Chapter 557:

Chapter 554: Hamura’s Ultimate Power

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 554: Hamura’s Ultimate Power

Narrator: Sasha’s battle against Hamura continues.

*Sasha is being dragged through the lava river by the red energy scarf*

Sasha: (Thinking) I must overpower this!

*Sasha starts blasting out her soul power from her body and starts to destroy the red energy scarf wrapped around her*

*Sasha releases a soul beam ahead of her. It blasts through the lava river*

*Sasha jumps out of the river. She got out before any serious burns happened to her body. So far, she doesn’t see Hamura*

Sasha: Where is she?

*Suddenly, the lava starts bubbling and a wave of fire blows out of it. Sasha barely dodges and she jumps by Ultensmite*

*Hamura jumps out of the lava. Something is clearly different about her. She has fiery tattoo-like markings on her skin. Her hair is now made of fire*

Hamura: This is my full power. My father was a previous Deity of Fire. If you overcome this, you will be worthy of taking on the Dark Goddess.

*Hamura releases a barrage of fireballs at Sasha and Ultensmite. They dodge those but notice that a giant fireball is falling down toward them from above. They are not in a position to dodge this one so Ultensmite shields Sasha from the attack with its own body and takes a direct blow*

*Ultensmite is significantly damaged now and attempts to retaliate by releasing a burst of purple flames toward Hamura. Hamura dodges but Sasha reaches her and kicks her*

*Hamura is knocked into the purple flames and takes some damage before jumping out*

*Sasha tries to kick her again but this time Hamura blocks it with her own kick*

*Hamura then releases a large wave of fire that Sasha gets caught in. She is blown against the ground with the ground itself becoming scorched*

*Ultensmite gets close to Hamura from the side and tries to pound her but she jumps before it does and kicks Ultensmite in the face. Ultensmite is pushed back by the attack but releases a blast of its purple flames at her*

*Hamura again attempts to dodge but Sasha comes from behind and slams her down on the ground directly into the purple flames which damages her while Sasha got away before being hit*

Hamura: Yes. Very good Sasha. But I have more.

*Sasha charges up a Soul Beam but suddenly Hamura turns into a ball of fire and slams into Ultensmite. As a ball of fire, Hamura repeatedly pounds Ultensmite with punches and kicks*

*Sasha is in shock as she sees what Hamura is doing to Ultensmite and releases the Soul Beam that she charged up. However, it’s too late as Hamura blasts into Ultensmite as the fireball one final time and it finally collapses*

*The soul beam misses Hamura*

*Sasha runs up to Ultensmite*

Sasha: You can’t fall!

*Hamura ends her ball of fire and watches. Ultensmite again makes noises that Sasha can understand but no one else can*

Sasha: It’s alright. You didn’t fail me.

*It makes more noises*

Sasha: You want me to?

Hamura: (Thinking) It’s actually incredible that she can tell what it is saying.

*Ultensmite makes more noises*

Sasha: Okay. I’m ready.

*Sasha looks at Hamura*

Sasha: That incomplete form I have… will now be completed.

*Hamura looks excited*

Hamura: I can’t wait to see it then!

*Sasha and Ultensmite form a magical link with each other. Sasha’s skin turns darker. Her eyes become glowier. Her muscle mass slightly increases but her veins do pop more. Her hair starts to become made of purple flames*

*Hamura gets a full view of Sasha’s Ultensmite form. It adds some Ultensmite features while still retaining Sasha’s overall divine beingish look*

Sasha: Here it is.

Hamura: It looks a lot different than the incomplete version but I certainly like its look.

*Sasha unsummons Ultensmite and gets back to looking at Hamura*

Sasha: Let’s end this.

*Hamura smiles*

Hamura: It all comes down to this! Your purple flames vs my orange flames!

Narrator: Sasha now has the completed Ultensmite form available! Will it combined with Soul Power be enough to overcome Hamura’s full power?

Chapter 554 END

To be Continued in Chapter 555: Farewell to the Curious