Chapter 558:

Chapter 555: Farewell to the Curious

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 555: Farewell to the Curious

Narrator: Sasha’s battle against Hamura enters its final phase as she has changed into her Ultensmite form.

Hamura: I feel that mother has lost some trust in me.

Sasha: What do you mean by that?

Hamura: If you survive this war, you will find out.

*Hamura launches toward Sasha and tries to punch her but Sasha blocks with her own punch*

*Sasha uses her left hand to release a burst of purple flames. It damages Hamura but she soon starts countering it with her orange flames*

*Hamura then jumps to the side and releases more orange flames at Sasha. Sasha takes a bit of damage but dashes through the fire to grab Hamura by the arm. She then gut punches Hamura and it seems to do a good amount of damage as Hamura coughs up blood*

*Hamura retaliates by punching Sasha in the face. Hamura then blows Sasha back with a large fireball*

*Sasha steadies herself only to see that the red energy scarf (but this time it’s on fire) is coming toward her*

*Sasha dodges the scarf but doesn’t notice in time that there are two of them so she gets wrapped up by the second scarf. Hamura makes the scarf explode*

*Fire is blasted everywhere in a large area as Hamura watches from a distance*

*A large purple ball of fire emerges from the blast of fire and Sasha is inside it. She did take some damage*

*Hamura smiles*

Hamura: You’re a quick thinker. Giving yourself some protection by encasing yourself in your own fire.

*Hamura encases herself in her own ball of fire and heads toward Sasha*

*They are on a collision course*

*They collide with each other and their mixed fire starts shooting off in all directions as they push against each other. They then punch each other in the face*

Sasha: I’m going to finish this! I’m going to surpass you!

*Sasha uppercuts Hamura. She then does a powerful launching kick and lands a direct hit which is doing serious internal damage to Hamura’s body*

*Hamura coughs up a lot of blood and she looks like she is in a lot of pain*

*Hamura finally responds by spinning her body around and creating a firenado. She does a powerful punch that hits Sasha and also ensnares her in the firenado*

*Hamura jumps up and starts coming down toward Sasha in the firenado from above. She throws magic fiery needles down at Sasha and damages her. She then pounds down on Sasha with her arms as she reaches her*

*Sasha then releases her purple flames in all directions which causes the firenado to dissipate. Hamura is pushed back by the attack*

*Sasha concentrates her purple flames into her fist and does a lunging punch to hit Hamura that releases purple flames and is hard-hitting*

*Hamura is knocked back a far distance. Sasha runs after her*

Sasha: Here it comes, Hamura! The finish!

*Sasha charges up a beam in her right hand*

*Hamura tries to get ready to dodge but the internal damage to her body is starting to affect her*

Hamura: (Thinking) My body is going to give out!

*Sasha releases the beam from her right hand at Hamura. It’s a direct hit*

*The orange fireball that Hamura had encased herself in is dissipated by Sasha’s attack. The fireball has been giving Hamura some protection*

*Sasha is still heading toward Hamura. She concentrates the purple flames on her fist again*

*Hamura smiles*

Hamura: You’ve…

*Sasha lands a direct blow with her fist and the purple flames blow through Hamura*

Hamura: …won.

*Hamura lands on her back and appears to be dying*

*Sasha returns to her normal form and ends her Soul Power*

Hamura: You’ve earned the right to go on to challenge the Dark Goddess.

Sasha: *huff huff* We’ll bring down the Dark Goddess. We’ve come so far. The New Era is in reach.

*Tears start flowing from Hamura’s eyes*

Hamura: I can’t say this enough. I’m so proud of you. I know that you and Zeth will make my dream come true…

Sasha: Your dream… It’s that…

*Tears still flow from Hamura’s eyes*

Hamura: Yes. To see light and dark mixed. Your love for Zeth will create that…

*Sasha blushes a little but now doesn’t get angry with Hamura when she brings it up. She brings her left hand up to her chest to represent putting it on her heart*

Sasha: There is no one I love more than Zeth…

*With tears still flowing, Hamura smiles and gives her one last encouragement*

Hamura: You’ll do it. You’ll win this…. Good luck… Sasha… I will always… care about you……

*Hamura’s eyes close and she dies. Her face is covered with her tears of joy*

*Sasha looks at her*

Sasha: Thank you…

*Sasha smiles at Hamura and then goes on ahead*

Narrator: Sasha has overcome her final trial! With Hamura defeated, Sasha goes on to head toward the lair of the Dark Goddess!

Chapter 555 END

To be Continued in Chapter 556: Destined Battle – Zeth vs Korobu