Chapter 556:

Chapter 553: Purple Flames

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 553: Purple Flames

Narrator: Sasha has summoned her ultimate dark creature, Ultensmite.

*Sasha stands with Ultensmite behind her. Her eyes are glowing*

Sasha: You got what you asked for.

Hamura: Yes. This is exactly what I wanted.

*Hamura charges her magic further and launches toward. Sasha. She tries to kick Sasha but Ultensmite blocks the kick*

*Hamura jumps back to avoid a smash attack by Ultensmite and releases a large fireball at it*

*Ultensmite guards Sasha against the attack and leaves itself damaged*

*Sasha launches herself toward Hamura*

*Hamura is surprised by Sasha’s speed*

Hamura: So fast!

*Sasha grabs Hamura by the face and slams her down on the ground but then immediately has to let go as Hamura’s raging aura tears at her hand*

*Hamura then immediately releases a barrage of dark needles at Sasha. Some of them pierce and damage her*

*Hamura gets up as Ultensmite starts running toward her*

*Ultensmite releases a long trail of purple flames toward Hamura. She dodges that but is then punched by Ultensmite, causing her to be knocked back*

*Sasha and Ultensmite chase her. Ultensmite makes noises that are not speech but Sasha appears to understand it*

Sasha: Yes, I understand!

*Sasha does a roll jump in front of Ultensmite. Ultensmite then adds purple flames to her and then grabs her and throws her forward toward Hamura at a blazing speed*

*Sasha reaches Hamura and bursts the flames out by slamming into her. Hamura takes a lot of damage*

*Hamura is knocked off a ledge and down toward a lava river. She coughs up blood as she stands up*

*Sasha jumps down from the ledge and Ultensmite is on its way to the ledge*

Hamura: I’m so proud of how strong you have become. I will keep elevating this until you have shown you have surpassed my full strength. High Reflex Mode.

*Hamura starts to glow black*

Hamura: Are you ready?

Sasha: I’m ready for anythi—

*Sasha is interrupted as Hamura pretty much gets to her instantly and punches her in the face. Sasha tries to do a counterpunch but Hamura easily dodges*

*Hamura quickly gets behind Sasha and elbows her in the back*

*Hamura then rapidly attacks Sasha with ease. Sasha has no chance to counter*

*Sasha finally attempts another punch but Hamura avoids it and gut punches her, then uppercuts her, and then kicks her into the lava river*

*Afterwards, Ultensmite jumps down from the ledge and tries to pound Hamura into the ground. Hamura has no problem dodging and Ultensmite’s fist creates cracks in the ground*

*Hamura then starts rapidly attacking Ultensmite all over its body. Ultensmite can’t keep up with Hamura’s reflexes and starts to take damage*

*Sasha jumps out of the lava and has magic charged into her right hand. She releases a powerful soul beam at Hamura but Hamura is able to dodge it and Ultensmite barely does. It blows into the rock wall and destroys a lot of it as a large blast goes off*

*Sasha and Ultensmite both try to attack Hamura at the same time. Ultensmite does a punch while Sasha does a swipe-kick*

*Hamaura does a horizontal jumping twirl to fit perfectly between the attacks. While ending the twirl, Hamura kicks Sasha in the back and knocks her into the rubble of the destroyed rock wall*

*Ultensmite releases a beam from its mouth at Hamura. She dodges it but she seems slower than before. She lands on the other side of the lava river. Her High Reflex Mode reaches its limit and ends*

Hamura: (Thinking) I’m now in my temporarily weakened state. Can they kill me before I unleash my full power?

*Sasha comes out from the rubble and stands by Ultensmite*

*Ultensmite makes some noises. Sasha again understands*

Sasha: Yes, I noticed.

*Hamura smiles and then dives into the lava river*

*Sasha is surprised*

Sasha: She went into the lava!? Can her body even withstand it?

*They can barely see that Hamura is going through the lava river. They start running along the river, but as they do, a red energy scarf comes out of the lava and pulls Sasha in. Sasha is now in the lava river still wrapped by the scarf*

Sasha: (Thinking) The lava is tough on my body! I have to get out!

Narrator: Sasha’s battle with Hamura continues! Hamura’s full power still awaits.

Chapter 553 END

To be Continued in Chapter 554: Hamura’s Ultimate Power