Chapter 555:

Chapter 552: The Girl and the Monster

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 552: The Girl and the Monster

Narrator: Sasha and Hamura are about to continue their battle after Hamura just revealed the truth to Sasha, as well as Sasha coming to full acceptance of her true self.

Hamura: Everything you have done has led to this point. This is your final test. Kill me in a battle to the death and you can go on to fight the Dark Goddess.

*Hamura launches toward Sasha and tries punching her. Sasha blocks the punch with her arm. She then attacks with her own punch and knocks Hamura back*

*Sasha goes after her*

*Hamura forms some fireballs in her hands and throws them at Sasha*

*Sasha dodges them. She reaches Hamura and slams her down on the ground*

Sasha: I don’t get it! Why can’t you just simply help us fight the Dark Goddess instead!?

*Hamura releases a red energy scarf that wraps around Sasha and pushes her back and then explodes*

Hamura: I feel satisfied after having got to see the Deity of the Divide and listen to her words. I’d love to see the New Era that Heaven’s side has been talking about but I don’t deserve to live in it. I’ve barely killed anyone in this current war but I’ve killed so many in the past. That’s a major difference between this war and past ones. I was almost always the one who killed the most.

*Sasha emerges from the explosion with only slight damage and transforms into her Hellhound form while summoning a lot of other Hellhounds*

*Hamura throws two fireballs in the air that stay in place. The fireballs start rapidly firing more same-sized fireballs like a turret at them*

*Many of the Hellhounds are taken out by the fireball turrets, Hamura tries to kick Sasha as she gets close but Sasha dodges and then bites onto Hamura’s leg*

*Sasha changes to her Hell Ape form and punches Hamura which pushes her back*

*Sasha then changes back to her normal appearance and starts doing fast flicking of her right hand*

Sasha: Soul Hell Bombs!

*Sasha releases a barrage of small black balls covered in soul energy at Hamura. They rapidly explode upon contact with Hamura. The residue of Sasha’s soul is left over from the explosions*

Sasha: So that’s it!? Everyone makes mistakes! If you’ve changed for the better, your past shouldn’t define you!

*After the soul residue clears, Hamura emerges having taken considerable damage. She has many visible wounds*

Hamura: Tell that to everyone I have killed! Innocents were also among my victims! A villain’s death in a battle to the death against my beloved child is what I deserve! It is clear that you have surpassed my regular power. Let’s take things up a notch.

*Hamura goes into Raging Hell Mode. Her body and aura become dark red tinted. Monstrous faces can be seen in her aura and her ears become pointy*

*Hamura launches toward Sasha and tries to swipe-kick her. Sasha quickly leans back to avoid being hit by it but Hamura spins and does the kick again, and this time hits Sasha*

*As Sasha is knocked back, she releases a soul beam in the shape of a monstrous demon at Hamura*

Sasha: Demon Soul Beam!

*Hamura takes a direct hit from the soul beam and it causes a blast with Sasha’s soul residue coming from it*

*Sasha steadies herself after being knocked back from Hamura’s kick*

Sasha: If that’s what you truly want, then I will give you that!

*Suddenly, a giant fireball comes from the soul residue where the explosion happened. Sasha dodges it but it bursts into flames everywhere and Sasha gets caught in*

*Sasha is now rolling across the grounds as the flames on her are put out but she is left with a few scorch marks. She is then wrapped up by the red energy scarf again*

*Hamura rushes toward Sasha and gut punches her, and then makes her red energy scarf explode*

*Sasha takes some damage and then transforms into her humanoid dragon form. She releases a beam from her mouth that hits Hamura and blows her back*

*Hamura has taken a lot of damage from the battle so far but she still looks completely capable of continuing the fight*

Hamura: That form…

*Sasha changes back to her normal appearance*

Sasha: What about it?

Hamura: You’ve forgotten, haven’t you?

Sasha: Forgotten what?

Hamura: Your ultimate dark creature. Back when I was still looking after you, you would often wander off into the most terrifying parts of Hell.


*As a young child, Sasha is wandering through an area of Hell that is covered with trees, rock walls, dirt paths, and streams of water*

Narrator: Sasha – Age 3.

Hamura: (Narrating) I would then have to go after you. You were certainly the explorative type. I was always concerned because these areas were filled with monsters that could not be controlled by anyone.

*Hamura is going through that area to get Sasha*

Hamura: (Narrating) That was until…

*In the flashback, Hamura’s eyes open wide. She finds Sasha with a darkened 15-foot-tall monster. The monster looks mostly like a four-legged creature. Its build is kind of dragon-like but is mostly beast-like. The hair going from the top of its head to throughout its back is made of purple flames. It has glowing yellow eyes*

*The monster is friendly with Sasha*

*The flashback ends*

Hamura: You found Hell’s ultimate monster that could not be tamed. Its name… Ultensmite.

*Sasha opens her eyes wide and remembers when Hell Sasha mentioned Ultensmite’s name*

Hamura: You had gotten Ultensmite to not only not attack you, but also to get it to be friendly with you. Ultensmite never listened to anyone but you. It’s the same way with Korobu and the Dark Dragon. That form you are using is an incomplete version of your form of that monster.

Sasha: It’s not a dragon form?

Hamura: No, it’s a completely different beast than a dragon. Once you lost acceptance of your true self, the monster lost acceptance of you. But now that you have accepted your true self…

*Sasha has her eyes wide open as she realizes what this means*

Sasha: I can summon it…

*Sasha puts her hands on her head as the memories start coming back to her of Ultensmite*

Sasha: I remember it now!

Hamura: Do it! Summon Ultensmite! I would love nothing more than to take you on with your most powerful creature!

*Sasha is now glowing yellow as a large summon ring forms behind her. The whole area starts to become darkened. Something large starts rising out of the dark energy ring*

*It’s Ultensmite that rises from the ring. It stands behind Sasha. Both it and Sasha are heavily shaded except for glowing eyes* (Author’s Note: To get a sense of scale and how shaded things are, think of the final Ganon battle in Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This beast reminds me of that, just that this beast is not some sort of pig.)

Narrator: Sasha summons the ultimate monster!

Chapter 552 END

To be Continued in Chapter 553: Purple Flames