Chapter 48:

Kill it with style part 2

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

I went back to where my companions where at.

When I arrived, the only one there was Matthew.

"Where's Chikao?"

"Chikao? I thought you had encountered him when going back, because he went after you."

"Is that so? Then show where he went."

"He went right that way."He pointed his finger while saying.

"Right, let's go."I turned my back to him.

I was preparing to start to run again...


A gunshot was heard, blasting my eardrums.

That shot was from...Matthew's gun.

He stood there, with his gun a little above the waist, looking at me while I agonized in pain.

The bullet had drilled into the back of my skull, right in the pariental bone.

"There wasn't any other way."He said.

I couldn't squirm, talk, or even move. The bullet had drilled my brain.

"I've heard that you promised the king to kill me, that's the reason I'm doing all this. I also killed Chikao."

That bastard!

The rage took me in that moment, blinded by it, used Joan's power to regenerate my head's wound.

"What the...Why are you standing up?

"Don't you understand that I could have killed you a while ago?"Said in a death tone.

His face was one of disbelief. 

"You really don't know what you meant to me, you all meant to me. Betraying me like this."

In a fit of rage, decided to shoot at me, four bullets were fired...And I tanked them all.

"Who the hell are you?"Said Matthew.

I extended my arm.

A long silence in the air was being felt.

Twenty seconds passed...


A big explosion happened. Matthew was no more.