Chapter 564:

Chapter 561: March to the End

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 561: March to the End

Narrator: Zeth has just taken down Korobu.

*As Zeth screams in victory, Sasha is looking at him from the top of a cliff. A tear flows from her right eye as she smiles*

Sasha: You did it. You really did it.

*Not long after that, Sasha jumps down from the cliff and walks up to Zeth*

Sasha: I saw the end of your battle. I’m so happy that you won!

*Zeth looks happy to see her*

Zeth: And I see that you took down Hamura.

Sasha: Yes. But she wasn’t really as bad of a person as we thought she was.

Zeth: What do you mean?

*Sasha explains to him what happened*

Zeth: I see. That’s really surprising.

Sasha: Now it’s time. We must head to the lair of the Dark Goddess.

*They both look at the Dark Goddess’s lair in the far distance*

Zeth: Then this is it. It’s the march to the end. Let’s go.

*Zeth and Sasha start heading to the Dark Goddess’s lair*


Narrator: Meanwhile, back in the ruins of Reign City on Earth.

*Heaven’s forces are still trying to get through Hell’s forces and enter the portal to Hell*

Male Demon 1: We must stop them for as long as we can! Those are our orders straight from the Dark Goddess!

Male Demon 2: But the enemy is gaining momentum! We can’t hold them for much longer!

Male Demon 1: I don’t care! We must stop them even if we have to sacrifice our lives!

*Heaven’s forces can tell they are about to burst through the enemy’s defensive line. The other main characters give monologues*

Joe: Zeth. Sasha. Both of you have done so much for us. And you have been great friends to us as well. We will be there with you when the final battle happens!

Emily: It would be my honor to fight with the future god and goddess of this world. We will fight with you to the end!

Kurt: You’ve always been supportive of me. It’s only right that I would be there for you when the battle for all the marbles goes down!

Keith: I was thrilled when you asked me to join your group. I got to see so much outside of the Swamp Underworld. Now I will go into Hell with you as you carve your names into the book of legends!

Joe, Emily, Kurt, and Keith: Zeth. Sasha. We’re here for you!


Narrator: Back with Zeth and Sasha in Hell.

*Zeth and Sasha are running toward Dakame’s lair which is still in the far distance. They kill any demon that stands in their way*

Zeth: None of you can stop us!

Sasha: So get out of our way!

*On their way to the lair, they see a building where monsters are being unleashed from. Zeth and Sasha easily kill the monsters*

Zeth: We can’t forget our promise to Nairo. I have a feeling that this may be the lab he wanted us to destroy.

Sasha: Let’s go inside just to confirm.

*They go inside the building and see that it is indeed a lab with a door that is labeled as Nairo’s Office*

Zeth: Well, that settles it.

Sasha: Let’s make this quick.

*From an outside view of the building, explosions start blowing it to pieces until it is completely destroyed. Zeth and Sasha launch out of it*

Zeth: There won’t be any more using that lab!

Sasha: Thankfully, it was on the way to the Dark Goddess’s lair and not somewhere far away from it!

*They look out to the lair of the Dark Goddess which they are now not that far from*

Zeth: Let’s get moving!

*They continue heading toward the lair. When they get closer, they see that demons are patrolling everywhere. They also see that they have to climb a very tall cliff as the main entrance path is heavily guarded*

Zeth: We can’t be wasting too much of our energy on these guys. We’re going to climb.

(Author’s Note: The following sequence of this chapter is inspired by the Hyrule Castle assault in Zelda: Breath of the Wild so if you think this seems familiar, that’s because it is.)

*Zeth and Sasha start climbing up the cliffside*

Sasha: Hopefully they don’t spot us.

Zeth: Sadly, I don’t think our luck is that good.

*They get pretty high up the cliff when a guard in a tower spots them*

Female Demon: It’s them!

*The alarms sound and the demon speaks through a mic that communicates to all the demons outside* Female Demon: It’s Zeth and Sasha! They are trying to get into the lair!

Zeth: Shit.

*Many demons start climbing up the cliff from behind them*

*Zeth and Sasha have angry faces and are gritting their teeth as they look down at the demons climbing up after them. They then return their focus to keep climbing up. Demons start arriving at the top of the cliff and start releasing magic attacks at them. Zeth and Sasha have to do their best to dodge but it also slows them down as the demons below are catching up*

*They soon reach the top with the demons below them only a few feet from being able to grab their legs. Zeth and Sasha punch and kicks the demons at the top. They do the same to the demons that were climbing that also reached the top*

*Zeth and Sasha blow a hole in a wall and go through it and find themselves in the courtyard. They see a lot of damage to it. The damage was caused by Harmona’s and Dakame’s battle*

Zeth: This certainly wasn’t caused by us.

Sasha: I imagine Harmona and Dakame were fighting here. But where are they now?

Zeth: Probably further inside. Let’s get in there.

*As they proceed forward, more demons start attacking them*

Zeth: We don’t have time for you lot!

*Zeth and Sasha take down a lot of the demons and start rushing forward. A couple of strong-looking demons block the doors to the inside of the lair*

Sasha: You can’t block us!

*From a view of the inside of the room, the doors are blown down with the demons knocked on their backs and heavily injured too*

*Zeth and Sasha continue running inside*

Zeth: Mom! Where are you!?

*Suddenly, a bunch of demons leap out and grab Zeth and Sasha. Their grip is strong*

Zeth: We don’t have time for you!!

*Zeth and Sasha release waves of their energy that blows the demons off them. Soul residue is left from the release even though they are not currently using Soul Power*

*They continue running through the lair as they encounter more demons*

*Zeth and Sasha attack them and all other demons they encounter in the lair*

*They see more damage to the lair that they know wasn’t caused by them*

Zeth: We must be close!

*They see big doors that were blown down that was not caused by them. It’s the room where Harmona’s and Dakame’s battle started. When they go in, their eyes open wide*

*Harmona is on her knees seemingly in defeat*

*Dakame is preparing a magic attack in her right hand. They are both back in their base forms and both have a lot of wounds*

Dakame: I have defeated you and now you will die.

*Her attack is stopped as a Star Shine Blast blows it out of her hand and both attacks blow out through a wall*

*Dakame looks to her right and sees Zeth and Sasha. They both look angry*

*Dakame is shocked*

Dakame: You two!? But how!?

Zeth: Kurobu and Hamura…

Sasha: They’re dead.

Zeth: We killed them.

Sasha: And you’re next.

Dakame: The fact that you were able to kill them means you both are not ones to be dealt with lightly. But you still stand no chance against me. If Harmona can’t do it. You certainly can’t.

*Zeth and Sasha are determined and go into their Soul Power states*

Zeth: Just watch us.

Sasha: I will carve out your insides and feed them to my Hellhounds.

Narrator: Zeth and Sasha have reached Dakame who has defeated Harmona! Can Zeth and Sasha really take her down as they currently are?

Chapter 561 END

To be Continued in Chapter 562: The Final Battle Begins – Zeth and Sasha vs The Dark Goddess