Chapter 167:

The Mayor Hears the News

The Nonpareil of Resh (Act 1)

Reports had been coming in throughout the whole day from all over the city. People fighting on rooftops, giant machines, odd characters running about, the supposed Nonpareil getting injured, and Dia getting shot by an unknown assailant. Mayor Abelard let the papers slip from his hands as he read about the attack on the beauideal. He slowly moved his hands close to his eyes and wiped away any moisture that had collected. Memories of a young Aqueenian girl on the streets flashed in his mind, but he pushed them out before he could reminisce.

“That’s the most up-to-date reports I have,” the Zenotote secretary Rom replied.

“Thanks, Rom… where are they taking Dia?”

“The Nun Central Hospital, just a few blocks away. I also have received word that their Nonpareil and his companion were dropped off in the lobby, but the person who did so has already disappeared without a trace,” Rom reported.

“I see… please prepare a vehakul… Call in our agents to the hospital as well.”

“Already done.”

Abelard made as good a smile as possible, given his solemn mood.

“You’re always on top of things, but I would like you to grab the golden Needaimus from the vault as well.”

At his words, Rom’s eyes grew wide.

“You don’t mean?”

“I intend to visit this Nonpareil of theirs, yes.”


“It will be alright, Rom. I won’t do anything too rash.”