Chapter 559:

Chapter 556: Destined Battle – Zeth vs Korobu

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 556: Destined Battle – Zeth vs Korobu

Narrator: Back when Sasha and Hamura just started their battle.

*Zeth and Korobu stand at the top of a large lava waterfall*

Korobu: As enemies, our battle is destined. But perhaps there is an alternate path.

*Zeth looks like he is curious what Korobu is about to say*

Zeth: Alternate path?

Korobu: Yes. Curiously, the abyss does not demand your death. Neither does it demand Sasha’s death. Anyway, you might think this is crazy at first but you should join our side.

*Zeth looks angered*

Zeth: Why the hell would I do that!?

Korobu: Think about it. Your biological mother, Light Goddess Harmona, birthed you as a strategic move. Does she actually care about you? What about your stepmother, the Deity of the Divide? She simply raised you to be a pawn that reunited the two sides.

*Zeth is looking downward as he listens to Korobu. The top of his face looks shaded*

Korobu: You shouldn’t be a pawn for them to use. That’s all you are being on Heaven’s side. With Hell, you would be a valued memb—

*Korobu is interrupted as Zeth screams*

Zeth: Shut the hell up!!

*Zeth gives Korobu a death stare*

Zeth: You are to blame for everything!! You are to blame for all the pain my mom went through when I was a baby due to being separated from her baby! Forget all that stuff you said about how much this battle means to you! It means even more to me!! For everything that you put my mom through!! For everything that you put me through!! For killing an entire city of people in the Swamp Underworld!! For turning an entire town into Hell worshipers!! For killing Apollo!! For killing Zonbi!! And that’s among all the shit you have done that I don’t even know about!! For all the grief you have caused, I will absolutely kill you!!!!

*Zeth launches toward Korobu and punches him in the face*

*Zeth then starts rapidly punching Korobu*

Zeth: I can never forgive someone like you!! How dare you even bring up the idea of me joining you!!

*Zeth then punches Korobu off the cliff and starts falling down just out from the lava waterfall*

*Zeth jumps after him*

*Zeth does a downwards gut kick to Korobu on the way down which sends Korobu down to the bottom faster*

*Zeth goes into Raging Star Mode and releases a Raging Star Blast at Korobu. It blows Korobu down into the lava at the bottom of the lava waterfall and the explosion blasts some lava out of the lava lake (which is what the lava waterfall leads to)*

*Zeth lands on the ground next to the bottom of the lava waterfall and starts preparing a Super Nova star*

Zeth: I won’t even give you the chance to come out of there!

*Zeth is about to release the Super Nova attack but Korobu quickly bursts out from the lava and grabs Zeth by the neck*

*The Super Nova goes flying out into the distance and creates a massive explosion*

*Korobu smirks*

Korobu: Did you think that would be enough to even come close to killing me? Even your raging aura isn’t really doing anything to me as I hold you by the neck.

*Korobu throws Zeth back a bit and releases a black skull that rams into Zeth’s gut and it seems to put him in quite a bit of pain*

Korobu: This is just like the last time we fought way back when you and your friends were trying to stop Kogen’s Enigmus plans. You were overconfident and got easily defeated by me. But you were saved by your mother. Too bad for you that Harmona won’t be coming to save you this time.

*Zeth has recovered from the attack and is ready to continue the fight*

Zeth: This time is different! I’m far more powerful than I was back then!!

Korobu: And yet, so am I. I’ve done a lot to increase my power in the last 54 years.

*Korobu releases more black skulls and they all start flying in the air near Zeth*

*Zeth punches away a bunch of them but it was just a distraction as the others formed a large ring and enclose themselves around which releases powerful black magical energy. Zeth takes some damage and screams in pain*

Korobu: And again!

*More skulls form a ring and try to do the ring attack again but Zeth goes into Raging Impact Mode to defend himself. He releases a wave of his Raging Impact energy in all directions which destroys the black skulls*

*Zeth starts running toward Korobu and throws a couple of Star Shards into the ground*

*Zeth tries to punch Korobu as he gets close but Korobu blocks the punch with his arm*

*Zeth smirks thinking his plan is about to work but Korobu kicks Zeth back*

*Zeth is shocked*

Zeth: What!?

Korobu: Were you expecting your Star Shards to come up from the ground and hit me after I blocked your punch? Sorry about that but they were intercepted by skulls in the ground and they destroyed each other.

Zeth: I never saw you release any skulls in the ground.

*Korobu smirks as a couple of black skulls come out of the ground underneath Zeth and hit him directly which slightly damages him*

*Zeth was knocked off his feet but quickly stands up again*

Korobu: My skulls technically come from my abyss aura, not my body. So I can spawn my skulls in the ground if I want to. Too bad for you.

Zeth: I see… so then it’s time… for Soul Power.

*Zeth starts activating Soul Power*

*Zeth stands in his Soul Power state and he looks ready to continue the fight*

Zeth: I will take you down.

Narrator: Zeth and Korobu have started fighting! Zeth was outraged by Korobu’s idea and now he enters Soul Power to try to defeat Korobu.

Chapter 556 END

To be Continued in Chapter 557: The Soul and the Abyss