Chapter 49:

Nobody left for the main event

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

I had already searched for Chikao everywhere, no result whatsoever.

My obligation was to go to the objective, and see what is going there, nothing else.

Yet, that simple task killed half of our team.


What did I do wrong?

From all the people around me, I'm the only one here...

Couldn't give up yet...

Everyone is depending on me...

I ran towards the building.

(10 minutes passed).

Arrived at the entrance, destroyed the door, walked the stair, finally arriving at my destination.

"Aia?"Said Tanya.

She was helping the nameless girl, Joan.

"What are you two doing?"

"Aia, please, don't disturb us."

"And why would I do that? And how the hell do you know my name?"

"Tanya, deal with her."

"Okay."Said Tanya.

"You're still collaborating with her? Any idea of what she is doing?"

"Yeah, but I don't care. I've my objectives and you have yours."

The space between us started to warp around us, like a fever dream.

"Are you ready? You know that I'm not going easy on you, right?"

"Stop this, Tanya, for everyone's sake."

"No...Sorry, Aia."

So, that's the way she wants to, that's the way she will get.

The space around us turned into a landscape, a space full of flowers, of all kinds. Roses, Sunflowers, Lilies and more other kinds.

A truly beautiful place.

A american standoff...A deja vu.

"It's not personal, you know?"Tanya said.

"Yeah...I know...But I can't guarantee that you'll live after this."I said.

 "I know."

I drew my sword. The carnage has began.

I ran straight to her...

"Good try."After saying this, she did a mad thing.

Created a building above me.

Thousands of tons were going to drop on me, impossible for a human a human being like me to survive a thing like that. No amount of ideas, strategies, or any other thing could save from that.


An earthquake was heard, all the surface felt that.

A giant cloud of dust.

I was under the giant structure, probably smashed by it.

"She's dead?"Tanya said, not believing in her own words

Of course, I was not dead.

Another big explosion was heard. Exploding the building and all around me. This was my doing. A big chunk of the apartment flew far from there.


"Do you really think I would go down that easily?"I said.

Charged again against her. If I could get close to her, maybe I would get I quick change to finish her off.

The place that we were in began to change again, this time we were in a flooded city. I was at the top of one building.

Far from me, there she was, afraid of what I could do to her well being.


From all the sudden, an obscure figure appeared behind, not a familiar thing...

That figure was death, at least looked like it.

It had a scythe like Chikao, but his was a traditional one, the snath was made of wood, unlike Chikao's.

That thing began to launch its attacks, furious ones, without any care. I couldn't defend all of his attacks with just only my Katana, ripping my ribs and guts apart. I quickly regenerated them all, though. For every cut that he made, the more angry he got. When doing the last strike, cutting me in half vertically, I copied Tanya's technique.

Created the another death to fight this one. A fair fight.

Tanya was looking at this. Desperately, she invoked another strange being, looked like a hanged man floating in the air.   

My situation was getting tougher, no idea how to kill this two beings at the same time.