Chapter 554:

Chapter 551: Hamura’s Shocking Truth – Sasha vs Hamura

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 551: Hamura’s Shocking Truth – Sasha vs Hamura

Narrator: Back to when Harmona’s battle with Dakame was just starting. We now return to Zeth and Sasha.

*Zeth and Sasha face off against Korobu and Hamura*

Korobu: Hamura, you can have Sasha. I want Zeth to myself.

*Korobu quickly gets to Zeth and kicks him away and then goes after him*

*Sasha and Hamura are now alone*

Hamura: I can’t protect you anymore.

*Sasha is perplexed*

Sasha: What?

*Hamura lunges at Sasha and punches her which knocks her back some*

*Sasha gets back up but is unable to block or dodge as Hamura gets to her and punches her again. Sasha is again knocked back*

Hamura: If you want to challenge the Dark Goddess, you have to defeat me.

*Sasha looks angry now*

Sasha: I intend to do just that!

*In Sasha’s subconscious, the demonic door opens. Sasha then goes into her True Demonic Release*

Sasha: I will carve out your insides and feed them to my Hellhounds!

*Sasha rushes forward and tries to punch Hamura but she blocks the punch with her arm*

*Sasha starts doing a series of punches and kicks but Hamura blocks all of them*

*Hamura sidesteps out of the way soon which causes Sasha to miss a punch*

*Hamura then downwards punches Sasha onto the ground*

Hamura: You deserve some credit. You’ve come a long way since that time 54 years ago when a poke from me was enough to crack your bones (Author’s Note: Which was in Chapter 240). Any of these punches I’ve just given you would be enough to outright kill you back then.

*Sasha quickly turns into her Hell Ape form and punches Hamura back*

*Sasha goes back to her normal appearance and is about to go after Hamura again but she suddenly puts her hand on her forehead as she grits her teeth as if in pain. In her mind, Hell Sasha grabs onto Sasha’s shoulders*

Hell Sasha: You still aren’t fully embracing me. I can feel your reluctance. You must accept me or you cannot win.

*In reality, Sasha struggles against her Hell self*

Sasha: Go away!

*Hamura is just watching and analyzing the situation*

Sasha: (Talking to herself) This demonic version of myself in my head… why won’t she leave me alone?

Hamura: I see what’s going on.

*Sasha is surprised*

Sasha: Huh?

Hamura: You are getting visits from a different version of yourself in your mind? I know exactly what that is.

Sasha: She told me she represents the demonic side of me.

Hamura: She more than represents it. She is that complete side of you. She is the true you.

*Sasha is surprised*

Sasha: What?

Hamura: You aren’t the first person to experience this phenomenon. This is a side effect of our mother locking away your dark powers. That resulted in the creation of a “Demonic side” and a “Mortal side” of you. After you broke the lock on your dark powers, you became a combination of the two sides.

*Sasha is just taking this all in with a surprised look*

Hamura: That is the you that killed demons for fun as a little girl. She is what you were born as. And now I want to bring that complete side out of you again. She will stop visiting you when you fully accept her. How do you do that, you ask? By throwing away your fake mortal side.

*Sasha just has a shocked expression*

Hamura: Yes, that mortal side that you were using before you broke the lock on your dark powers. The side of you that didn’t even have Dark Divine Eyes. The side of you that wasn’t that strong and could even lack confidence or was scared. She is the one keeping you from accepting your demonic side.

*Hamura starts raising her voice*

Hamura: You never have been and never will be mortal! So throw away that fake mortal side forever! Don’t ever be ashamed of who you truly are! Your true self is one that should be loved and cherished! Not something that should be considered a horrid curse!

*Tears flow down from Hamura’s eyes as she says all that and Sasha takes notice*

*Tears now flow from Sasha’s eyes as she starts wondering*

Sasha: W-Why do you suddenly care so much about me?

*Hamura’s tears start flowing even more*

Hamura: Because… Because when I look at you, I don’t see you as my sister, but rather as my own child!

*Sasha is in complete shock as her tears flow more too*

Hamura: Our mother— No! The Dark Goddess may be your biological mother, but it was me, not her, that formed a parental bond with you! Until Salina became your servant sometime after you turned 4 years old, I was the one who was with you almost all of the time. After all that time I spent with you, how could I not view you as my child!?

*Sasha continues to take it in as both of them are crying*

Hamura: If I wanted to kill you, it would have happened long ago! Do you want to know when I became aware that you were with Zeth? It was back when you were dealing with some poison demons at a river! (Author’s Note: The Cursed Water Arc, Chapters 6 through 28) Your adventure would not have gone anywhere! Over time, there were strong demons that decided they wanted to make a name for themselves by taking you out but I pulled some strings to keep that from happening! My curiosity about mixed breed children as well as the Deity of the Divide were all true but under that, it was my parental love for you!

*Sasha is still in crying shock*

Sasha: Hamura…

Hamura: I refuse to give the Dark Goddess the satisfaction of killing you! If you want to take on the Dark Goddess, you have to prove your strength by killing me in battle. Otherwise, you definitely would not be strong enough to kill her so I would rather you die by my hands instead! So embrace your true self and battle me without holding back! I don’t say this as your sister, but as your parent!

*Hamura continues to cry and so does Sasha*

Sasha: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for being someone from Hell that actually cares about me!

*Hamura finally smiles as a parent at Sasha*

*In Sasha’s subconscious, the mortal side of Sasha (The one that doesn’t have Dark Divine Eyes) starts to fade away. The demonic door in her subconscious starts to crack and then crumbles into pieces*

Sasha: (In her subconscious) There doesn’t need to be any doors between us anymore.

*In Sasha’s subconscious, Sasha and Hell Sasha become one*

Hamura: Don’t be afraid of accepting your true self! Your feelings and allegiances will not change! Everything you have experienced up to this point is still real!

*Sasha’s acceptance of herself is complete as she stops crying and looks at Hamura with determination*

*Sasha activates Soul Power. Sasha’s soul covers her whole body and tints her body black and red. Her aura outlines her body in the shape of a monstrous demon. Her aura comes off her body like a smoky substance making it different than a normal aura*

Sasha: This is my Soul Power.

Narrator: Hamura shockingly reveals that she looks at Sasha as her own child rather than as a sister! Sasha comes to acceptance of her true self! Little does Harmona realize from her words in Chapter 548 that Sasha has had a real mother all this time!

Chapter 551 END

To be Continued in Chapter 552: The Girl and the Monster