Chapter 12:

Message from Rio

His Unknown Spawn

‘In the beginning…

The angel Lucifer was cast out of Heaven and condemned to rule Hell for all eternity.

Until he decided to take a vacation…


Little does he know; he also left his daughter.

Who will stop at nothing to bring him back…’


Author: Previously on ‘His Unknown Spawn’

Aradia: “Hi, Raindrop”

Aradia: “I thought, Daddy told you not to open the door”

Anya: “Oh”

Aradia: “Raindrop, there are some very bad people in this world who wouldn’t mind taking you with them because you are so good. This is why your Daddy doesn’t want you opening the door to just anyone. Promise me you won’t do it again, even if it’s me”

Anya: “Promise”

Aradia: “Good girl”

*They both proceed to go inside where the detective stands there and proceeds to tease Aradia, before she walks inside and sits on the sofa*

Detective: “Okay, jokes aside. I apologise for what just happened. I just couldn’t resist”

Detective: “But on a serious note I should thank you, with the way you were explaining things to Anya. I couldn’t have done a better job myself” he smiled.

Aradia: “It’s fine. Besides she’s too innocent for this world! And like I told her there are a lot of bad people in this world who wouldn’t mind taking my little raindrop”

*The detective visibly flinches*

Aradia: “I promise you, detective. Nothing will happen to Anya. I would much rather go back to Hell than let anything bad happen to her”

Detective: “Thank you, Aradia-san”

*They have a moment before a small interruption called Anya comes, Aradia proceeds to play with her by tickling her, the detective then proceeds to ‘save’ Anya and both the detective and Aradia have another moment before Anya comes to ‘save’ Aradia, the three of them play and pelt the detective with foam bullets from nerf guns. He then proceeds to play dead while the girls dance around in victory*

Blank Screen

I was sitting in my living room enjoying a nice cup of tea when my phone rang with the detective’s number flashing on the screen.

“Hey, detective, what’s up?” I asked.

“Aradia-san” he says in a slightly excited voice.

“Yes?” I ask sitting up, tucking my legs underneath me.

“Okay, firstly I have good news and secondly please open the door” he says.

Confused I put the phone down but I open the door and see that the detective was in fact standing there, he looked out of breath as well as wet.

Why didn’t he just bloody knock?!.

“Detective! Get in!” I say pulling his arm, sheltering him from the now pouring rain.

I swear it wasn’t raining this much before.

“Sorry. It’s just, it’s great news” he says excitedly.

Before I could ask him anything else he sneezes making me flinch.

“Oh no. Please go take a shower before you catch a cold” I tell him leading him to the guest bathroom.

He nods before sneezing again and walks in the guest bathroom before he went in I passed him a bathrobe.

15 minutes later he came downstairs and by then the kettle had boiled so I made us both some chamomile tea. But I couldn’t help but laugh as the detective gave me a stern look.

“Don’t laugh” he warned me pointing a finger as I shrugged while holding two teacups on saucers and passed him one, which he gratefully took while taking a sip and walking over to the sofa.

“But you look so cute” I grin trying not to laugh.

The detective is wearing my grey bathrobe, which is clearly small on him, it has Tatty Teddy’s face all over it, oh and the hood has two small ears on top.

So folks guess what I did next

“Here you go, aww you wook adawable” I say in a baby voice while putting the hood over his head.

He narrowed his eyes as I kept giggling.

He grumbled something making me cup my right ear and lean in.

“What’s that?” I ask with a cheeky smile.

“I said, you’re lucky you’re cute”

I sit back looking at him with my eyes wide, unable to process what he just said to me.

He thinks i’m cute?

I find it hard to wipe the smile off of my face, and sit the other way so I’m not facing him I’m looking straight ahead. I bring the cup to my lips trying to hide my smile but I’m failing miserably.

You’re worried about the smile, what about those pink cheeks?

I clear my throat and look over at the detective to see him already looking at me, a slight smirk before he licks his lips and puts the cup down on the coffee table in front of us.

“So, what did you want to talk about? You sounded excited over the phone” I ask.

“Ahh” he starts.

He turns to face me giving me his undivided attention before I down the tea, place the cup on the coffee table, and do the same. We’re both sitting cross-legged facing one another.

“Okay, remember Rio?” he asks with a grin.


“Yes, I’m aware of his works” I roll my eyes.

“Well, what if I tell you that he contacted me?” he asks.

My eyes widen as I punch his shoulder.

“Oww” he winces.

“Next time lead with that!” I pinch the bridge of my nose.

I then look at him with a wide smile.

“Ahh! He finally contacted you” I yell.

Finally! Thank grandad we’re getting somewhere.

“But wait, how did he get away? Ahh doesn’t matter! He finally contacted us! So what’s next?” I ask.


His smile disappears a little as he looks at me.

“What, oh?” I ask.

“Huh. Actually come to think of it, I hadn’t thought of a plan yet” he told me.

His eyes were closed as he gave me a grin and scratched the back of his head in nervousness. When I didn’t react he opened his eyes with a start and looked at me seething.

“So you’re telling me” I begin as I join the tips of my fingers together.

“That, you have absolutely zero effing clue on what to do. You just came here to tell me that Rio had contacted you?” I clarify.

5… 4… 3… keep your anger in check, girlie pop. Don’t want to go full devil on the detective here.

The detective gave me a slight chuckle while grinning showing me his pearly whites.

“Jesus Christ” I sigh.

Huh, never thought I’d ever say that.

Just then the detective’s phone pinged.

“Hold that thought” he told me pointing his finger up before swiping right to open the message.

‘Meet me near the park in half an hour. We need to talk’

He went offline quicker than he went online, I look at the detective who looked ready as ever.

“Let’s go” he says.

“Wait!” I tell him placing a hand on his arm.

“Yes?” he asks turning to face me.

“Please, call for backup. I have a funny feeling”

I had the same feeling when Sakura died. What the hell is happening? This has never happened before!

“Don’t worry. Nothing will happen, and I won’t let anything happen to you” he promises.

He cups my face with his left hand, his thumb is rest on my cheek while his fingers are behind my ear.

How do I tell him it’s not me I’m worried about…

I nod smiling, he takes my bathrobe off and puts his hand out, I put mine in his before we leave the house. We realised it’s stopped raining before slipping in my car and driving off. The drive to the park from my house is about 20 minutes thanks to traffic, which leaves us 10 minutes.

By the time we got inside the park the sun was shining brightly making everything quickly dry to the point it looked like it hadn’t rained in the first place. The both of us found a park bench to sit on.

Where the hell is he?

“What time is it?” I asked.

“15:10” he replied.

“He’s 10 minutes late?” I asked.

The detective then realised and was about to text Rio when a message came from him telling us to meet him in the alleyway behind the park.

We both shared a look before we walked quickly to the alleyway. We waited for a few minutes before we heard a crash and saw a bag on the bin.

The detective didn’t let go off my hand as he walked towards the bag and quickly opened it revealing the severed head of Rio.

What… the… f-

Both of us were caught of guard causing us to jump back. The detective dropped the bag causing the head to roll on the floor a couple of feet away from us.

Contents in my stomach please stay down!

Another crash was heard making the detective quickly move me, his arm stretched across my chest as both of our backs hit the wall.

“Whatever you do, stay behind me” he whispered.

I nodded and followed him as we both creeped forward, I tried not to gag when I saw the bloody head up close as it faced me, man, his eyes were still open and bugged out!

I’m not using any metaphors it was literally covered in his blood.

As we walked forward gunshots were heard before we saw them firing towards us. I saw movement from behind us and ran after whoever it was. I heard the detective call for me but I just ran faster.

As I chased the guy I jumped over things that were in my way and slid down the railway of a few steps. I saw a different way and climbed up a few sheds until I was running over them, he was still in my line of view, before I jumped, turned a full somersault in the air, and landed on my feet in front of him.

The guy pointed his gun in front of me when I held the barrel and bent it upwards without so much of an Uff.

“Come on, Mate. Did you really think that would work on me?” I raised an eyebrow before I grabbed him by his collar and throwing him across so he crashed into the huge lockers. I crept up to him as he took out a knife from his boot and proceeded to stab me in my shoulder.

The knife went through but he let go giving me the honours to pull it out myself. Of course the only damage that did occur was to my leather jacket, which has a huge slit!


“You son of a weasel! That’s my favourite jacket!” I cried out in anger before grabbing him by his thick neck and hauling him up.

From the way he was cowering my devil face had decided to make an appearance. I dropped him when I heard a familiar voice.

“Aradia-san!” I heard the detective say causing me to calm down immediately and drop the guy.

Seriously? How does he manage to do that?

“What the hell, Aradia-san?” he asks angrily.

I give him a slight shrug.

“He was getting away” I nod towards the now unconscious guy.

“Alright now you listen to me! That was…” I looked down pouting as the detective started his rant.

“Don’t give me that look you…”

“Watch out!” I yelled as I pushed the detective out of the way when I saw a guy behind him holding a gun.

I heard the gunshot.

I saw the blood.

But more importantly…

I felt the pain in the right side of my chest.

“Aradia-san! NO!” I heard the detective yell as I tried to keep my eyes open.

W-why is it h-hurting? T-this didn’t happen before

I see the detective shoot both the guy that shot me and the guy I had caught. My vision was going dark as I heard the words ‘Back up, Ambulance and Please keep your eyes open’

I’m sorry, Detective.