Chapter 8:

A Miracle

Power of Fear

"Bye-Bye Ketsu, Kumojoshi ~" Aina waved and dashed away with lightning speed.

"She is not coming with us?" Ketsuki asked.

"She is the strongest and you know what they say 'with great power, comes great responsibility!'" Kumojoshi said with a smug smile.

"Don't go spouting Spider-man quotes at me...."

"Sorry, sorry..... but you know, though it may be a quote from a movie, doesn't mean its wrong." Kumojoshi laughed.

Ketsuki just looked at Kumojoshi.

"By the way, what is mom's fear? Because I don't think I have ever seen her get scared of anything. " Ketsuki asked.

"No clue."

"Huh? Is she hiding her fear like Yowa?"

"It's not that she is hiding it. It's just that... even she doesn't know. So we came to a conclusion that she doesn't have any power."

"That's.. quite a leap in logic."

Kumojoshi laughed.

"I guess so."

They walk quietly for a solid 5 minutes.

"You know the offer is still on the table." Kumojoshi said.

"What offer?"

"The apology~" Kumojoshi winked.

"I don't want to have sex with you!" Ketsuki blushed.

"Who said anything about sex?" Kumojoshi looked at Ketsuki in confusion.

"A-A-Anyways I wanted to ask, why did you join the team?" Ketsuki skillfully dodged the question.



She looked at him straight in the eye.

"I want to kill....the angels... and anything that is related to God..." Kumojoshi's voice was filled with rage and sadness.

"Why?" Ketsuki hesitantly asked.

"I had a family. A normal one. We lived near the coast, there I had many friends, a boyfriend and our family was very respected because we used to help anyone in need. And then..."

"You could stop right there, you don't need to tell me if you don't want to."

She ignored Ketsuki's words and continued.

"One day a large magnitude 7 earthquake occurred. I was out buying groceries at that time. The earth shook soo violently that I thought the Earth itself was tearing apart but after some time it just....stopped. All the buildings were intact, it was considered a miracle. I went to my house to deliver the 'miraculous' news but, then....." Kumojoshi bit her lip.  "I saw..... rubble, blood and two bodies.... My house... was the only one that fell.... People cheered 'What a miracle, what a miracle! Only one house was destroyed! Only one! With almost no casualties! God has blessed us!' I just looked at them cheering. I thought miracle? No casualties? IF THIS WAS GOD'S MIRACLE, WAS SAVING AN EXTRA HOUSE TOO MUCH FOR HIM? DID MY FAMILY DO ANYTHING WRONG? DID PEOPLE FORGET WHO HELPED THEM IN THEIR TIMES OF NEED? ANSWER ME KETSUKI!" Kumojoshi was furious.

Ketsuki just pulled Kumojoshi into his arms.

"Ketsuki what are you-"

"I want... a hug... as an apology." Ketsuki said calmly.

Kumojoshi was surprised but after a short while a tear fell down from her cheek and soon after she broke down and cried.. and cried... and cried...