appear from its every step.Bookmark here

“W-what!? That’s awesome!”Bookmark here

Was it an innate skill for them? The pig became faster as it notices the danger that is Kudo. Its small, stubble legs hit the ground so fast that nobody could see them clearly with their naked eye. The gap became wider, making them more separated.Bookmark here

But the pig doesn’t realize that it was all part of their plan.Bookmark here

The pig did not notice, with its eyes closed, that someone was already in front of the pig, ready to catch it.Bookmark here

Swoop! The pig’s body was caught easily, practically sliding into her hands as she picked it up in one feel swoop—the force that the pig brought along was handled easily by Hinota’s amazing ability to spin the pig around to slow down the force.Bookmark here

“Alright! Quest complete!”Bookmark here

Puuuh!Bookmark here

The pig shouted in horror as Hinota held it close to her bosom. The pig wrestled and squirmed to get out of her voluptuous breasts but it remained stuck in her powerful grip.
“Hah…hah… Hinota, nice job!”Bookmark here

“Hehe, I could do it because you chased it here, Kudo.”Bookmark here

“Still…” Kudo breathed in and out in heavy gusts of wind to take back his breath. “Why didn’t you chased it instead? You have more stamina than me.”Bookmark here

“Because then how would you catch it? You have weak arms. The pig could have probably broke them from the force.”Bookmark here

“Wha—!? No way!”Bookmark here

The shocked look of Kudo’s face got Hinota to giggle and started to laugh. Kudo’s cheeks became red from her laughter as he sheepishly rubbed the back of his head.Bookmark here

“Well, let’s give him back to that family…!”Bookmark here

When Kudo was about to issue their return, he could sense something moving. A hostile presence alerted his mind.Bookmark here

Thanks to his experiences in battle, Kudo has picked up the ability to sense out hidden hostility. That is to say, he could tell where a monster is just by sensing its bloodlust.Bookmark here

And it turned out to be useful as he could sense multiple presences, alerting him and warning him as he brandished his sword from his back, with Hinota unsheathing her katana with the pig nestled strongly between her arm and giant chest, causing the pig to be nearly squished by the size and nearly lose its breath.Bookmark here

Then they saw them. Several wolves appearing out of the obstacles of the grasslands and slowly swarmed over to their side, each growling and snarling as their silver fur shone from the sunlight and their beady blue eyes showed such intense malice.Bookmark here

“Looks like we got unexpected visitors…”Bookmark here

“This is bad… we caught a lot of them. It might not be easy to protect the pig with all these here…”Bookmark here

The situation was bad. Even for a party of [Rank C] Adventurers, it was a difficult situation to be caught by the pack of 5 to 6 wolves, but Kudo and Hinota were facing against 7.Bookmark here

“Hmph! This is nothing. To me, I can do this even with this pig as my handicap!”Bookmark here

“Wow, Hinota, you sound like your skills’ descriptions!”Bookmark here

“Don’t say it like that!” Hinota shot back with red-shining cheeks. “Any plans, Kudo?”Bookmark here

The snarling of the wolves and their hostile malice trying to overwhelm the duo caused Kudo to overwork his brain as he observed their surroundings and the wolves’ movements.Bookmark here

“Hinota, buff yourself. I’ll buff us up too. Dodge their attacks if they come and focus on powering yourself up. Then, we attack!”Bookmark here

“Yes! Now it’s time to check out my new power!”Bookmark here

Hinota appeared to be waiting for such an order as the wolves decided to pounce onto the Adventurers with their gaping jaws opened wide to bite their bodies. Hinota and Kudo managed to dodge them, leaving the wolves to separate into two groups; 3 for Hinota and 4 for Kudo.Bookmark here

“Alright, let’s do this!”Bookmark here

Seeing the three wolves in front of her, Hinota redirected her mana from her body and poured it all out.Bookmark here

“——《Burning Soul》!”Bookmark here

Hinota’s body was engulfed in flames, leaving the poor pig to be engulfed as well as it shrieked in horror. The flames dispersed, leaving Hinota with her flaming hair and burning red eyes with the pig slightly roasted and burnt in small cinders.Bookmark here

“And… now!”Bookmark here

After dodging a few pounces from the wolves, Hinota resolved to do her own experiment.Bookmark here

“——《Enchant: Attack》! ——《Enchant: Speed》! ——《Enchant: Defense》!”Bookmark here

New skills were shouted, and soon her body was glowing with several different colored auras, one red, yellow, and green, developing into strong auras as it covered Hinota’s body completely.Bookmark here

“Whoa…!”Bookmark here

Hinota looked at her hands as she felt a surging rise of power coming from her body. Amidst in his dodging, Kudo saw the empowered Hinota with wide eyes.Bookmark here

“Hinota! You look so strong! Then here’s a ——《Plus Pulse》!”Bookmark here

Kudo extended his hand in the air and let out floating white rings that ascended upwards and fallen downwards, making their bodies become more powerful.Bookmark here

“Haha! Here it comes! ——《Flaming Strike》!”Bookmark here

Hinota made a hearty laugh as she clads her katana in flames, but it wasn’t just ordinary flames.Bookmark here

Thanks to her 【Burning Soul】, her flames that coated her katana became furious, the embers slowly reaching even to the frightened Den wolves as Hinota’s wicked smile flashed across her face.Bookmark here

“Here it comes!” Hinota repeated as she swung her arms.Bookmark here

There was a long white line that ran across vertically through the den wolves. Not even a second passed by. After the long line of silver color, clad in red, there was spraying blood all over the grassy ground, covering it in a crimson color as the 3 den wolves fell to the bloodied ground easily.Bookmark here

“W-whoa…”Bookmark here

Kudo was left in awe, as well as the other four wolves, as Hinota landed safely with the pig nestled in her bosom whitely pale from the sudden speed that even he couldn’t match up to, and looked back towards Kudo.Bookmark here

“Kudo… did you see that!?”Bookmark here

Hinota’s cool face from before transformed into a look of excitement as she recalled how fast she truly was.Bookmark here

“Y-Yeah! It was really coo—Whoa!”Bookmark here

Before Kudo could respond, one of the den wolves tried to bite him, but Kudo managed to evade the pounce and jumped back.Bookmark here

“It’s pretty fast. Let’s stop its movement! “——《Plus Bomb》!”Bookmark here

Kudo formed his bomb and was right about to throw it at one of the den wolves, but——Bookmark here

GRRAAHH!Bookmark here

One of the den wolves attacked at his rear, causing Kudo to react and quickly jump out of the way.Bookmark here

That wasn’t all. Several more Den wolves attacked him at once, getting him to dodge each one in a hurry with the bomb in hand.Bookmark here

“Ah! I can’t catch a break!”Bookmark here

“Kudo— Ghh!”Bookmark here

Hinota was about to step in and slaughter the den wolves that were attacking Kudo, but suddenly exhaustion stopped her tracks, causing her to fall on one knee which got Kudo’s attention.Bookmark here

“Hinota!”Bookmark here

Kudo briskly evaded the other monsters’ attacks and closed in on Hinota’s side. As he closed in, he notices that Hinota was letting out air faster than normal.Bookmark here

“Are you alright, Hinota!?”Bookmark here

“Y-yeah… turns out my [MP] was nearly drained…”Bookmark here

“S-So, the enchantments cast on you takes a huge toll to your [MP]?”Bookmark here

As Kudo made his assumption, he found out that the wolves he was facing closed in on them in a single group, each one snarling and drooling, ready to devour the Adventurers and the succulent pig that was in their grasps.Bookmark here

“N-Not good…” Hinota cursed as Kudo formed a sweat at the ghastly sight in front of them.
As they contemplated on what to do, Hinota noticed something glowing intensely from her side.Bookmark here

“…Kudo! The Bomb!”Bookmark here

Hinota looked to see what it was, turning out that the 【Plus Bomb】 still charging in Kudo’s hand was already past its limit. The bomb glowed intensely, becoming like a heartbeat of power as Kudo noticed it and widened his eyes.Bookmark here

“Aagh! W-w-what do I do!?”Bookmark here

“How do I know!? J-Just throw it at one of them!”Bookmark here

The two of them panicked as they never waited to see what would happen to the bomb when it was held in for too long.Bookmark here

Will it explode upon opening the palm? If so, would Kudo’s arm be burnt away, along with Kudo and Hinota with them? These questions filled his mind as the den wolves all charged in to attack them.Bookmark here

“H-Here goes nothing!”Bookmark here

Kudo moves his hand towards the wolves, and opened his fingers.Bookmark here

——*Shoooooom!*Bookmark here

A flash of white was released. What came out of Kudo’s palm was a powerful, white-colored beam that was let out of his palm. It was a gigantic beam that was 2 meters large in diameter. The giant beam, completely white in color, burnt the ground along its path, aiming right at the den wolves.Bookmark here

The den wolves were caught up in the beam, becoming eradicated in an instant. It continued, causing a long straight burnt path in front of Kudo, causing massive destruction to whatever the beam hit in its path.Bookmark here

Several seconds later, the powerful magic attack decreased in size, until it finally dissipated and turned into beautiful shimmering motes of light.Bookmark here

The den wolves were charred to cinders, their bodies laid on the ground burning and sizzling. The ground beneath them, extending all the way over to several meters in front of them, resembling a street from the size.Bookmark here

Kudo and Hinota’s eyes widened to the point of their eyes popping out of their sockets. They looked at each other, mouths gaping, without ever looking away.Bookmark here

“Hinota…”Bookmark here

“Kudo…”Bookmark here

“That… was a beam attack.”Bookmark here

“It was a beam attack…”Bookmark here

Their voices were low, as if they couldn’t believe what just happened.Bookmark here

“…Hinota, that was a freaking beam attack!”Bookmark here

“A beam attack!”Bookmark here

Before long, their long awe-shocking amazement was replaced with an excited jump, getting the both of them to held hands together as they jumped around in pure bliss and amazement.Bookmark here

“Kudo, that was amazing! I didn’t think the 【Plus Bomb】 held so much power!”Bookmark here

“It was so cool! It did so much damage!”Bookmark here

“Hey, that was more like a 【Plus Beam】, wasn’t it?”Bookmark here

“A 【Plus Beam】… Yeah! That sounds exactly right, Hinota!”Bookmark here

Kudo and Hinota kept jumping around, showing their delight as they discovered Kudo’s ultimate attack. As they jumped around, the pig that was tightly held by Hinota, who didn’t know her grip strength was strong at the time, has completely fainted on her arms.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

They returned to Klein and handed over the tired pig to the family that requested the quest.
The duo Adventurers went back to the Guild Hall to receive their payment from Quin, which they also gave their last goodbye to.Bookmark here

“I see, so you both are leaving, huh… Well, may Isabel bless you on your path. Please be careful as you go on your adventures!”Bookmark here

Quin decided to leave them with a blessing and a goodbye as she bowed in respect to the Adventurers.Bookmark here

Once they said their goodbyes, Kudo and Hinota left the guild hall for the final time and went back to their inn.Bookmark here

Throughout the walk, Kudo and Hinota began to talk about Kudo’s new skill effect.Bookmark here

“So your 【Plus Bomb】 had that kind of effect. It's really powerful…”Bookmark here

“Maybe it changed when it leveled up? It did gain some levels when I first got it.”Bookmark here

Kudo made his assumption as he looked upwards.Bookmark here

“It was completely random too, but it did take down those troublesome wolves.”Bookmark here

“But what about you? You took down all three in one hit! That’s amazing!”Bookmark here

“Haha, well, this is me, after all.”Bookmark here

Hinota declared as her tone of voice was filled with pride.Bookmark here

“Hehe… so this is the last one, huh?”Bookmark here

Kudo trailed off after he laughed, looking up at the night sky and noticed just how much changed for him these last two months.Bookmark here

“Yeah… I’ve been here for so long, it feels like I was born here.”Bookmark here

Hinota spoke up as she recalls the memories of her time here the month before she met Kudo.Bookmark here

“Hehe, you could have left sooner, though, if you had known better.”Bookmark here

“True. But then I wouldn’t have been able to meet with you, Kudo.”Bookmark here

Hinota conveyed as her eyes matched up with Kudo’s. He felt his face flushed as he sees Hinota’s wonderful smile.Bookmark here

“I-Is that so…”Bookmark here

“Yeah. You’re a good friend. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to even Rank up.”
“If you were taught properly, you could have been able to rank up even further…”Bookmark here

Kudo thought as it was true. Hinota is incredibly intelligent even without her massive [INT] stat boost. He could see it many times throughout their adventures. If it wasn’t for her family’s ways, she could have gone farther, enough to become a powerful legend across Peranim.Bookmark here

“I know. But I definitely know that even if I was taught by myself, I wouldn’t have this much fun.”Bookmark here

“Fun?”Bookmark here

Kudo turned to her, looking for an answer.Bookmark here

“It’s true. Because of you, I had so much fun, and for once, I’m looking forward to adventuring. I have you to thank for that.”Bookmark here

“Ah… somehow, it’s kind of embarrassing…”Bookmark here

Kudo sheepishly rubbed the back of his head as Hinota began to giggle while covering her mouth with her hand.Bookmark here

“Well, Kudo, we’re here.”Bookmark here

Hinota and Kudo stopped in front of the inn, feeling exhausted once they have reached their location.Bookmark here

“Hinota, get your rest early. Tomorrow, we’re setting out early to head to the next city.”Bookmark here

“Yeah. It might take days for us to get there, so we need to be prepared.”Bookmark here

Kudo and Hinota went in the inn, met with the innkeeper and headed to their rooms. After saying their greeting for the night, Kudo and Hinota entered into their rooms and went right to sleep as their exhaustion was over the limit.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Once the day has come over, Kudo got up from his bed and prepared his [Magic Bag]. He placed many items, and many books that he has purchased thanks to Hinota’s advice.
Once he felt that he completed his preparations, Kudo headed out of his room and met up with Hinota.Bookmark here

“…Ready, Hinota?”Bookmark here

“Yeah!”Bookmark here

After a heartfelt greeting, both of the Adventurers left the inn, giving thanks to their innkeeper for their hospitality this entire time throughout their way.Bookmark here

They set out to the gates of the city, each having felt that they were slightly heavier than when they entered before.Bookmark here

But, compared to the heavy feeling that Kudo felt when he was leaving his village without telling anyone else, this feeling of heaviness was something he can be proud of.Bookmark here

He turned his head to face Hinota, and she did the same. Hinota offered a smile which Kudo accepted gratefully as he smiled back. Knowing that the two of them were prepared to face whatever they about to face in the future, they left the gates and continued on their journey.
Kudo and Hinota head off to their adventures. See what happens in the next volume! Bookmark here

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