Chapter 168:

Volume 3 Summary

The Nonpareil of Resh (Act 1)

For those who may find this story later, I am putting end-of-volume summaries which can be used to determine if someone wants to spend the time reading. This can be skipped by anyone who does not wish to read the summary.

Gwyn and Co. arrive at a coastal town just outside the city of Nun. They have to cross a channel but cannot due to a sea monster that has found its way inside the area. Bolstered by their previous successes in Horizon, the team takes on the beast with an old captain. They are aided by King Fio, Odell's father, as he is headed home. Before departing to the city, King Fio gives his son a letter to deliver to a person inside.

Upon entering the city, the group splits up to get information. The first day is unsuccessful, and the group of six decides to split into pairs for the next day.

The first group of Odell and Hal head to meet the person to whom the letter was addressed, a short detective that believes he knows where they should head next.

The second group of Gwyn and Rheba encounter some strangers. Rheba suspects sinister intent, and they try to flee. A battle ensues, which leaves Rheba mildly injured and unconscious. Gwyn is forced through several floors of a building and has multiple bones broken.

The third group of Fiona and Harlan go to find Dia, who assassinated King Whitlock and confront her. She playful suggests that the duo challenge her in a concert-match (a singing and fighting show she is an expert in), and she will provide information to them if they win. The duo agrees while believing they will have an advantage. During the match, they manage to win, but Dia is shot by her ally before she can give up any information.